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Basic Arabic Words

UAE is an Arabic country. However, it is very sad to notice that most of the majority of expatriates living here do not know how to converse in basic Arabic. In one way it can be viewed as a tolerance of the UAE and its rulers to allow foreign language to be dominant and on the other hand it can be viewed as lack of interest from expatriates.

English and Hindi are widely spoken and English is used in all the official documentation or press releases.

In any case, we lose a golden opportunity to learn a new language!

I remember when I went to Madras(now Chennai), India in late 1990’s for higher studies and I was compelled to learn Tamil because people seldom talk any other language but Tamil.

It made me ponder….why not I learn atleast basic Arabic words. I started my lessons and I am proud today that I have learnt atleast 15 new words in the last 1 month and use it wherever I get an opportunity to talk to an Arabic speaking person in basic Arabic words.


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Here are the basic Arabic words that I learnt and some in the process of learning:

Basic Arabic Words for conversation:

ARABIC                                                                             ENGLISH
Assalam Alaikum                                               Peace be Upon you
Reply: Wa Alaikum Assalam                                    And Peace be Upon you
We Aleikom Elsalam                                               Greetings
Reply: Marhabteen
Sabah Al Khair                                                             Good Morning
Reply: Sabah Al Noor
Masah Al Khair                                                         Good Afternoon
Reply: Masah Al Noor
Kaifa Haalik? (also Keefak)                                    How are You?
Reply: Bi Khair, Zayn or Al Hamdu Lillah           Fine and Praise be to Allah
Ahlan wa Sahlan                                                     Hello
Shukran                                                                          Thank you
Reply: Aafwaan                                                              You are welcome.
La Shukran                                                                   No Thank You
Mabrook                                                                           Congratulations
Masjid                                                                                 Mosque
A Ed min Fadlik                                                           Kindly repeat
Ma’assalama                                                               Good Bye
Kam Alsaa’a                                                                     What is the time?
Sayyarah                                                                         Car
Titakkellem ingleezi?                                            Do you speak English
Inta Min Weyn?                                                         Where are you from
Reply: Ana min India or Amreeka
Yaallah –Come on or let’s go
Mafi Mushkil –No problem.
Yani is a phrase used to mean “like” or “you know”
Wayn al hammam –where is the washroom or bathroom or toilet?
Inshallah –If Allah wishes
This word is heard the most. It denotes that if Allah wishes, our arrangement or deeds will be done.
Maashallah –What Allah Wishes.
This Is Used In Praise Of Someone Or Something Or As A Complement.

Conversational Arabic Words:

ARABIC                                                                            ENGLISH
Naam Yes
La No
Aywa Yes or OK
Min Fudluk Please
Shoo? -What?
Shoofi Mafi? What’s up?
Shoo Hada? What is this?
Tamaam Perfect
Baadin Later
Dilwaati Now
Ilyoum Today
Bukra Tomorrow
Taal Bukra Come tomorrow
Ashoofook Bukra See You Tomorrow
Aadhi It is normal
Jebli Shai Get Me Some Tea  or Can I Have Some Tea Please?
Kallemni Call Me or Talk To Me
Ma Adhri I Don’t Know
Maa- i- Khussni It’s Not My Problem
Inta Kida Thumbs Up
Intaa Tabaan  Thumbs Down
Areed Areef I Want To Know
Mumken Asaduq Can I Help You?

Miscellaneous Arabic Words: These Arabic words are used while having a conversation.

Tabaan Of Course
Andi I Have.
Kam How Much?
Kam Al Ijara How much is the rent?
Affwaan Excuse Me
Kullu Everything
Kullu Tamam Everything OK.
Wayn Where?
Maata When?
Shoo What?
Leysh Why?
Meen Who?

