List of Schools in UAE-Curriculum wise, Emirate wise

List of Schools in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE with Curriculum

Believe me! One of the most stressful part of parenting in UAE is the schooling of children. Right from the age of 3, parents take a lot of stress and time researching the type of school, the curriculum and many other details about their children’s schools. In this post you will find detailed list of schools in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE arranged Emirate wise and curriculum wise.

The table in this post contains the following list of Schools in UAE:

  1. List of Schools in Abu Dhabi

  2. List of Schools in Dubai

  3. List of Schools in Sharjah

  4. List of Schools in Al AIn

  5. List of Schools in Ajman

  6. List of Schools in Fujairah

  7. List of Schools in Ras Al Khaimah

  8. List of Schools in Umm Al Quwain

You can SORT the School list Emirate Wise, Curriculum wise (like CBSE, O level, UK, US, Indian and so on), School Name wise in the below table. You can also search the schools in the search box above the table.

 list of schools in dubai abu abudhabi uae

List of Schools in Dubai UAE

Name of SchoolEmirateWebsiteCurriculum
Adab Iranian Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.adab.sch.aeIranian
Al Ameen SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.msbdubai.comUK/Islamic
Al Diyafah High SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.diyafah.comUK/IGCSE
Al Ittihad Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.ittihadschools.comUS/Arabic
AL Khaleej National SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsakns.comUS
Al Maaref Private SchoolAbu Dhabi
Al Mawakeb SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.almawakeb.sch.aeUS/Arabic
Al Mizhar American AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.americanacademy.aeUS
Al Rashid Al Saleh SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.rashedalsaleh.aeArabic/UAE
Al Sadiq Islamic English SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.alsadiqschool.comUK/Arabic
Al Salam Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.alsalmschool.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Al Shorouq Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.ashorouq.aeArabic/UAE
At Thu raya SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.althuraya.aeArabic/UAE
Al Worood Academy Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.alworood.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Ambassador Education School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.ambassadorschool.comIGCSE/IB
American Academy for Girls DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.americanacademy.aeUS
American International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.aisch.netUS/Canadian/Arabic
American School of DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.asdubaiirtUS
Apple international SchoolAbu Dhabi
Arab Unity SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.arabunityschool.comUK/Arabic
Bradenton Preparatory Academy Sports CityAbu Dhabihttp://www.bradentonprepdubai.comUS
British Institute for Learning DevelopmentAbu Dhabihttp://www.british-ild.comUK
Buds Public SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.budsdxb.aeCBSE
Cambridge international School- DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemscis-dubai.comUK
Collegiate American SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.casdubai.comUS
Crescent English High Schaal DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.crescentenglishschool.comCBSE
Dar Al Marefa Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.daralmaref.aeIB
Deira International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.disdubai.aeUK
Deira Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.deps-sch.aeUK
Delhi Private School AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.dpsacademy.aeIGCSE
Delhi Private School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.dpsdubai.comCBSE
Dubai American AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsaa-dubai.comUS
Dubai American Scientific SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.daaschool.comUS
Dubai Arab American SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.daaschool.comUAE/US
Dubai British SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.dubaibritishschool.comUK
Dubai Carmel SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.dubaicarmelschoo.comUK/Arabic
Dubai CollegeAbu Dhabihttp://www.dubaicollege.comUK
Dubai English Speaking CollegeAbu Dhabihttp://www.descdubai.comUK
