How to Renew a Residence Visa for Dependents – Wife, Children?

Renewal of UAE Residence Visa of dependents – Wife, Children

There is a 30 day grace period once a residence visa expires; however, it is advisable to begin the renewal process in advance. The same documents need to be produced, and a new health check carried out. The fees are the same. Family visas are permissible on if your earn more than 4,000 per month.  


Renewal of Residence Visa for Dependents (Spouse or Child)

Residence visas are generally valid for two years. Application for renewing visa should be started before the expiration of old visa. There is a 30 days grace period once the residence visa expires. However it is advisable to start the procedure in advance. The procedure would be same as when you apply for the new visa.

The documents required for renewing visa of wife

  1. Valid Original Passports of wife
  2. Valid Original Passport of sponsor with visa page.
  3. Original Labour Card or ID (if government/semi-government or Free Zone Staff)
  4. One Recent photograph (passport size with white background) of wife
  5. Original Labour contract ( for private company staff) or salary certificate (Arabic) for government/semi-government or Free Zone Staff.
  6. Original Medical Test Report from authorized medical Center.
  7. Copy of Health Insurance Card.
  8. Copy of Emirates ID Card or receipt/application form stamped the ID Authority.
  9. Tenancy Contract (accommodation rental agreement). It has to be attested through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). In case of Abu Dhabi Visa your Tenancy contract with a stamp from Baladiya (Municipality) to be provided at the time of stamping.

The documents required for renewing visa of Child

  1. Valid Original Passports of child
  2. Valid Original Passport of sponsor with visa page
  3. Original Labour Card or ID (if government/semi-government or Free Zone Staff)
  4. One Recent photograph (passport size with white background) of child
  5. Original Labour contract ( for private company staff) or salary certificate (Arabic) for government/semi-government or Free Zone Staff
  6. Original Medical Test Report from authorized medical Center (if he/she is above 18 years)
  7. Copy of Health Insurance Card
  8. Copy of Emirates ID Card or receipt/application form stamped the ID Authority
  9. Tenancy Contract (accommodation rental agreement). It has to be attested through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). In case of Abu Dhabi Visa your Tenancy contract with a stamp from Baladiya (Municipality) to be provided at the time of stamping.

NOTE: If you are renewing the visa of daughter older than 18 years, you need to submit the confirmation letter in Arabic that she is still not married. And Parent (Sponsor) has to sign on the letter. It should be noted that if your dependent leaving the UAE for six months or more, the UAE residence visa becomes invalid. The entire process has to be completed again.

Procedure of visa renewal for dependents:

  1. Go to the typing center at the Immigration Department with all the above document and get the application typed after paying the necessary fee.
  2. Submit the above documents  to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai along with the typed application
  3. Hand over the documents to residency section
  1. The passport/s with residency visa stamp will be sent through Empost to you.

It is better to visit the website DNRD Portal  or call 8005111/04 3980000 to get more information about fees for renewal of residence visa or any updating information. 

Note: All fines shall be paid in cash to the bank at the Immigration.

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  • hello..i need ur immidiate response.
    actually my company terminate me after 8 months due to perfomance issue under unlimited contract so they cancelled my visa. can i know how many days i can stay in dubai after cancellation?
    and my return ticket should be paid by company or i have to arrange?

    need urgent

    • Javaria,
      You may stay for up to 30 days in UAE.
      Your ticket must be provided by your company.

  • Dear Deepak , I was working in a company for 12 years under unlimited contract, they have terminated me stating that they are reducing the staff, after one month i find new job and i asked for my cancellation, now they are telling that the visa will be cancelled unless i signed the second termination letter which states that i was not performed well and i didn’t follow the procedures of the company. I was compelled to sign this letter to o get my cancellation, Would this effect my end of service benefits. usually this company is paying all end of service benefit after getting the new visa. Please advise me . thanks and regards.

    • Murtaza,
      How hypocrite is your company? After 12 years they found out that you were not performing well??
      Sad to hear this.
      Your end of service will not be affected. In fact, you will receive more gratuity than if you had resigned.