Useful basic Arabic words phrases when travelling :

Sida Straight
Yasar Left
Yameen Right
Shuwey ShuweySlower.(Slowly slowly)
Khallaas Finish
Awwal First or Number one.
Thanee Second
Thalith Third
Rabbea Fourth
Muffruq Turning
Shariya Road
Ishaara Traffic Signal
Min From
Fouq Up
That Down

I hope that soon everybody picks up some basic Arabic words and Arabic phrases and starts conversing in Arabic. It is a beautiful language, I learnt.

Other great sources to Learn basic Arabic:


Learn Basic Arabic words and Arabic sentences through Videos:

Here are some great videos you could learn to speak basic Arabic words and phrases. Go through them in detail every day. I believe they are very useful for you to pick up some basic Arabic phrases/words:

I would like to thank Maha for her excellent Arabic video lessons.

Speak Arabic Phrases: Video Playlist

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Learn Basic Arabic Words
In this post you can easily learn to speak basic Arabic words. You may also download "Learn Basic Arabic" - FREE E-book

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    May 23. 2015

    very nice

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  2. Dazzler

    Apr 16. 2015

    Thank you very much for the useful words and phrases. I absolutely agree that you should try to learn the language of the country you are in. I am finding this a frustrating process though! I moved to Abu Dhabi in December and have tried very hard to learn since I arrived. I have been taught Arabic at my work, but it turns out it’s Modern Standard, and when I try to use it, I am laughed at. This teacher was also using Maha. I have learned from a Jordanian and have also been laughed at (by another Jordanian) saying not all the words I learned are used here. I am now extremely confused and have little idea where to turn to now! I notice that your phrases and Maha’s are not always the same. I understand there are dialects but am fed up being laughed at and just want to be able to start communicating effectively! If anyone has any tips, I’d be very grateful, as this is the first site I’ve come across that tried to teach UAE Arabic.

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    • Deepak M

      Apr 18. 2015

      Yes, there are different dialects in Arabic.
      Like English the words used by Indians and Americans are different. An Indian could get laughed at while speaking to an American.
      But what is more important is that you persist with learning a language.
      I got laughed at when I was learning French. But I continued. ALthough I am still learning, I am improving the words.
      If you wanted to learn UAE Arabic, you could join an institute like Eton.

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  3. renu

    Apr 09. 2015

    Wow…Really nice! Hope to learn something from ur e-book.
    Thank you Deepak.

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  4. Haaris

    Feb 15. 2015

    Good one dude… As you said Maha is awesome. She is it all time great..

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  5. michelle

    Feb 02. 2015

    nice translation it helps me alot

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  6. Sivakumar N

    Jan 20. 2015


    I want learning Arabic for my job

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  7. annu

    Jan 12. 2015

    Have lived in madras for 38yrs and I still don’t know how to read and write tamil. One can manage pretty well in madras with English. Please do clear this misconception. Shukraan.

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    • Deepak Machado

      Jan 16. 2015

      That was what I experienced Annu. For the kind of people I moved and lived with, I had to learn it!

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  8. hellovee

    Dec 30. 2014

    Thanks for the translation,pls I need more common daily useful sentences.thanks

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  9. Azam Khan

    Dec 13. 2014

    Thanks alot for the translations as i used a few words from these on my girlfriend who had her birthday today !

    I would appriciate it alot if you guys would help us by posting short basic daily life sentences.

    Rgds Azam

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  10. fitzgerard rayen

    Nov 12. 2014

    Thank you very much. Its very useful for beginners

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  11. kavitha

    Nov 07. 2014

    so lame i understood nothing from this freaky ladie soooooooooooo lame website try to some thing good for people to understand

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    • Deepak Machado

      Nov 07. 2014

      Thank you for the feedback. I will try to see how do I change the content to match your expectations. Please do not use pseudonyms while commenting.

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  12. zufliqar

    Oct 27. 2014

    very good this material profitable for us

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  13. karthick

    Oct 27. 2014

    Very thanx …it is very useful to me.I am always interested to learn new language.I would like to improve Arabic writing skills also …

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  14. kamatchi

    Oct 27. 2014

    Thanks, It’s very help full to me.