Dubai English Speaking SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.descdubai.comUK
Dubai Gem Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.dubaigem.orgUK/IGCSE
Dubai International AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.daidubai.comUK/US
Dubai international SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.dis.sch.aeUS/Arabic
Dubai Modern Education SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.dmeschools.comUAE/US
Dubai Modern High SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsmhs.comUK/IB
Dubai National SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.dns.sch.aeUS/UAE
Dubai Scholars Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.dubaischolars.comUK/CBSE
Dubai Secondary SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://wwW.dubaiss.comARABIC/UAE
Dubai Women's College High SchoolAbu Dhabi
Elite English SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.eliteenglishschool.comCBSE
Emirates English Speaking SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.eess.sch.aeCBSE
Emirates International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.eischools.aeUK/US
English Language School (PVT) DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.duabi-els.comIGCSE
GEMS International School-Al KhailAbu Dhabihttp://www.gis-alkhail.comIB
GEMS Jumeirah Primary SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.jumeirahprimaryschool.comUK
GEMS Modern AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsmhs.comIB/ICSE
GEMS New Millenium School- Al KhailAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsnewmilleniumschool-alkhail.comCBSE
GEMS Our Own English High School, DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsoo-dubai.comCBSE
GEMS Our Own Indian School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsoo-alquoz.comCBSE
GEMS Royal Dubai SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.royaldubaischool.comUK
GEMS Wellington AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemswellingtonacademy-alkhail.comUK
GEMS Wellington International School-DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.wellingtoninternationalschool.comUK/IB
GEMS Wellington Primary School-DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemswps.comUK
GEMS Winchester School-DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemswinchesterschool-dubai.comUK
GEMS World AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsworldacademy-dubai.comIB
German International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemanschool.aeGERMAN
Greenfield Community SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.gcschool.aeIB
Greenwood International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.greenwood.sch.aeUS/ARABIC
Gulf Indian High Schoo'Abu Dhabihttp://www.gihsdubai.comCBSE
Horizon School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.horizonschooldubai.comUK
Institure of Applied TechnologyAbu Dhabi
International Academic School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.ias-dubai.aeUS/ARABIC
International School of Arts and Sciences DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.isas.sch.aeUS
Japanese School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.japanese.sch.aeJAPANESE
Jebel Ali Primary SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.jebelalischool.ortUK
JSS International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.jssisdubai.comIGCSE
JSS Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.jsspsdubai.comCBSE
Jumeira Baccalaureate SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.jbschool.aeUK/IB/ARABIC
Jumeirah CollegeAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsjc.comUK
Jumeirah English Speaking SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.jess.sch.aeUK
Kings School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.kingsdubai.comUK
Latifa School for GirlsAbu Dhabihttp://www.lsg.sch.aeUK/ARABIC
Little Floower English SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.littleflowerschool.aeCBSE
Lycee Francais International de DubaiAbu Dhabi
Lycee Georges Pompidou Ecole Prmiaire DubaioAbu Dhabihttp://www.lfigp.orgFRENCH
Lycee Georges Pompidou High SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.lfigp.orgFRENCH
Lycee Libanais Franophone PriveAbu Dhabihttp://www.llfp.comFRENCH
Mirdif Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.mirdiffprivateschool.aeUS/ARABIC
New Arab Unity SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.nauschool.comUS/ARABIC
New Indian Model SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.nimsuae.comCBSE
