Which Are the Best Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Dubai

Fun Fitness: Best Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Dubai

Gymnastics is an amazing sport for kids in Dubai, offering a mix of discipline, flexibility, coordination, balance, and fun! It boosts self-esteem and social skills, making it a healthy hobby choice. Don’t worry if it’s your child’s first time – these Gymnastic classes for kids are safe and suitable for their age.

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Gymnastics is a fantastic exercise program for kids, combining strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline all in one.

With numerous gymnastics classes in the UAE, it might seem overwhelming. However, there’s a perfect fit for every young gymnast, whether they want to perfect cartwheels, master the vault, or add some flair with ribbons and music.

The different disciplines or styles within the sport of gymnastics, each emphasizing specific skills and elements:

  1. Artistic Gymnastics: Kids perform short routines on different equipment, building core strength, balance, and stability. There are separate programs for girls and boys.
  2. Acrobatic Gymnastics: Children collaborate, performing acrobatic, dance, and tumbling moves to music, focusing on strength, poise, and flexibility. Teamwork is key here.
  3. Rhythmic Gymnastics: A mix of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation, using ribbons, balls, and hoops. It’s a blend of dance and sport.
  4. Tumbling: This form combines floorwork and tumbling, done on a springy track, including round-offs, somersaults, and back-hand springs. Great for building strength and technique.

Choose the right gymnastics type for your little one, and they’ll be cartwheeling, tumbling, and having a blast while staying fit and healthy!

Benefits of Gymnastics classes for kids

Gymnastics classes offer a wide range of benefits for kids, contributing to their overall physical and mental well-being. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Gymnastics classes for kids promote physical fitness, enhancing strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and agility.
  2. These classes instill discipline and focus as children follow instructions, practice routines, and develop a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Participation in gymnastics boosts self-esteem and confidence, fostering a positive self-image.
  4. Social skills are developed through group activities and teamwork, encouraging effective communication and camaraderie.
  5. Gymnastics enhances body awareness, improving posture, spatial orientation, and overall physical self-awareness.
  6. Children learn goal-setting in gymnastics, experiencing the satisfaction of achieving objectives and building a sense of purpose.
  7. Cognitive benefits, such as memory, attention to detail, and spatial awareness, result from memorizing routines and sequences in gymnastics.
  8. Gymnastics encourages a healthy lifestyle, instilling the importance of regular exercise from an early age.
  9. The physical activity involved in gymnastics serves as a positive outlet for stress relief and anxiety reduction.
  10. Ultimately, gymnastics classes provide a fun and enjoyable experience for kids, fostering a lifelong appreciation for physical activity.


Fly High FitnessOpens in a new tab.

Fly High Fitness offers gymnastics for kids in Dubai, focusing not just on physical fitness but also teaching coordination, discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork in a fun and safe environment for children aged 2.5 to 3; they’re also known for CrossFit.

Classes are from Monday to Sunday, 03:00 pm – 08:00 pm, and is located at 72nd Street, Dubai Investment Park – 1 – Dubai, contact +971-4-224-9075.

Diverse Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new tab.

Diverse Performing Arts School, known for dance classes, also provides acro gymnastics for kids as young as four, emphasizing a sense of family and addiction to classes.

You can find them at The Curve Building, Entrance A, Al Quoz, Dubai, or can reach them at (04 330 7338).

GymnastExOpens in a new tab.

GymnastEx Sports Services, with branches in Jumeirah and Al Nahda, has experienced international coaches specializing in training kids aged 3 to 16, following an American curriculum for gymnastics, blending fun and sports to nurture healthy, disciplined, and confident children.

You can reach them at +971-58-510-5888.

DuGymOpens in a new tab.

DuGym, one of the oldest and most respected gymnastics clubs in the UAE, offers rhythmic gymnastics training for girls aged three to 16, providing the unique opportunity to participate in international competitions.

