Which Are The Best Golf Lessons for Kids in Dubai?

Golf Lessons for Kids in Dubai

Golf is not just for grown-ups; kids can enjoy it too! Playing golf isn’t just enjoyable; it’s a hidden teacher for kids. While they play, they learn important things that stay with them, making it more than just a game. Like being disciplined, making friends, and being respectful on the golf course.

So, where can kids learn golf in Dubai? Well, there are some places where they can practice and get better at golf. Let’s check them out!

Golf Lessons for Kids

Here are some of the benefits of hitting the golf course:

  • Golf isn’t just a game; it’s a workout. Walking those fairways and swinging that club give you a good dose of exercise.
  • Unlike some high-speed sports, golf is pretty laid-back. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Picture this—green grass, blue sky, and you taking a swing. Stress? Poof! It magically disappears.
  • Golf teaches you discipline. You gotta focus, be patient, and take your shots seriously. It’s like a life lesson on the green.
  • Golf is a social sport. You meet new people, make friends, and share some laughs. It’s like a mini golf party every time you play.
  • On the golf course, respect is the name of the game. You learn to be respectful to others and to the course itself.
  • Golf isn’t just for adults. Kids can enjoy it too! It’s a game for all ages, from little ones to grown-ups.

Explore the Places for Golf Lessons for Kids in Dubai

Golf DXBOpens in a new tab.

Golf DXB is the go-to place for kids’ golf lessons in Dubai. Known for its awesome Junior Golf Programme, they’ve got classes for kids aged 2 to 18. The coaches are pros, specially trained for junior golf through the Titleist Performance Institute and other global training programs.

Now, here’s the cool part—Golf DXB has different levels, from Blue & Orange to Advanced. You can pick a program that suits your kiddo, whether it’s for one, three, or nine months. They even have this fancy International Golf Junior Passport system, a three-cycle structured coaching program that’s pretty unique.

The coaching spots at Golf DXB are at The Address Montgomery and The Track Meydan Golf. They’ve got awesome junior coaches, and the schedule is super flexible, making it a blast for the young golf pros in the making!

You can find them at The Track, Meydan Golf, Al Meydan Road, Nad Al Sheba in Dubai, and for any inquiries, you can reach them at +971-54-441-1429.

Peter Cowen Golf Academy – Dubai GolfOpens in a new tab.

Got little golf enthusiasts in Dubai? The Peter Cowen Golf Academy is where the swing party’s at! With locations at Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Creek, and Emirates Golf Club, it’s super convenient no matter where you live.

Run by top-notch PGA Professionals, this academy has three cool programs for kids:

1. Little Champions: For the tiny tots aged four to six, the Little Champions program is all about making golf fun. They focus on understanding the game in a super cool, task-focused environment.

2. Junior Development Programme: Perfect for the young guns aged seven to 17. Each kiddo gets a Junior Passbook to dive into the rules and performance areas of golf etiquette.

3. Elites: Led by Peter-Cowen trained PGA professionals, the Elite junior program is for the young golf prodigies. Five-hour weekly sessions help these skilled golfers refine their talents and gain epic experience in competitive play.

Each location might have different packages, so it’s smart for parents to check the services before signing up their kiddos.

You can catch them at various spots: Emirates Golf Club, Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, and Jumeirah Golf Estates. For more info, dial them at +971-4-417-9999, +971-4-295-6000, or +971-4-818-2000.

Arabian Ranches Golf ClubOpens in a new tab.

Embark on a golfing adventure at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, where a robust golf community and expert training programs await.

The club’s Junior Golf Academy stands out, offering tailored lessons conducted by industry professionals.

Located in Palma – Arabian Ranches, Emaar, this academy is the go-to spot for kids’ golf lessons in Dubai.

The sessions are thoughtfully designed to accommodate different ages and skill levels, allowing young golf enthusiasts to progress from the basics to conquering the course. For those seeking a fantastic option for junior golf lessons, the Arabian Ranches Golf Club is your ace in the hole. Give them a call at +971-4-366-4700.

Trump International Dubai Golf AcademyOpens in a new tab.

At the Trump International Dubai Golf Academy, they’ve got both group and one-on-one lessons, perfect for kids. They use a cool Junior Development Programme crafted by PGA Professional instructors to boost your child’s golf skills. These sessions, meant for 4 to 16-year-olds, focus on individual lessons.

Locate them in DAMAC Hills, Al Hebiah Third District, and feel free to give them a call at +971-4-245-3939.

Claude Harmon III Performance Golf AcademyOpens in a new tab.

Situated within the Els Club in Dubai Sports City, this academy provides its students with top-notch coaching and practice facilities, both indoors and outdoors. This golf school has everything young golfers need to up their game.

Parents can enroll their kids in the Junior Development program, which spans nine weeks. At the end, juniors face a hat test to figure out their golf skills level.

The academy offers a well-structured Junior Development Program, ensuring that kids progress through different stages, from the basics to mastering the art of golf. With a focus on fun and skill development, it’s the perfect spot for aspiring junior golfers to tee off their golfing journey.

Newbies can kick off with a free session to find their perfect level. The timings are super flexible. Once a level is chosen, parents can pick from various class times based on their schedule.

For more information, feel free to reach out to Claude Harmon III Performance Golf Academy at +971-4-425-1040 or +971-4-425-1000.

Dubai opens the doors to a world of golfing opportunities for the youngest enthusiasts. Whether your child is just picking up a club for the first time or aspiring to become the next golf prodigy, these dedicated academies provide the perfect blend of fun and skill development.

From swinging on the greens at Golf DXB to perfecting the game at the Trump International Dubai Golf Academy, each venue offers a unique experience tailored for every young golfer. So, parents, gear up for an exciting journey with your little ones, as they tee off into the world of golfing brilliance in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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