How Do You Login to the Dubai REST App?

Simplify Your Property Journey with the Dubai REST App: A User-Friendly Overview

Launched in 2018 by the Dubai Land Department, the Dubai RESTOpens in a new tab. app revolutionizes the real estate sector by offering a centralized platform for seamless transactions. With ‘REST’ standing for “Real Estate Self Transaction,” the app enables 24/7 real estate dealings, fostering a digital shift and reducing procedural time.

Dubai REST

Functionally, it covers everything from trading and mortgages to remote property management. Beyond transactions, it serves as an information hub, providing services like title deed verification and project status checks. Integrating education through the Dubai Real Estate Institute and regulatory features via the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the app is a dynamic, all-encompassing tool propelling Dubai’s real estate into the digital age.


The Dubai REST App boasts several essential features, eliminating the need for a visit to the DLD Opens in a new for various real estate tasks. Key features include:

  1. Real Estate Transactions:
    • Users can seamlessly engage in various real estate transactions through the mobile app, simplifying processes and expediting deals.
  2. Real Estate Brokers Directory:
    • The app serves as a directory of registered real estate brokers in Dubai, providing not just names and IDs but also agent ratings. Users can access crucial information about builders, sellers, and management.
  3. Real-Time Information:
    • Stay updated on off-plan properties, tracking construction status, viewing images, and monitoring payment details in real-time. Access sales index and property service charges index data within the app.
  4. Ejari Registration:
    • The app provides a user-friendly platform for initiating and managing Ejari registrations, a crucial step in formalizing property leases in Dubai.
  5. Online Mortgages:
    • Banks can directly utilize the system to offer mortgages, deposit funds into clients’ accounts, or decommission mortgages, streamlining financial processes associated with property transactions.
  6. Remote Property Management for Landlords:
    • Landlords, whether based in Dubai or abroad, gain the ability to remotely manage their property rentals through the app. This includes overseeing tenant arrangements and related administrative tasks.
  7. Utility Bill Management:
    • The app allows landlords to handle utility bills, such as electricity, water, and internet payments, providing a centralized platform for managing various property-related expenses.
  8. Financial Obligations Management:
    • For both delivered and properties under construction, the app facilitates the management of financial obligations. This involves collaboration with owners’ associations for completed properties and approved trustees for ongoing construction projects.
  9. Other Services Offered by the Dubai REST App: Beyond the evident features, the app provides additional key services, including:
    • Verification and registration of title deeds
    • Access to a services catalogue
    • Monitoring off-plan developments with actual images
    • Facilitation of various real estate transactions
    • Generation of different certificates
    • Fee calculations


Logging in to the Dubai REST app is a straightforward process designed for user convenience:

  1. Accessing the App:
    • Users can easily download and access the Dubai REST app on both Android and iOS devices.
  2. Login Options:
    • Upon launching the app, users are presented with a user-friendly interface. The login options are prominently available on the homepage or within the settings section.
  3. Diverse Login Choices:
    • Users can choose their specific login category based on their role or association. The options include:
      • Owner/Tenant: Individuals managing their own properties.
      • Valuation Company: Companies involved in property valuation.
      • Management Company: Entities overseeing property management.
      • Dubai Brokers: Professionals engaged in real estate brokerage.
      • RDC Users: Users associated with the Rental Disputes Centre.
  4. Simplified Registration:
    • The registration process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Users can follow intuitive steps to set up their accounts, providing the necessary information based on their chosen login category.

How to Register as an Owner or Tenant on Dubai REST Mobile App:

  1. Emirates ID Registration:
    • Easily register as an owner or tenant by providing your Emirates ID through the Dubai REST app.
  2. Auditor Review:
    • After submitting your Emirates ID, auditors from the Dubai Land Department (DLD) will conduct a review of your registration request. They will subsequently approve or reject the request based on the provided information.
  3. Unified Number and Residence Visa Registration:
    • Alternatively, users can register using their unified number and residence visa number. It’s important to note that once the owner/tenant profile is created, it cannot be updated through the app. Any updates require a visit to the nearest Property Trustee office or the Dubai Land Department.

