Working in Fujairah: What you need to know!

Working in Fujairah: Information you need to know!

Professionals round the globe often go berserk after knowing about any job prospects in a country as rapidly developing and growing as the UAE. It’s obvious going by the mammoth economic ascent the country has been witnessing for the past 4-5 years. Adding to the same, the world expositionOpens in a new tab. to happen in 2020 has further triggered growth prospects across all seven emirates. In addition to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, one such emirate that seems to be persistent in crawling up with results that support a public inclusive growth is Fujairah.

Being one of the few Gulf destinations to not have a coastline on the Persian Gulf, but on the Gulf of Oman rather, Fujairah is an emirate harboring a population over 152,000. An economy that was earlier based on subsidies and governmental grants only, Fujairah has grown immensely to find global corporations foraying into various areas with extensive plans to expand and increase their market outreach in the Gulf. Here’s a brief insight into the work life in the emirateOpens in a new tab..


Prevalent Industries in Fujairah

Jobs are immense to find in Fujairah. It’s all a matter of being focused in the right direction. History tells us that the emirate has survived on sectors like Fishing and Agriculture, but quite a lot has transformed now. Industries like shipping, logistics, trade and transportation have gained a wide reception amongst the job seekers in this part of the world. It’s quite evident by the fact that Port of Fujairah is the second most bunkering port in the entire world.

Finding employment avenuesOpens in a new tab. here is all about following the right employer and keeping your work experience pertinent to the field. Even job switch isn’t a hitch as long as you track record with various employers stays clean.

Employment Contracts in Fujairah

As followed in any other Gulf destination, norms relating to job contracts are similar in Fujairah. It will be presented to you in English and in Arabic. However, in case of any conflict, the Arabic version is the one to be referred.

The employment contract would also include all information pertaining to your job description, job duties, work hours, incentives, entitlements and the various other clauses of termination as well. It also mentions that the employer will be your sole sponsor in the emirate.

Income in Fujairah

Working in Fujairah, income is one thing you’ll have to worry the least about. The day-to-day expenses in the country are quite low, which would even be sufficed by an average income band. However, the growing SMEs in the region have started to increase the pay range of employees in different areas of work. While the average income for civil engineers in the region would be AED 36,000,Opens in a new tab. that for accountants and operations manager would be AED 60,000 and AED 78,000 respectively (as on 31st Jan 2016). This for sure is a good reason to have ample savings while leading a work life in this exotic emirate.

Healthcare and Education in Fujairah

The prime concern any professional would have while working abroad- basic services for their families to feel at home, healthcare and education being the prime ones.

Talking about healthcare, medical services are offered in a mixed public and private system. Being an expat you’ll have to get covered by a private medical insurance. Again, the prices for these are quite nominal, considering the revenue you’ll make. Moreover, hospitals like Fujairah Hospitals also allow walk in appointments, hence making it easy for inhabitants to avail their services.

Education for your children here won’t be a hitch. A mix of British and American schools provide different educational courses, with Arabic schools being spot on with the cultural teachings. All-in-all, a blend of the latest diploma and pre-diploma courses in its own way.

Things are numerous to list when it comes to working and living in Fujairah. Life here is simple and serene. All you need to do is find your passion, pursue and make a space for yourself in this homely job destination.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedInOpens in a new tab., TwitterOpens in a new tab. and Google+.Opens in a new tab.

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