Shukran Rewards: Your Guide to Getting More from Your Shopping

Getting the Most Out of Shukran Rewards: Shop, Save, Enjoy!

Have you ever wished that your shopping could earn you something more than just bags of groceries or a new pair of shoes? Well, Shukran Rewards is here to make your dreams come true.

Shukran RewardsOpens in a new tab. is a fantastic loyalty program by the Landmark Group that rewards you for your everyday purchases, letting you earn and redeem points for some exciting benefits. . Whether you’re shopping in the GCC, Jordan, or Egypt, Shukran offers you some fantastic rewards and benefits. It’s a free membership for life, so you don’t need to pay anything to join.

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With Shukran, you earn and spend something called “Shukrans,” which are like virtual coins. You can earn these Shukrans when you shop at Landmark Group stores or partner brands, and you can even earn them during sales and special deals. As a Shukran member, you also get exclusive offers, like early access to sales and invitations to in-store events.

You don’t need a physical card; the Shukran app can be your digital card. However, remember that it’s not a credit card; it’s used to earn Shukrans when you shop.

Your privacy is important, and Shukran takes it seriously. Your personal information is kept safe and isn’t shared with others.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of Shukran Rewards, explaining its benefits, how to earn and spend points, the brands and partners involved, and the Shukran gift card.

Benefits of Shukran Rewards

Shukran Rewards offers a variety of benefits that can enhance your shopping experience:

  1. With every purchase you make, you earn Shukran points. These points add up and can be used to unlock incredible rewards.
  2. As a Shukran member, you gain access to special discounts and promotions that are not available to non-members.
  3. Shukran celebrates your special day by giving you a birthday gift, adding a touch of joy to your celebrations.
  4. Enjoy early access to sales and events, giving you a head start on the best deals.
  5. Shukran tailors its offers based on your preferences and shopping habits, ensuring that you receive offers that matter to you.

How to register for the program?

You can sign up for the Shukran program in three simple ways:

  1. Go to any Landmark Group storeOpens in a new tab., ask for a registration form, and they’ll give you your card right there.
  2. Sign up online on their websiteOpens in a new tab.. Just visit the registration page, and you’re good to go.
  3. Download the “Shukran” App, and you can register for a digital card and membership number from your phone. Get the app here.

Shukran points are like the rewards you collect, and you can use them for future shopping. If you haven’t used your membership for 12 months, it becomes inactive, but your Shukrans stay in your account for 24 months. You can reactivate your membership by using your card at a participating store.

Check your points by downloading the Shukran app and looking in the “Home” tab. You can also update your account details through the app under “My Account” and “Your Profile.”

Shukran Membership Tiers

There are two tiers of membership, Base and Gold:

  • Base Membership: When you join the program, you start with the basic membership, called Base.
  • Gold Membership: You can upgrade to Gold, which is the top-level membership. Gold members earn more points and get special invitations to events hosted by the Landmark Group and others.

How to Earn Shukran Points

To earn Shukran points, simply show your card or use the Shukran app when you shop. Your points will show up in a few days and will be ready to use in about two weeks. You can pay for your purchases using your Shukran points at participating stores, and if you forget to show your card, you can claim your points for up to four purchases a month through the Shukran app within 30 days of the purchase.

  1. Joining Shukran Rewards is the first step. Simply sign up for the program at a participating store or online.
  2. Every time you shop at a Shukran partner store, you earn points. Just make sure to provide your Shukran account details during your purchase.
  3. Keep an eye out for special promotions that offer bonus points. These are fantastic opportunities to accelerate your point collection.
  4. Some banks offer Shukran credit cards, which help you earn extra points when you use them for your purchases.

How to Spend Shukran Points

You need to use at least 20 Shukrans at once, and that’s the same as AED 1. You can spend your points at the brands that are part of the program. Your points will disappear after 24 months if you don’t use them. Also, if you don’t use your card for a whole year, your membership and points will be canceled.

Once you’ve earned enough points, it’s time to redeem them for fantastic rewards:

  1. Use your points to get discounts on your future purchases, helping you save money.
  2. You can convert your Shukran points into gift cards, which are like shopping vouchers you can use at Shukran partner stores.
  3. Some Shukran programs allow you to donate your points to a charitable cause, contributing to a better world.