  • My friend visa expire 2 month ago but my sponer still did not renew her visa or cancel and police hold her coz of expire visa in this case she will release

  • My residence visa expires last mar 3,2015 and cancellation is on going with old company.they took my labor and emirates id last mar 10,2015.dues and indemnities still wasnt processed.

    If cancellation takes longer time before I get another visa from new sponsor then who will bear the fees of my overstay?
    Guide me Mr.Deepak.Thanks and more power.

    • Rhoie,
      I guess, you will have to bear the fees of overstay unless your new company is willing to bear it.

  • Hi Deepak, I am on student visa from my institution and my grace period will end on march 25. Until now I don’t have my visa and passport.
    what will happen after the grace period is over, is there any fine or I will go back to my country?

    • Usman,
      Yes, if you exceed grace period, you will pay 25 dirhams per day as fine.
      Better to exit as long term stay without visa will out you in watchlist/blacklist.

  • Hello Dipak,
    m from india & living in AbuDhabi As dependent on husband visa since last 2years. but recently some reason of fight with husband & i run away to india. Now my simple question is – is there any specific period that > if in that period > if i m not enter in uae a single time > then my dependent visa can b canceled ?? ( any period like 3/6/12 months ??)

    • Mahek,
      If you are out of UAE for continuously for 6 months, your visa will expire automatically.

  • Hi Deepak,i have cancelled my wifes residence visa on 16th march .Does the 30 days period of stay is counted from 16th …if she exits on 15th april will there be any fine .

  • hi… I need your valued suggestion…urgently

    I have Abu Dhabi visa but my family staying in Dubai, so can I renew the dependent visa (wife) with Dubai tenancy contract ????

  • hello Deepak…

    my query is – I am working in Abu Dhabi under my husband’s sponsorship , my brother is staying with me and his name also appearing in the tenancy contract as occupancy, can he renew his wife’s visa with that tenancy contract.

    kindly advice…

  • Hi deepak…..
    This is murali from abu dhabi.
    On 28 dec 2014, my wife went to india, due pregnancy… She will not able come until augest 2015… how to avoid cancelling of my wife residency visa. more than 6 months visa expiring. may 28 2014 afterwords my wife visa will be expire.
    To whom i contact to extent the visa for such a spl cases.

  • Hi Deepak, My kids have applied for schengan tourist visa in mumbai and their residential visa expires on 15th of this month. I am currently in india. what will happen to my children visa? do they have grace period ? Can they enter the country after 15th of this month. the passports are with embassy right now.

    • Poornima,
      There is no grace period for UAE Residence visa expiry. It needs to be renewed prior to expiry.
      You could enter UAE on tourist, visit visa. Transit visa could also be taken.
      You should have planned the whole thing prior to applying for the Schengen visas.

      • No grace period? my wife’s visa is expired in this april 17th and still not renewed. So, there will be fine?

  • Hello,
    My wife is under my sponsorship. Now her visa is expired on 17th april 2015. Still now, it’s not renewed. Process is going on. Ho long is the grace period. When the grace period ends?

      • My name is praveen. But we dont have tenancy contract. So itz doing through an agent. Still not done yet. So any fine will come or if itz not done with in grace period itz a problem? Or she has to go out of the country?

        • Praveen,
          Tenancy contract in your name is a must.
          If you apply for visa within weeks, I don’t think there is problem.
          But extended stay without valid visa is not recommended.

  • i applied for schengen visa and i have to be in germany in july, my uae visa expires on the 6th of october, they need me to have 90 days on visa from the return date but i have around 5 months for to visa to get expired, how soon can i apply for the renewal??

    • Ash,
      You could apply for renewal which will depend on your company.
      However, immigration accepts applications only 1 month to expiry.
      You need to explain your situation.

  • Hi Mr. Deepak, my residence visa will expire on Oct.19, 2015 but i am planning to go on vacation together with my wife this August 19 and will be back here in dubai by Oct. 7 so my question is there a penalty if it will be renewed for less than 2 weeks left before the expiration date? How much will be the penalty? Thanks!

