How to Top Up Your Nol Card? -12 Easy Ways to Nol Card Recharge

Easy Ways to Top Up Your Dubai Nol Card – Nol Card Recharge

In Dubai, having a minimum balance of Dh7.50 on your nol card is essential for using public transportation. If you use your nol card frequently and find yourself needing to recharge due to insufficient balance for travel, you’re in luck. the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) oOpens in a new tab.ffers various convenient offline and online methods for topping up your nol card.

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Consistently topping up your nol card ensures swift and cashless payment methods. This article covers all the essential information about the nol card top-up service, applicable to both registered and anonymous nol card holders.

Whether you possess a physical or virtual nol card, you can take advantage of these options to keep your card loaded and ready for use.

12 Ways to Nol Card Recharge

Here are the 12 easy ways to top up your nol card. Dubai RTA Nol Card Recharge:

  1. Solar Top-up Machines at Bus Stops:
    • Place your nol card on the card reader.
    • Choose the “Top Up” option.
    • Input the desired Top-Up amount.
    • Complete the payment using cash.
    • Your recharge amount will be added to your card balance.
  2. Dubai Metro Stations:
    • Visit the ticket office at the metro stations.
    • Hand over your nol card to the station agent and ask for a Top-Up.
    • Complete the payment transaction.
    • Experience an instant top-up of your balance on the nol card.
  3. Grocery Stores and Petrol Stations:
    • Visit authorized ‘top-up agents’ at grocery stores, mini-marts, cafeterias, and supermarkets.
    • Top up your nol card at Zoom stores, standalone stores, and ENOC/EPPCO petrol stations.
  4. Nol Pay App:
    • Download the ‘nol Pay’ app for iPhone, Android, or Huawei devices.
    • Check balance, view transaction history, and recharge instantly using NFC technology.
  5. RTA Website:
    • Navigate to the RTA homepage and select “Public Transport,” then choose “Top up nol card,” or click on the provided link.
    • Provide your nol tag ID and Email ID.
    • Confirm the desired recharge amount and proceed with the payment.
    • Allow 45 minutes to 4 hours for your recharged balance to be activated before using it.
  6. RTA Dubai App:
    • Download the ‘RTA Dubai’ app, log in with UAE Pass account, and tap the ‘top up’ button.
    • Enter nol tag ID, select the top-up amount, and pay through various methods.
  7. S’hail App:
    • Download the S’hail app.
    • Register on the app using the necessary credentials.
    • Choose the “Top Up nol card” option.
    • Add your nol card by clicking on the + symbol.
    • Confirm the recharge amount and proceed with the payment.
    • Allow 45 minutes to 4 hours for your recharged balance to become active before usage.
  8. Dubai Now App:
    • Access over 170 government and private services on the ‘Dubai Now’ app.
    • Log in, tap on ‘Bills,’ select ‘nol,’ add nol tag ID, choose the top-up amount, and make the payment.
  9. Bank Mobile Apps:
    • Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) enable customers to top up nol cards using their mobile banking apps.
    • ADCB customers may incur a Dh1 additional fee for recharging their nol cards.
  10. Careem App:
    • The Careem app, compatible with Apple, Android, and Huawei devices, offers a convenient way to recharge your nol card.
    • Open the app, go to ‘All Services,’ then select ‘Bills and Recharges,’ and tap on ‘nol.’
    • Enter your nol tag ID, add your account, view your balance, and choose the desired top-up amount.
    • Complete the payment by entering credit/debit card details or use Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay.
  11. Mehboub Chatbot
    • Visit the RTA Website Homepage, RTA Dubai app, or S’hail app.
    • Locate “Chat with Mehboub.”
    • Provide your contact information.
    • Type “Top Up nol card” in the chat.
    • Type or click “Apply Now.”
    • Enter your nol tag ID.
    • Choose the desired amount (between 30 AED to 150 AED).
    • Click “Pay using DubaiPay” and proceed with the payment.
    • Activate the Top-Up balance by using your nol card at metro stations, parking facilities, or solar-powered machines at bus stations.
  12. Ticket Vending Machines:
    • Visit the nearest ticket vending machine.
    • Position your nol card on the card reader.
    • Choose the “Top Up” option.
    • Input the desired Top-Up amount.
    • Keep the card on the card reader for at least 6 seconds.
    • Experience an instant top-up as your balance is updated.

Important Notes for Nol Card Recharge:

  1. The maximum online top-up amount is 150 AED for all nol card types (anonymous, personalised, and personal).
  2. The maximum balance is 1,000 AED for anonymous cards and 5,000 AED for personalised and personal cards.
  3. Mahboub Chatbot allows a top-up range of 30 AED to 150 AED.
  4. Virtual nol cards on compatible Huawei phones and Huawei Watch 3 and 3 Pro can be topped up through nol Pay.
  5. Top-up amounts on expired or blocked cards are not activatable.
  6. Pending online top-up amounts must be activated within 180 days from the transaction date.
  7. Customers can activate pending balances topped up through different channels using nol Pay.
  8. Access your nol card transaction history through this provided linkOpens in a new tab..

Dubai’s nol card offers versatile payment options for public transportation, fuel, taxis, and more. Whether you prefer offline methods like grocery stores and petrol stations or the convenience of online apps and websites, topping up your nol card is easy and accessible. Choose the method that suits you best to ensure a hassle-free commute in Dubai.

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