How to Redeem Shukran Points:

Members can use their accumulated points at our participating outlets. Cashiers will help you determine how many points you can use, and you can choose to use all or just some of your points. Any remaining points stay in your account for future use.

To redeem points, show your Shukran Membership Card and a valid photo ID matching the name in our system.

Your Shukran digital card is valid for earning and using points in all participating stores, except for booking Personal Training sessions at Fitness First clubs.

Please note that Shukran Points cannot be converted to cash and can only be redeemed once.

If your purchase exceeds the value of your Shukran points, you’ll need to pay the difference using a valid payment method.

Unredeemed points are valid for 24 months from the date of earning, after which they expire and cannot be re-credited to your account.

Shukran’s Brands and Partners

Shukran Rewards has a vast network of partner stores, covering a wide range of products and services. Here are some popular Shukran partner brands:

  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle stores have clothing, accessories, and things to make your home look nice.
  • Max: Max stores sell stylish clothes and accessories for everyone in your family.
  • Home Centre: At Home Centre, you can find all sorts of furniture and decorations for your home.
  • Splash: Splash is all about keeping you up to date with the latest fashion trends.
  • Babyshop: Babyshop is where you can get everything you need for your little ones, from clothes to baby stuff.
  • Centrepoint: Centrepoint is like a big store with lots of different brands and things to buy.
  • American Express: American Express is a company that offers credit cards and other money services.
  • CBI: CBI is a bank that helps you with money, like savings and loans.
  • Dominos: Dominos is a place where you can order and pick up tasty pizzas.
  • Emax: Emax is a store that sells electronic gadgets and home appliances.
  • Smiles: Smiles is a club that gives you special discounts and nice things for being a member.
  • FAB: FAB is a big bank that helps you with money and banking.
  • Home Box: Home Box sells furniture and things to make your home look good, and it’s not too expensive.
  • Joyalukas: Joyalukas is a store where you can buy beautiful jewelry and shiny gems.
  • Oasis Mall: Oasis Mall is a shopping place with different stores and fun things to do.
  • Pablosky: Pablosky is a shoe store with comfy and cool shoes for everyone.
  • Shoemart: Shoemart is a shoe store with lots of choices for men, women, and kids.
  • Shoexpress: Shoexpress is a store that has affordable and stylish shoes.

The list of partner brands continues to grow, offering you a broad spectrum of options to earn and spend your Shukran points.

Shukran Gift Card

The Shukran gift card is the cherry on top of this rewards program. It’s a prepaid card that you can load with your Shukran points. Once loaded, you can use it at any Shukran partner store, making it incredibly versatile.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a shopping spree or give it as a thoughtful gift to a loved one, the Shukran gift card opens doors to endless possibilities.

Shukran Rewards is a fantastic loyalty program that turns your everyday shopping into a rewarding experience. With benefits like earning points, exclusive discounts, and personalized offers, it’s a win-win for shoppers. Plus, the ability to earn and redeem points across a wide range of partner brands and the flexibility of the Shukran gift card make it an exciting program to be a part of. So, why wait? Sign up for Shukran Rewards and start earning those points today!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on Shukran Rewards

What is Shukran Rewards?

Shukran Rewards is a loyalty program offered by the Landmark Group that rewards you for shopping at their partner brands. It allows you to earn and redeem points for various benefits and discounts.

What benefits do Shukran members receive?

Shukran members enjoy exclusive discounts, bonus points, gift cards, and special online rewards.

What are the membership tiers in Shukran Rewards?

There are two membership tiers: Silver (basic) and Gold (premium). Gold members earn more points and receive special invitations to exclusive events.

How do I join Shukran Rewards? 

You can join Shukran Rewards by visiting a Landmark Group store and requesting a registration form, registering online on their website, or by downloading the “Shukran” app and signing up for a digital card.

What country uses Shukran?

Shukran is primarily used in countries in the Middle East, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, as well as in Jordan and Egypt.

How many Shukran points is 1 dirham?

One Shukran point is typically equivalent to 0.05 United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED). This means that to get 1 AED, you would need 20 Shukran points. However, conversion rates can vary, and it’s always a good idea to check the specific terms and conditions of the Shukran program in your region for the most accurate information.

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