    • Arvin,
      nothing like that. But it is advisable to renew with 30 days advance.
      However, no harm in what you do.

  • my visa is expiring in June I’m planning to go for vacation ,can i renew my visa before expiry?

    • Hashmi,
      Usually immigration does not take visa application before 1 month from expiry.
      However, for special occasions, there may be possibility.

  • my visa has expired on April 29 and is under process for renewal, my question is that i took my wife and child visa after 1 year since i was here so the expiry on their visas is one year later than mine,
    so should i have to renew their visas too with mine or those will be renewed after one year?????????????

  • Hello Deepak,

    My wife’s visa is expiring on 16-May-2015, and I am planning to apply for renewal on 14 or 17-May-2015 as I am waiting for her insurance card. Will it be okay? or I have to face any penalty?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi,
    My Abudhabi residence visa is expiring on 25th August. We are going to our native on 22nd June and will be back only in Sep. Can I get my visa renewed before I leave?

    • Bhagi,
      Visas can only be renewed 1 month prior to the expiry.
      You could request earlier renewal through your company to the immigration Authorities.

  • Hi..
    I am working in a Private company with valid Employment visa and currently i have Tenancy Contract (Expires on Nov,15) and wife Visa expiring next year. Now I would like to change my employment to new company. Should need to cancel my Tenancy Contract and my Wife’s Visa in order to cancel my visa. If it is not required what is the procedure to By-Pass it.

    Pls help me.

    • Sathish,
      You do not need to cancel your tenancy contract. However, you might need to cancel your wife’s visa before you can cancel your visa.
      You can apply fresh visa for your wife once your new visa is stamped.

  • hi deepak,

    is it necessary to have the tenancy contract attested, even if my work contract is showing that the accommodation is “company provided”?


  • Hi Deepak,

    I urgently need your help. I am leaving the country tonight as I an going to Hong Kong for a 3 days tour. However my visa will expire on 17th of June. Will there be any problem in the Immigration or can I leave the country even if my visa is expiring next month? Please advise. Thank you.

  • Hello I need your help Mr. Deepak, my wife and daughter insurance finished I not renewed now 8 month how much I will get Fine ? PPlease give me the idea and solutions… tnx

    • Praveen,
      There is no fine on not having insurance. However, I highly recommend that you subscribe to one.

    • Nishu,
      No, I do not think so.
      You can only renew one month to expiration.
      However, if there is any special case, your case might be accepted!

  • Hi Deepak, just want to confirm do I need to show my original Ejari bill or I could give copy only without showing the original bill?
    Thanks for the help

    • Marife,
      You will need to show original Ejari and also have the copy of the Ejari on the file documents.

  • Hi Deepak
    Great job.
    As everyone else I need your help too. My mother in law resident visa expires on 22 June 2015 and my tenancy contract will expire on 11th August 2015. Could you please let me know if there is any problem to extend my MIL visa with the same tenancy contract? Thank you so much and appreciate your help.

    • Narendra,
      You will type the application and submit the documents to the authorities.
      Documents will be: passport copy of the sponsor, passport copy and original of the child, birth certificate and marriage certificate attested, valid tenancy contract and any other documents as required by the authorities.

  • What is the minimum salary for renewing the faimily visa. If someone, is having less than the minimum salary, what is procedure and formalities for renewing their visas?

    • KT,
      If you do not fit certain criteria, how were you able to get visa in the first place?

  • Do we still have to go through the typing centre to apply for visa renewals for self and family.
    Is it nor possible to do this directly online ???

    • Akash,
      By online do you mean, immigration website?
      If there is such a facility, yes why not??
      However, it is better to go through typing centre.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am on my husband’s sponsorship and I need to renew my residence visa which expires in October 2015.
    Is it possible to renew it before the deadline date(as I’m leaving to canada for further studies and i need to renew it atleast for 6 months)?
    Is there an express renewal system (i.e within a day or 2)?


