How to Post a Job Online for FREE ?

Post Job Ads online for FREE

As most of us are aware, recruitment is picking up in UAE and other part of the Middle East. Record contracts are being signed up by companies in order to fulfil requirement of the economy. Main factors for this positivity is that Dubai has won the bid to host World Expo 2020Opens in a new tab.. This is seen as a major catalyst in boosting the economy.

Well now! Companies have won a lot of contracts. Most of them are in the area of infrastructure, real estate development and so on. To complete their projects, companies need people in their companies to fulfil the required tasks. To meet the deadlines, companies need to recruit people. 


How do companies recruit people?

There are various ways to recruit people.

All these options are good enough. However, due budget constraints, companies are looking for ways to post a job ad online for free.

How do you post an online Job ad for FREE?

In the UAE, there are several options for you post your job ads for FREE! You may choose any of the below sites to post your job ad for FREE.

3GULF TALENTREGISTEROpens in a new tab.
4INDEEDREGISTEROpens in a new tab.

While all may not be absolutely free sites to post your jobs, they charge a very nominal fee to access their CV databases and candidate database.

If you are an employer, it would be best to register yourself at these sites to receive quality candidates as your employees.

Is your favorite site not listed in the above list?

Please let me know here.Opens in a new tab.

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