How to Register Ejari Contract:

  1. Initiate Registration:
    • Owners or tenants can initiate the registration of an Ejari contract specifically for properties not associated with management companies.
  2. Registration Under RERA:
    • To register Ejari under the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)Opens in a new tab., use your Emirates ID, title deed, or mobile number. Access this option through the ‘Settings’ section, followed by selecting ‘RERA.’
  3. Start the Process:
    • Tap on ‘Register Ejari Contract’ to commence the registration process. This step initiates the formalization of lease agreements for the specified property.
  4. Online Facilitation:
    • Given the current trend of online processes, the Dubai REST app facilitates the entire Ejari registration online. This streamlines the traditionally complex procedure, making it more accessible and convenient for users.
  5. Track Request Status:
    • Users can easily track the status of their Ejari registration request through the ‘My Requests’ section of the app. This feature provides real-time updates on the progress of the registration, enhancing transparency and user engagement in the process.

Both the owner/tenant registration and Ejari contract registration processes through the Dubai REST app are designed for user simplicity and efficiency. The app leverages digital capabilities to streamline traditionally cumbersome procedures, offering a convenient and transparent experience for individuals involved in the real estate sector in Dubai.


The Dubai REST app provides a comprehensive overview of services, offering a one-stop solution for various legal formalities and information related to the real estate landscape. Here’s a breakdown of the key services available on the Dubai REST app:

  1. Services Catalogue:
    • Access a detailed catalogue of services available within the app, providing a comprehensive view of the offerings and functionalities.
  2. Title Deed Verification:
    • Verify the authenticity and details of title deeds through the app, ensuring accuracy and transparency in property ownership information.
  3. Title Deed Registration:
    • Initiate and complete the registration process for title deeds, a critical step in formalizing property ownership within the Dubai real estate framework.
  4. Project Status (Mashrooi):
    • Obtain real-time updates on the status of ongoing real estate projects (referred to as Mashrooi), allowing stakeholders to stay informed about developments in specific areas.
  5. Procedure Status Enquiry:
    • Check the status of various procedures and transactions initiated through the app, providing transparency and clarity on the progress of legal processes.
  6. Procedure Fee Calculator:
    • Easily calculate fees associated with different procedures and transactions, ensuring users have a clear understanding of the financial aspects involved.
  7. Valuation Certificate Verification:
    • Verify the details of valuation certificates through the app, facilitating transparency and accuracy in property valuation processes.
  8. Real Estate Transactions by Area:
    • Access information about real estate transactions specific to different areas, allowing users to gather insights into market trends and property dealings in specific regions.
  9. “To Whom It May Concern” Certificate Generation:
    • Generate certificates addressed to relevant parties, streamlining the documentation process for various transactions and legal requirements.


The Dubai REST app includes comprehensive details about courses offered by the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), catering specifically to real estate agents. This feature ensures that users can access information on educational opportunities and professional development within the real estate sector.


RERAOpens in a new tab. functionalities within the app provide a suite of tools and services, enabling users to:

  • Monitor and stay informed about the rental index, aiding in understanding rental trends and market fluctuations.
  • Access a directory of registered brokers, streamlining the process of identifying and engaging with licensed real estate professionals.
  • Verify the authenticity of electronic cards (e-cards) associated with real estate professionals, ensuring credibility and adherence to regulations.
  • Explore a directory of services offered by RERA, facilitating easy access to regulatory services and information.
  • Initiate and complete the registration process for Ejari contracts, a critical step in formalizing lease agreements.
  • Obtain information about service charges related to Mollak, aiding in financial planning for property ownership.
  • Access information related to real estate litigation in Dubai, providing insights into legal processes and procedures.
  • Conduct searches for office trade licenses, ensuring transparency and due diligence in business transactions.


The RDCOpens in a new tab. functionalities within the app empower users to:

  • Initiate the process of registering rental disputes cases directly through the app.
  • Monitor the status and progress of registered cases, providing real-time updates on dispute resolution.
  • Obtain Rental Good Conduct certificates, essential for various legal and administrative purposes.
  • Utilize the Smart Judge feature for enhanced efficiency in rental dispute resolution processes.


The REIPOpens in a new tab. section of the app introduces the:

  • This tool provides a visual representation and information about strategic investment opportunities within the real estate landscape. Users can explore and make informed decisions based on the Smart Investment Map, enhancing their investment strategies in the Dubai real estate market.

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