    • Aliya,
      I don’t think under normal circumstances that is possible.
      But if you have special requirements, the Authorities may give an exception.
      Yes, there is Urgent renewals which can happen within a day if you do medical, emriates id renewal typing etc.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have Abu Dhabi Visa and my spouse visa expires on Sept 15, 2015. I need to travel to my hometown on July 3-4th week. Will i be able to renew my spouse visa 1.5 months earlier before the expiry date.


    • Rijosh,
      Usually the visa can only be approved 1 month prior to expiry.
      However, exceptions are provided. You will need to directly talk to immigration authorities.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am on my husband’s sponsorship & my visa expires on 27th Nov’15. I will be leaving to India mid of August. Do I have to enter UAE some fixed no. days prior to visa expiry or can I enter on say 25th Nov’15?

    Kindly let me know.

    Thanks in advance…

      • Hi Deepak,

        Thanks… So in the best case scenario, it should be fine if I return by 29th Oct’15 as renewal can be done only a month prior to visa expiry.

  • Hi Deepak,

    could you please inform the procedure of taking the permanent residence visa for my mother in law .i am working in dubai and my wife and child is staying with me


  • my family members in there in india due to some reason I did not bring them before expire visa, it is almost two month after expire.
    so kindly tell me how to renew again for residence visa. I am working in govt sector.

    • Deepak thanks for valuable info,
      so there is no cancellation required the previous visa which is expired already.

      • Salim,
        Technically it is required to cancel the visa by typing an application and submitting to immigration if you are in UAE.
        But if you are outside UAE for 6 months continuously, the visa gets cancelled automatically.

  • Hello,

    My daughter’s visa expires on 16 Aug 2015. How early can I apply for a renewal?


    • Jeff,
      You could apply for it 1 month before the expiry.
      But if there is any special case, there may be exceptions.

  • Hello I need ur immediate daughters visa renewal date was Jun 11th and i applied for renewal of visa but some prob in tenancy contract her visa got cancelled (her visa got cancelled today )so I just want to check that we r going to india on 27 June so in immigration they will take any action against the cancelled visa.can pls advice me

  • hai deepak,

    my visa is getting over by this july 13th 2015 its urgent and as you have mentioned in ur several comments ma parents have tried to renew it a month before itself but there is some probs with the tenancy contract … we are dealing it with an agent and he says thers no need of a house sketch for ejari contract but since iam on ma fathers visa… my dads company PRO has asked for the house’s original sketch with the owners original bathaka…. it would b so kind if u let me know wat are the things required for this so called tenancy contract …. if not required wer shall this ejari contract be attested fully in ras al khaimah?

    • Masutha,
      On normal occasions Ejari would be enough.
      But, the immigration may request any document as they may want.
      Therefore, you should listen to what your PRO says.
      Why is your PRO renewing your visa? Your father could go to immigration and get this done.

  • Hi, my question is since I renew my passport last month and at the same time I changed my status from single to married, however my status on my residence visa was single then my visa will expired on this coming December so any information just I want to know?

  • Hi,
    My daughter visa has expired and now in the grace period, however I now live in Qatar and would like to keep UAE visa as we will make our way back t UAE at some stage. Mine will expire in March next year will need renewing. Essentially looking for double RP, which I have in Qatar.

    Can this be done ? and how does one go about doing this?


    • Martin,
      You need to have all the documents before renewing your dependants visa ie salary certificate, business income(if selfemployed), tenancy contract(Ejari) and so on.
      Without this, the visa can not be renewed.

  • Dear Deepak,

    My son is now 18 years old and is working in Europe during the winter season. He returns back to Dubai for a three to four month period during the summer season and therefore each month I have to do the usual visa run. Can you let me know if it is possible to get him a multi-entry visa which would cover him for that period of time to save on the visa run every month. He is a British passport holder.

    Many thanks and regards in advance,


    • Darren,
      Yes, Multiple entry visas are available and you could apply directly with immigration.
      However, for British passports, it is visa on arrival for 40 days.
      However, I am not sure what is the max validity on the multiple entry visas.

