Get Your Digital Emirates ID: Easy Steps to Get It Online

Accessing Your Digital Emirates ID: A Guide for UAE Residents

In the United Arab Emirates, the Emirates ID serves as a crucial form of identification and residency proof. While having the physical card is advised, having a digital version can offer convenience and peace of mind, especially in case the card is misplaced.

Here’s why having a digital Emirates ID is useful:

  1. Your e-Emirates ID securely stores your name, photo, signature, and fingerprint, providing reliable proof of your identity.
  2. It grants convenient access to government services such as healthcare, education, and job opportunities.
  3. Traveling to other GCC countries is simplified as no visa is required.
  4. You must possess it to apply for a driving license.
  5. It’s crucial for opening a bank account or accessing financial services.

Here’s how you can get your digital Emirates ID:

  • UAE Pass app.
  • ICP mobile app or UAEICP.
  • QR Code option.
  • Official Website

Digital Emirates ID through the UAE Pass App:

The UAE Pass app is a comprehensive digital identifier for UAE residents and citizens. It grants access to over 5000 services provided by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICPOpens in a new tab.), including the ability to download your Emirates ID online.

  • Simply download the UAE Pass app from the Google Play or Apple App Store,
  • Register using your Emirates ID number,
  • Verify your identity through facial recognition.
  • Download your digital Emirates ID

Digital Emirates ID through the UAEICP Application:

Similar to UAE Pass, the UAEICP app streamlines the process of obtaining your e-Emirates ID.

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store,
  • Log in using your UAE Pass account,
  • Select the Emirates ID option from the home page.
  • Choose your name, view your ID details,
  • Download the e-Emirates ID onto your device for easy accessibility.

Digital Emirates ID via QR Code

Looking for a swift solution to access your e-Emirates ID? Look no further than the QR code option offered by the UAEICP app. Here’s how you can get your hands on your Emirates ID soft copy in a flash:

  1. Open the UAEICP app and select the Emirates ID QR Code option on the home page.
  2. For verification purposes, choose either personal information or your mobile number (UAE Unified or Emirates ID number).
  3. If you don’t have a registered number, opt for the Personal Information option and input the required details such as passport type and number.

Once you’ve submitted your details successfully, you’ll instantly receive a QR code containing all the essential information from your Emirates ID. With just a quick scan, anyone requiring your details can access them effortlessly.

Digital Emirates ID via Official Website:

Additionally, you can acquire your digital Emirates ID from the official website of the ICP, following a similar process outlined in the apps.

It’s important to note that while the digital copy of your Emirates ID provides temporary convenience, the physical card remains the official document. Ensure to keep track of your physical Emirates ID and be cautious with the digital copy. In case of loss, familiarize yourself with the necessary steps to take and stay updated on the status of your Emirates ID through online channels.

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