New World Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.nwps.aeUAE
Nibras International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.nisdubai.aeUS/ARABIC
North Amreican International School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.naischool.aeUS/ARABIC
Our Own Hight School, A Warqa'aAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsoo-alwarqa.comCBSE
Oxford School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.oxford.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Pakistan Education AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.pea.aePAKISTAN
Philadelphia Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.ppsudbai.orgUS/Arabic
Pristine Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.pristineschool.comUK
Queen international SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.qisdubai.cornUK/Arabic
Raffles international SchoolAbu Dhabiwwd.rafflesis.cornUK/US
Raffles World AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.rafflesis.comIB/IGCSE
Rajagiri International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.rwadubai.orgCBSE
Rashid School for BoysAbu Dhabihttp://www.rsbdubai.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Regent International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.risdubai.cornUK
Repton School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.reptondubai.orgUK
Russian International School in DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.dubairuschool.comRussian
Sabari Indian SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.sisdubai.comCBSE
Safa School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.safaschooldubai.comUK
Salman Al Farsi Iranian SchoolAbu Dhabi
Scholars International AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.scholarsinternational.comUK
School of Modern SkillsAbu Dhabihttp://www.dubaisms.netUS/Arabic
School of Research ScienceAbu Dhabihttp://www.srsdubai.aeUK/Arabic
Sharjah American School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.saisuae.comUS/Arabic
Springdales School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.springdalesdubai.comCBSE
St. Mary's Catholic High SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.stmarysdubai.comUK
Star International SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.starschoolaltwar.comUK
Swedish School in DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.svenskaskolanddubai.comSweden
The Central School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.centralschool.netCBSE
The City School international - DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.tcs-uae.comUK
The Elite English SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.eliteenglishschoollearier4u.comCBSE
The English College, DubaiAbu Dhabi
The Indian AcademyAbu Dhabihttp://www.indianacademydubai.comIGCSE
The Indian High SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.ihsdxb.comCBSE
The International Indian High School - DSOAbu Dhabi
The international School of Choueifat - DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.iscdxb-sabis.netSABIS
The Millennium School-DubalAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsmillenniumschool.comCBSE
The Oasis SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.oasisschooLaeUK
The Phillippine School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.thephilippineschooldubai.comPhilippine
The Private Religious instituteAbu Dhabi
The Sheffield Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.sheffield-school.comUK
The Westminster School DubaiAbu Dhabihttp://www.gemsws-ghusals.comUK/IGCSE
The Winchester School-Jebel AliAbu Dhabihttp://www.thewinchesterschool.comUK
Towheed Iranian SchoolAbu Dhabi
United international Private SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.uipsd.serostudio.comPhilippine
Universal American SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.uasdubai.aeIB (US)
Uptown Primary SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.uptownschool.aeIB
Victory Heights Primary SchoolAbu Dhabihttp://www.vhprimary.comUK
Ajman Academy SchoolAjmanhttp://www.ajmanacademy.comUK/Arabic
Ajman Intermediate English SchoolAjmanhttp://www.ajmanieschool.ortCBSE
Al Ameer English SchoolAjmanhttp://www.alameerschool.comCBSE
Al Hikmah Private SchoolsAjmanhttp://www.alhikmahsch.comArabic/UAE
Indian School AjmanAjmanhttp://www.indianschoolajman.netCBSE
International Indian School AjmanAjmanhttp://www.internationalindianschool.orgCBSE
Omadaa (Deans) International School AjmanAjmanhttp://www.omadaa.comUS/Arabic
The First Academy AjmanAjmanhttp://www.firstacademy.orgUS/Arabic