  • Hi deepak
    My visa is expiring on August 16 .my husband’s visa renewal is in process,but as it is done by his company we don know when will we receive it.I need to travel to India before 23 july as my exams are there.can I get my visa renewed within one day if all the papers are ready and please let me know the validity of medical fitness certificate

    • Shabana,
      You will have to undergo medical examination, emirates id renewal typing prior to renewing the visa.
      This might take upto 3 days. You need to keep this in mind before your travel plans.

    • Ganesh,
      The whole process could take couple of days as you have to do medical, emriates id renewal and stamping of visa.

  • Hi Deepak,

    My UAE visa expired on 11/07/2015 , our PRO has already applied for newal 2 weeks ago but not yet through.
    How many days does it take for renewal ? I have plan to travel Oman on Eid Holidays.


    • Ritesh,
      Usually renewal should not take more than a couple of days provided you have completed medical and Emirates ID renewal.
      I am not sure why it is taking this long!

  • Hi,
    My wife went to india for delivery, his visa going to expire on November and also she can’t travel before the date, pls. clarify renewal is possible without her or i have to cancel and apply a new visa.

  • My wife visa expires in dec 2015 . How early can I renew her visa. Can I do it in July itself

    • Alber,
      Usually it is allowed to renew before one month to expiry.
      But if you have a special request, you could approach immigration for the same.

  • I just want to ask where can I apply my health card I m on underhusband visa. But, the problem my husband he don t have health card also. Please give some health insurance office to apply my insurance card.

    Thank you

  • Hi,
    I am in sharjah,I have to renew my wife and child visa before september15,2015 as it the expiry date of visa for them.My landlord has increased the rent after 2 years and my house contract expires this 6th August.we still have one year,rent should not be hiked for 3 years in sharjah that we know.

    We need tenancy contract for visa renewal.If I pay rent directly to sharjah municipality, will they give tenancy contract?

    • This is a late reply but might help readers.

      For the above issue, the rent has to be paid to the Real Estate Company/Landlord directly who will in return hand over the tenancy contract to you, which you can take to Sharjah Municipality and get it attested for 2% of your annual rent as fees.

      You cannot pay the rent to Sharjah Municipality directly as they are not the owner of your building.

  • Hello.
    My visa is expiring in march 2016 n I am a uae resident studying abroad I m coming in december 2015 for the 6 months entry for the visa and that’s the only time I can come for a week. Is there a special way or possibility to renew my visa in December than one month before expiry because during February to march are exam season n it’s very inconvenient to come n also pointless to come in February 2016 again when I will go to uae on December 2015. Please, I need a solution to this as soon as possible. This has been worrying me so much.

    • Shama,
      You could take special approval from the Immigration for this purpose.
      Keep all your documents ready and present to immigration officer.

  • Hello.
    My visa is expiring in march 2016 n I am a uae resident studying abroad  I m coming in december 2015 for the 6 months entry for the visa and that’s the only time I can come for a week. Is there a special way or possibility to renew my visa in December than one month before expiry because during February to march are exam season n it’s very inconvenient to come n also pointless to come in February 2016 again when I will go to uae on December 2015. Please, I need a solution to this as soon as possible. This has been worrying me so much. Plz reply to this ASAP.

  • Dear Deepak,
    My wife’s visa is expiring on 29th Oct. 2015.
    As you have written above, I can get her visa renewed only one month in advance.
    She has to travel to India in the mid-month of September and will be staying there for more than 3 months. I want to get the visa renewed in more than one month advance (say, in next one week or so), where from I can get the permission, what is the procedure of it? Will the immigration officer ask for any kind of particular document for this early visa renewal application, if yes, what is that?
    Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ravi,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      You need to approach immigration and request for special consideration of the case.
      I am not sure what document they will request. It will be normal document; think you require higher authority permission for this.

    • There are no rules for renewing the visa in advance, nor will you be asked for any special document.
      You will only lose the time period till which the visa is valid, because the date which will be stamped on your new visa will be the date of your application.