Employee relations under UAE Labour Law

Employee Relations under UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab.

The Federal Law No. (8) of 1980, or the UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab., is a comprehensive law that regulates all aspects of labour relations between employers and employees.

In any organization there should be proper Employee Relations which helps to find out whether the workplace issues are handled effectively and suitably in order to remove barriers to successful job performance and foster a positive work environment and also maintaining positive relationships between the employees and employer in an organization.

The Law covers all aspects of the employer-employee relationship (chapter 12), including matters related to employment contracts, restrictions on the employment of juveniles and women, maintenance of records and files, wages, working hours, leave, safety and protection of employees, medical and social care, codes of discipline, termination of employment contracts, end of service benefits, compensation for occupational diseases, labour inspections, penalties and employment related accidents, injuries and death.

How to handle Employee relations?

The company can maintain the good employee relations by taking below points into practice:

  • Handling complaints, investigating grievance and provide better solution
  • Explaining employees about their rights and responsibilities
  • Providing advice and guidance on how to handle difficult situations.
  • Providing support when appropriate
  • Assisting employees to understand the company policies and procedures.
  • Providing proper training in their respective job
  • Praising them when their work is excellent, and comment on their work when it needs improvement

Maintaining good employee relations has a number of benefits for your business.  Maintaining good employee relations helps reduce workplace conflict, raise staff morale and increase overall productivity.

The UAE does not allow the formation of trade unions.

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