Save Money with the Tamayaz Card: Your Reward Earning Guide

Maximizing Your Savings with the Tamayaz Card

A Tamayaz cardOpens in a new tab. is like a special loyalty card for people in the UAE who want to save money on groceries. It’s offered by Union Coop, a grocery store.

If you have this card, you can get discounts on certain products when you shop for groceries. Plus, you can earn reward points.

Tamayaz Card

Anyone who shops at Union Coop can get this card. There are also Gold Cards for people who own shares in the store and Silver Cards for those who don’t.

To get the card, you can go to a Union Coop branch’s Consumer Happiness Center. It’s free!

Obtaining the Tamayaz card is convenient, as it can be acquired at any Union Coop branch’s Consumer Happiness Center, and there is no charge for the card itself. To fully enjoy the program’s benefits, cardholders are encouraged to complete the registration process online.

Benefits of Tamayaz Card

The Tamayaz card program offers benefits like saving money on groceries with discounts, earning rewards for future use, and being able to manage your grocery spending more flexibly.

It’s available to all shoppers, and you can choose between Gold and Silver cards. Getting the card is easy and free, and you can enjoy all the perks by registering online.

It provides flexibility in managing grocery expenses, making it a convenient option for shoppers. This card is a dual benefit program, combining discounts and rewards to enhance its appeal.

The Tamayaz card is accessible to all customers who shop at Union Coop, regardless of their shareholding status.

Types of Card :

There are two types of Tamayaz cards:

  1. Gold Card for Shareholders: With this card, you get four cards in total – one main card and three additional cards, all linked to the same loyalty account. This is for the main cardholder and their family members.
    • Benefits of Gold Card:
      • You get instant discounts on certain products when you check out.
      • For every Dirham you spend, you earn one point.
      • When you collect 3,000 Tamayaz points, you can instantly redeem 50 Dirhams at the cashier in any branch.
  2. Silver Card for Non-shareholders: Just like the Gold Card, the Silver Card also gives you four cards – one main card and three additional cards, all linked to the same loyalty account for your family.
    • Benefits of Silver Card:
      • You get instant discounts at checkout for specific products.
      • For every Dirham you spend, you earn one point.
      • When you collect 4,000 points, you can instantly redeem 50 Dirhams at the cashier in any branch.

Registration for the Tamayaz Card

Registration for the Tamayaz Card is a straightforward process. You can sign up for the card by visiting the official Union Coop Tamayaz card website. Follow the provided steps for registration, and the whole procedure usually takes about 24 hours for validation. Once you’ve completed the registration, you can access your Tamayaz card information by logging in with the ID and password given to you.

Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Card

The Emirates Islamic Union Coop Tamayaz Card is part of the Tamayaz Program, an exclusive customer loyalty program offered by Union Coop, designed to provide customers with a range of valuable benefits. With this card, users can earn Tamayaz points for every AED 1 spent inside Union Coop stores, in addition to enjoying instant discounts and exclusive offers available to Tamayaz members.

Key features of this card include a complimentary welcome bonus of 6,000 Tamayaz Points, the opportunity to earn up to 3 Tamayaz Points for every Dirham spent at Union Coop stores (equivalent to a 5% cashback), and the ability to accumulate Tamayaz Points on all other purchases, both in the UAE and abroad.

Cardholders also receive one free valet parking service every month at selected locations, and the card comes with a lifetime free membership. It offers a convenient tap and pay experience with Visa Paywave technology.

The card offers a variety of benefits including valet parking, purchase protection, extended warranty Shopper Valet services, Golf Access, Credit Shield, emergency medical and legal referral services and a cash, on call option. Additionally cardholders have access, to assistance services whenever required.

When you’re considering the Tamayaz card, here’s what you need to know: The minimum required salary for this card is AED 5,000 and the card comes with no annual fee.and there’s no annual fee to worry about. But, like with any card, there are some fees to watch out for, like an over-limit fee of AED 249, a late payment fee of AED 225, and a cash withdrawal fee of AED 99 or 3% of the amount you withdraw, whichever is higher.

Now, why should you think about getting this card? Well, it’s got your back when you shop. You’re covered with purchase protection, so your stuff is safe for up to a year. If anything gets damaged, you can claim up to USD 5,000, or if you lose something, you’re covered up to USD 20,000 a year.

Here’s the cool part: There are no fees for getting this card. It’s absolutely free. Plus, you get access to medical and legal help wherever you are in the world. Think of it as having a friend on call in case you need medical advice, help with hospital stuff, or even a medical evacuation.

Terms and conditions for Tamayaz card  

  • Instant discounts are not available for all products but are specific to selected items as part of the Tamayaz Promotion.
  • Some products offer double points, giving you extra benefits.
  • If you request a refund, the equivalent value of earned points will be deducted from your card. If you don’t have enough points, the deduction will be made from the refund amount.
  • You are responsible for reporting the loss, theft, or damage of the Main or Supplementary Card at any UNION COOP branch. A replacement card can be issued, and earned points will be transferred to the new account.
  • There is no point transfer when switching from a Gold (Shareholder) Card to a Silver (Non-shareholder) Card, and the points will be canceled.
  • When upgrading from a Silver (Non-shareholder) Card to a Gold (Shareholder) Card, all the earned points from the Silver Card will be transferred to the new Gold card.
  • UNION COOP is not responsible for direct or indirect consequences resulting from technical malfunctions, but they will make efforts to preserve the benefits of subscribers.
  • Accumulated points will expire at the end of the calendar year.
  • UNION COOP reserves the right to modify or cancel some or all of these terms and conditions.

How to Collect Reward Points with Tamayaz Card:

Earning points with your Tamayaz card is pretty simple. Here’s how you can do it:

  • If you use your card for shopping at Union Coop stores all over the UAE, you get a 5% cashback in the form of Tamayaz points.
  • If you’re a member of Union Coop, you can also earn points like this:
    • For every 1 AED you spend at Union Coop stores, you get 3 Tamayaz points.

Union Coop adds the points to your Tamayaz account automatically. But if you get points from Emirates Islamic, you need to call them at 600499995 and ask to add the points to your account.

How to Use Your Tamayaz Points:

When you want to use your Tamayaz points, you can go to Union Coop stores anywhere in the UAE. Here’s how it works:

  • Check out the table below to see how many points you need to get cashback.
  • Shareholders need 3000 points to get 5% cashback, and non-shareholders need 4000 points to get 3.5% cashback.

With the cost of groceries going up, having a card like Tamayaz can really help you manage your expenses better.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on Tamayaz Card

What is the Tamayaz Card?

The Tamayaz Card is a special loyalty program offered in partnership between Emirates Islamic and Union Coop, designed to help you save money and earn rewards while shopping for groceries.

How can I obtain a Tamayaz Card? 

You can get a Tamayaz Card by visiting a Union Coop branch’s Consumer Happiness Center. It’s available free of charge for all customers.

What are the benefits of the Tamayaz Card?

The Tamayaz Card offers benefits like instant discounts on selected products, reward points collection, and protection for your purchases for up to 365 days. You can also earn cashback in the form of Tamayaz points.

How do I redeem Tamayaz points? 

To redeem your Tamayaz points, visit Union Coop stores across the UAE. The redemption details are based on whether you are a shareholder or non-shareholder and the number of points you’ve accumulated.

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