How to Pay the Dubai Park Tickets with the New Ticket Machines?

Dubai’s Park Tickets: Easy Entry for All

Dubai’s parks are now more accessible than ever, thanks to a revamped ticketing system. With just a few taps on your phone or a swipe of your card, you can breeze through the entrance. This modern approach saves time and offers a hassle-free experience for visitors. Plus, it’s a step towards making leisure activities in the city more enjoyable for everyone.

If you’ve been to big parks in Dubai lately, you might’ve seen new ticket machines. These machines let you pay with your phone, credit card, or debit card. This started in October 2023 at Safa Park. Now, it’s in other parks like Zabeel Park and Mamzar Beach Park too.

But, the Quranic Park in Al Khawaneej only takes nol cards.

How to Pay the Park Tickets with the New Machines?

Before, people used nol cards to get in. Now, you get a paper ticket with a special QR code. Here’s how to use the new machines:

  1. Pick a language: Arabic or English.
  2. Choose ‘Entry Tickets’ and say how many people.
  3. Click ‘Pay by Card’. Use your card or phone (like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay).
  4. Once you pay, you get a ticket with a QR code.
  5. Show this QR code to enter the park.
Dubai Park Tickets

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Al Mamzar Beach Park: Dh5 for one person or Dh30 for a car.
  • Zabeel Park: Dh5 for one person.
  • Creek Park: Dh5 for one person.
  • Mushrif Park: Dh3 for one person or Dh10 for a car.
  • Safa Park: Dh3 for one person.
  • Kids under two and some disabled people can enter for free.
  • Quranic Park Costs (only nol cards):
  • Glass House: Dh5. Cave of Miracles: Dh5.

Dubai’s new park ticket system makes visiting parks easier and faster for everyone. With just a phone or card, you can enjoy a day out without any fuss. It’s a great way to enjoy what the city has to offer without any hassle.

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