Employee relations under UAE Labour Law

Employee Relations under UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab.

The Federal Law No. (8) of 1980, or the UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab., is a comprehensive law that regulates all aspects of labour relations between employers and employees.

In any organization there should be proper Employee Relations which helps to find out whether the workplace issues are handled effectively and suitably in order to remove barriers to successful job performance and foster a positive work environment and also maintaining positive relationships between the employees and employer in an organization.

The Law covers all aspects of the employer-employee relationship (chapter 12), including matters related to employment contracts, restrictions on the employment of juveniles and women, maintenance of records and files, wages, working hours, leave, safety and protection of employees, medical and social care, codes of discipline, termination of employment contracts, end of service benefits, compensation for occupational diseases, labour inspections, penalties and employment related accidents, injuries and death.

How to handle Employee relations?

The company can maintain the good employee relations by taking below points into practice:

  • Handling complaints, investigating grievance and provide better solution
  • Explaining employees about their rights and responsibilities
  • Providing advice and guidance on how to handle difficult situations.
  • Providing support when appropriate
  • Assisting employees to understand the company policies and procedures.
  • Providing proper training in their respective job
  • Praising them when their work is excellent, and comment on their work when it needs improvement

Maintaining good employee relations has a number of benefits for your business.  Maintaining good employee relations helps reduce workplace conflict, raise staff morale and increase overall productivity.

The UAE does not allow the formation of trade unions.


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30 thoughts on “Employee relations under UAE Labour Law

  1. I need help some one offered me to join to there company llC and im working in freezone in 3month only and jus got my visa page and my DMCC card at this moment.my question is it is okey to transfer another work iven if just now i got my visa already?

  2. It’s me udai from india now a days I am working in dubai under star security Sarvice. I am notsatiesfy with this company now it’s running only 3 month I want to go another company can u suggest me how to go another comapany and how I get my passport from my company becouse my passport already submite in my company..

  3. Hi.
    I submit a resignation to my boss but he refuse to sign it,instead he offer me an increment. no written agreement, only verbal agreement. But almost all of my colleague is aware of that. But unfortunately he didn’t gave me. I didn’t go to work for 27 days already because of that incident. Is it okay if I didn’t resign and just wait for them to terminate me. what is the best thing to do? thank you very much.

    1. Grace,
      Sorry, I can not suggest you anything as requested by you.
      It is your decision.

  4. Hi deepak.
    Please yaar help me .I am a diploma holder I am come here as a MEP supervisor post but I am here e visa that 2 month visa. And in the visa mention I am ac mechanic assistance. But company selection for MEP supervisor. And in two years visa also mentioned same ac mechanic assistance .and i want to region this company. Please advise me clearly if region this company how much I have to pay or company terminated me that time also hw much I have to pay or if I region after six months I am ban in dubai or not plz advice me

    1. Inayath,
      I am unable to understand what region is!
      If you are terminated or resign, you do not need to pay any visa expenses.

  5. Hello deepak
    now I complete 6months n my contract is 2yrs n it’s unlimited n in the contract there is written 2nd party cannot work in same competitor in uae for 2yrs after resignation ..according article 127. But I dun like to work here anymore I want to change my job.so if I resigned then Wat will happen? I have to pay the visa? I have to go back to my country?I can work in same field in free zone or not?waiting it reply.

    1. Angel,
      Are you exposed to any business secrets or work closely with the clients?
      Such provisions may not be applicable to all level of staff.

  6. Hello sir
    My name is saner I m working in silicon oasis free zone I m worked at restaurant I m in uae 3 months I want to resign from my job bcoz they deduct to much money from my salary I m probhiation period if I resign how much I have to pay

    1. Sameer,
      You don’t have to pay anything to the company if you resign unless it is written in the contract.

  7. Hi,I m working in jafza my company signed from us a 2 year contract regarding it I can’t leave my company for 2 years in a competator company and in that contract it’s written if I go in any competator company I have to pay fine.sir,I want to know is there any law in jafza like this,or how much fine it can b on my basic salary?or as per court decided

    1. Raheel,
      Non compete clauses are tough to implement although not impossible.
      However, it should only to apply to people at the strategic level.
      I am not too sure about what the rules are in Jafza.

  8. hi!

    i am working in a dmcc company as admin assistant for 4 months now. i am planning to resign as i need to get more pay due to sudden family needs. i am in a limited contract for 3years and it’s indicated that i have to pay them the visa costs.. by any chance, do you have any idea how much shall i pay them all in all…. i don’t earn as much honestly. please help me on this. thanks!

  9. is there a ban for jafza free zone while on under probation?its a 3 years contract. I’ve just work for 1 month and 24 days already

    thank you

  10. Hi Deepak,
    A quick question regarding Hamriya freezone in sharjah. Is it mandatory for Hamriya employers to provide medical insurance for their staff?

  11. HI DEEPAK,

    1. Shameer,
      No one can refuse to relieve you from work.
      This is not right. Approach JAFZA authorities with your complaint.

  12. why foreman and product manager forcing us OT even its friday….even if we dont like OT..

    1. if it is mentioned in the contract then yes you are obliged to work.
      If they ask you to do OT friday you should get paid as per Law

  13. If i work for 8 months in a nursery and then they terminated me just 3 days before I end. What benefits should i get from the company? because they said that I will not receive any leave pay or separation pay. please advise

    1. You wont be entitled for any benefits unless stated in your employment agreement

    2. My company at the time, I did not know, is making managers and staff work 12-16 hours. I just found recently that a manager has worked 17 hours a day for the past two years with no day off. What can I do? They do have some company policies and procedures, but they are far from being in compliance with UAE law. We are revising and hopefully the CEO will approve. If he does not approve and abide by UAE law, what would be the next step?

  14. What if I got another job in Any freezone company I hope there won’t be banned for me!!! And moreso is it compulsory.for to exit again since I wanna transfer my job, or it depend on company that wanna employ me how they operate.

  15. Hi Deepak

    After working for 2 years and 5 months I have resigned from my company. I need to know whether its 14 days basic or 21 days basic is taken for gratuity calculation. I have been told from my company that policies have been changed from this october and the calculation is as shown below
    • 7 days of basic salary will be paid for completing > 1 year
    • 14 days of basic salary will be paid for completing > 2 years
    • 21 days of basic salary will be paid for completing > 3 years
    • 21 days of basic salary for completing > 4 years
    • Once an employee completes 5 years , he or she will be paid 21 days of basic salary for each year of service for those first five years
    • For each year of service exceeding 5 years, 30 days of basic salary will be paid.

    Please advise

    1. since you have resigned and you have not completed 3 years your gratuity would be 7 days basic salary per year.This is what as per UAE LABOUR LAW
      I have no much idea about new rules. I will updates soon.

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