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  15. Melwyn

    Oct 12. 2014

    Good Tutorials

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  16. joseph

    Sep 27. 2014


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  17. Syed

    Sep 19. 2014

    Nice and very good any natughty style of teaching Arabic language.
    Please upload more and more Arabic language videos.
    I thankful to you i learn Arabic Language.I like you style of teaching Arabic nice and amazing.

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  18. Muhsi

    Aug 30. 2014

    Thanks alot

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  19. Ishrath

    Aug 19. 2014

    Thank you !

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  20. Honey

    Aug 11. 2014

    Hello Maha! I so love this! Thank you so much. I am really interested in learning Arabic and this is my first step.

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  21. maqsood Khan

    Aug 04. 2014

    I want to learn UAE language

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  22. geminano lara

    Jun 27. 2014

    thank you very much madamme for uploading this video,hoping you upload more inshaallah. was hppy nd interested to learn and speak arabic inshaallah…

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  23. geminano lara

    Jun 27. 2014

    thank you veru much madamme for the video,hoping you upload more inshaallah..i was happy and interested to learn and speak arabic inshaallah…

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  24. Mohammad Irfan

    Jun 09. 2014

    where i can buy emirati learning book

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  25. Biboy

    Apr 19. 2014

    this website is so helpful for beginners like me, I’m an eager student and yet find it hard to study Arabic, thank you especially for the videos. Mabrook Najah on this site, mashallah :)

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  26. khadyja

    Feb 05. 2014

    I din’t get what I wanted

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  27. jemil

    Oct 13. 2013

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  28. babu

    Jun 02. 2013

    Thank u so much…Deepak

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  29. Ejaz Ahmed

    May 25. 2013

    thanks but when i check from google translate it is showing some difference words which i unable to understand

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    • Deepak M

      Oct 05. 2013

      Hi Ejaz, Arabic has different dialects like any other language. It differs from place to place like Hindi. So a person from UAE may speak in different kind of Arabic than one from Egypt or Bahrain.

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    • Safeer

      Apr 19. 2014

      Dear Ejaz, I have been to UAE since 2012 and have just started to research on Emarati dialect. As my understanding, There are three types of Arabic. One Quran Arabic which is the authentic and used for official and written Arabic. This type of Arabic can be translated from google translate.
      The second one is spoken Arabic. This is very different from Quaran Arabic and bit easy also to learn and to speak. For example.” I want to go to Dubai”, can be written in two ways one in Qran Arabic and in colloquial.
      Quran Arabic:- Ana ureed an ad-hab ila al Dubai
      Colloquial:- Ana abi arooh aDubai This one is popular and standard in UAE.
      The third one is broken Arabic which is being spoken by Indians and other foreigners. There is no grammar used in it only words attached each other. For example: I will go to Dubai can be in standard Emarati arabic like following:- Ana barooh aDubai
      But in broken Arabic foreigners speak as following :- Ana rooh Dubai.
      And even if a foreigner like indians, bengalies speak broken arabic fluently they cannot understand when two Emaratees speak in their colloquial Arabic. So it s always better to learn Emarati colloquial Arabic so that you will be respected when you speak with local people. And it will benefit you in many ways.

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  30. Maya Khan

    Dec 06. 2012

    Thanks alot for giving new vocabulary of arabic words its really great.

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  31. Maya Khan

    Dec 06. 2012

    Thanks alot for giving new vocabulary of arabic words its really great.Arabic is a very nice language its great to learn arabic .

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  32. Adil

    Aug 21. 2012

    In Abu Dhabi and Dubai there is no dress code. But if you do not want to stand out too much then dont wear revealing ctohles eg. mini skirts, singlets. You wont get fined for it but you might feel uncomfortable. But dont worry, they are very popular tourist places and the people who live there know that you are not from their country and so will not bother you about it. And yes, you can wear knee length dresses and high heels. Its perfectly fine. Most hotels allow alcohol without a permit

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