UAE national Brand Logo – You can Vote now!

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has directed to upload the various options for UAE national Brand logo for public voting. Public can vote for one of the 5 designs that have been finalised. The selected logo will be used for all branding purposes of the UAE.

Tweet from HH:

Below are the 5 options:

1. Fabric of Society

“The repeating lines always appear in groups of seven, representing the seven Emirates. The varied colours are derived from the actual colours present in Emirati art and craft, and not least, the UAE flag.”

2. Brilliant Evolution

“The actual map of the country and the seven Emirates make up the basic shape of the symbol.”

3. ‘You’ can be anything

“The ‘U’ element in the mark can be anything you wish it to be – and the people of the UAE are invited to create their own versions of the ‘U’.”

4. Vivid Tapestry

5. All Encompassing

“The UAE is constantly changing, adapting and exploring its potential in the world. A symbol was created to demonstrate this constant state of dynamic evolution — a symbol simple enough to be memorised by the people — to the point where they are able to replicate it with their own hands — no matter the age or ability.”

Ready to Vote? You can Vote here. Voting is open till Wednesday, 18th July 2012. [Update: As per the latest news, the date for the vote has been extended to 15th September 2012-15-09-2012 as reported by WAM]

My personal choice is Number 5. Let me know yours!

Support UAE vision! Read the presentation here.

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    • Hi Amanda, I read in WAM that the last date is 15-09-2012(15th September 2012). If you have overlooked, I have mentioned it in the article. Earlier date was July 18th but this has been extended.