They have classes and events at various locations in Dubai, including Horizon International School. They offer gymnastics, trampolining, and rhythmic dancing, giving your little gymnast a variety of choices with prices and class lengths varying.

For inquiries or assistance, you can contact at 052 350 4095.

Aspire Gymnastics ClubOpens in a new tab.

Aspire Gymnastics Club, with branches in Nad Al Hamar and Dubai Investment Park 2, provides excellent learning opportunities for students aged 3 to 18. They focus on artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, following international standards set by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG).

For inquiries or assistance, you can contact at +971-4-345-9519 | +971-56-991-0091.


Shams Gymnastic Club LLC in Dubai specializes in teaching artistic gymnastics at all levels, from beginners to advanced. Coaches give individual attention, ensuring a wholesome experience, and prepare kids for various sports competitions.

They also offer online sports classes, including gymnastics.

Located at Al Ferdous 2, Unit 3, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa,

For inquiries or assistance, you can contact at +971-04-225-4243).

Dubai Olympic Gymnastics ClubOpens in a new tab.

Dubai Olympic Gymnastics Club (DOGC) is a reputable institute in Dubai providing gymnastics classes for kids since 2003, offering programs from beginners to advanced levels.

Located in Al Quoz, they follow the USA Junior Olympic Compulsory Program for boys and adhere to Federation International Gymnastics standards for girls.

DOGC also provides trial classes for kids who want to experience the training. Contact them at +971-55-566-7455.

ELITESportsOpens in a new tab.

ELITESports Gymnastics Academy caters to children aged 3 to 12, focusing on developing gymnastics skills and boosting confidence.

The expert coaches tailor training to ensure each child reaches their full potential. For inquiries, email [email protected] or call 97145545916.

Fit RepublikOpens in a new tab.

Fit Republik boasts the only permanent Olympic-equipped gymnastics arena in the UAE, with ex-national or ex-Olympian coaches. They offer recreational and competitive training for all levels, teaching kids to balance, vault, lift, and move through challenging gymnastic routines.

Prices and class lengths vary, operating from Saturday to Thursday (5:30 am – 11 pm) and Friday (5:30 am – 9 pm).

Find them at The Academies, Dubai Sports City, Dubai.

For inquiries or assistance, you can contact at 04 556 1800.

Dubai Elite Gymnastics AcademOpens in a new tab.

Established in 2013, Dubai Elite Gymnastics Academy (DEGA) offers a variety of sports training programs, including gymnastics classes for kids in Dubai, catering to children aged 18 months and up. With a spacious facility spanning 8,300 sq. m., DEGA provides a healthy sports environment.

DEGA’s team focuses on four key factors for success with their trainees, including promoting a healthier lifestyle, offering fitness opportunities for all fitness levels, creating a trusted sports facility, and establishing a program to prepare gymnasts for challenges and competitions.

DEGA is located at Street 13, plot 16, Al Quoz 3, behind Al Quoz Mall, 13 c st, Dubai. Contact them at +971-55-245-5223.

StepUp AcademyOpens in a new tab.

StepUp Academy provides classes for kids aged 15 months and above, covering performing arts and fitness sports, including beginner to advanced gymnastics programs that enhance muscle control, flexibility, and balance.

They also offer karate, dance, and acro lessons for both kids and adults at multiple locations in Dubai, such as Motor City and Al Barsha.

For inquiries, contact +971-4-453-4360 or +971-55-855-2797.

Gymnastics classes for kids in Dubai provide a great chance for kids to get fit, have fun, and learn important skills. These clubs help kids grow physically and develop important qualities like discipline and teamwork.

With experienced coaches and a focus on creating a fun and safe environment, these clubs are a fantastic choice for parents looking to give their children a chance to enjoy and succeed in gymnastics.

So, if you want your little ones to stay active, learn new skills, and have a great time, consider enrolling them in one of these awesome gymnastics clubs in Dubai!

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