How to Check Accident History of a Car in the UAE

Checking the Accident History of a Second-Hand Car in the UAE

Buying a second-hand car in the UAE requires careful research to ensure you’re making a safe and reliable choice.

One of the most crucial steps is checking the car’s accident history. This information can significantly affect the vehicle’s value and your peace of mind.

In the UAE, you can easily access this information online through various government portals. Here’s a simple guide to help you check a used car’s accident history using its chassis number.

What is a Chassis Number?

The chassis number, also known as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), is a unique 17-digit number that gives details about the car’s manufacturer, origin, engine, and accident history. You can find the chassis number in these places:

  • On the back of the vehicle registration card (mulkiya).
  • On the dashboard, printed on the driver’s side.
  • On the side door.

How to Check the Car Accident History?

You can check the accident history of a car through these sources:

  1. Ministry of Interiors (MOI)
  2. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
  3. TAMM (Abu Dhabi Police)
  4. RTA Website
  5. Seek Assistance from an Insurance Company
  6. Private Companies
  1. Ministry of Interior (MOI)
    • Go to the MOI website: MOI Accident InquiryOpens in a new tab..
    • Enter the chassis number.
    • Check the captcha box and click ‘Submit’.
    • The system will show the details if there are any registered accidents, including location, date, time, and accident report number.
  2. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
    • Visit the EVG website: EVGOpens in a new tab..
    • Click on ‘Traffic Accidents Management’ on the homepage.
    • Enter the chassis number and click ‘Search’.
    • You can view the accident reports and details.
  3. TAMM (Abu Dhabi Police)
    • Visit the TAMM website: TAMMOpens in a new tab..
    • Click on ‘Government Entities’ in the menu.
    • Select ‘Abu Dhabi Police’ and search for ‘View Vehicle Accident History’.
    • Click on the service, then click ‘Start’.
    • Login with your UAE Pass and enter the chassis number to view past accident reports.
  4. Using the RTA Dubai Website:
    • Visit the RTA Dubai WebsiteOpens in a new tab..
    • Enter the VIN and the car’s plate number.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Click “Apply for this service” to reveal the car’s accident history.
  5. Seek Assistance from an Insurance Company
    • You can also ask a car insurance company for help. They’re like the wise old owls that know a lot about cars. They can tell you if the car has been in any accidents or had any major repairs. Insurance records are instrumental in checking the extent of damage and repairs made to the car.
  6. Private Companies for Car History Check
    • These are especially useful if you want to buy an imported vehicle and need its accident history. Two major private companies with extensive databases offering these services are CarReportOpens in a new tab. and CarFax.
    • CarReport:
      • Provides a detailed report on used cars, including vehicle history and valuation.
      • The general report is free; you can get it by entering the mileage and chassis number of the car.
    • CarFax:
      • Offers extensive information on a vehicle’s past.
      • Checks include flood damage, title problems, service records, accidents, total loss, vehicle registration, and more.

Make sure to check the accident history before finalizing your purchase to ensure the car is in good condition.


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