The Royal Academy AjmanAjmanhttp://www.royalacademyajman.comCBSE
Al Adhwa Private SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.aLacihwas.neutial.aeUK/US/Arabic
Al Ain American SchooiAl Ainhttp://www.alainamericanschool.comUS/Arabic
Al Ain English Speaking SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.aaess.cornUK/Arabic
Al Ain Juniors SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.alainjuniors.comUK/Indian -
Al Dhafra Private Schools Al AinAl Ainhttp://www.clhafra-alain.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Al Itthihad School Al AinAl Ainvvww.ittihadschockcom .US/Arabic
Al Sanawbar SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.aLsanawbarschooLcomUK/US/Arabic
Alia International Private SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.alia in lschoo [TornUS
Brighton College Al Ain UAEAl Ainhttp://www.brightoncollegealain.aeUK
Emirates National School Al AinAl Ain
Emirates Private School Al AinAl Ainhttp://www.emiratesprivate.sch.aeUK/US/Arabic
Global English School-Al AinAl Ainhttp://www.geschooluae.comUK
Grace Valley Indian SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.gracevalleyschool.comCBSE
Indian School Al AinAl Ainhttp://www.indianschoolalain.orgCBSE
Liwa International SchoolAl Ainwwww.liwaschoo.comUK/US/Arabic
Madar International SchoolAl Aindemo4.iconect.aeUK/US/Arabic
Manor Hall International SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.manorhaIlschool.comUK/US/Arabic
New India Model School Al AinAl Ainhttp://www.nimsalain.comCBSE
Oasis International SchoolAl Ainhttp://www.oasisalain.comCBSE
Our Own English High School, Al Ain (GEMS)Al Ainhttp://www.gemsoo-alain.comCBSE
Sunflower School Al AinAl Ainhttp://www.sunflowerschool-alain-webs.comUK
The International School of Choueifat-Al AinAl Ainhttp://www.iscalain-sabis.netSABIS
Adab Iranian Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.adab.sch.aeIranian
Al Ameen SchoolDubaihttp://www.msbdubal.comUK/Islamic
Al Diyafah High SchoolDubaihttp://www.diyafah.comUK/ IGCSE
Al Ittihad Private SchoolDubai
AL Khaleej National SchoolDubaihttp://www.gemsakns.comUS
Al Maaref Private SchoolDubai
Al Mawakeb SchoolDubaihttp://www.almawakeb.sch.aeUS/Arabic
Al Mizhar American AcademyDubaihttp://www.americanacademy.aeUS
Al Rashid Al Saleh SchoolDubaihttp://www.rashedalsaleh.aeArabic/UAE
Al Sadiq Islamic English SchoolDubaihttp://www.alsadiqschool.comUK/Arabic
Al Salam Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.alsalamschool.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Al Shorouq Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.ashorouq.aeArabic/UAE
Al Thuraya SchoolDubaihttp://www.althuraya.aeArabic/UAE
Al Worood Academy Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.alworood.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Ambassador SchoolDubaihttp://www.ambassadorschool.comIGCSE/IB
American Academy for Girls DubaiDubaihttp://www.americanacademy.aeUS
American International SchoolDubaihttp://www.aisch.netUS/Canadian/Arabic
American School of DubaiDubaihttp://www.asdubai.orgUS
Apple international SchoolDubaihttp://www.appLe.sch.aeUK/Indian
Arab Unity SchoolDubaihttp://www.arabunityschool.comUK/Arabic
Bilva Indian SchoolDubaihttp://www.bisedu.aeCBSE
Bradenton Preparatory Academy Sports CityDubaihttp://www.bradentonpreodubai.comUS
British Institute for Learning DevelopmentDubaihttp://www.british-ild.comUK
Buds Public SchoolDubaihttp://www.budsdxb.aeCBSE
Cambridge international School- DubaiDubaihttp://www.gemscis-dubai.comUK
Capital School DubaiDubai National Curriculum
Collegiate American SchoolDubaihttp://www.casdubaLcomUS
Credence High SchoolDubai
Crescent English High Schaal DubaiDubaihttp://www.crescentenglishschool.comCBSE
Dar Al Marefa Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.daralmarefa.aeIB
Dovecote Green Primary School Dubai,Dubai
Deira International SchoolDubaihttp://www.disdubai.aeUK
Deira Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.deps-sch.aeUK
Delhi Private School AcademyDubaihttp://www.dpsacademy.aeIGCSE
Delhi Private School DubaiDubaihttp://www.dpsdubai.comCBS
Dubai American AcademyDubaihttp://www.gemsaa-dubai.comUS
Dubai American Scientific SchoolDubaihttp://www.dubaidass.comUS
Dubai Arab American SchoolDubaihttp://www.daaschool.comUS/UAE
Dubai British SchoolDubaihttp://www.dubaibritishschool.comUK
Dubai British School Jumeirah ParkDubai , FS2
The National Curriculum for England
Dubai Carmel SchoolDubaihttp://www.dubaicarmelschoo.comUK/Arabic
Dubai CollegeDubaihttp://www.dubaicollege.comUK
Dubai English Speaking CollegeDubaihttp://www.descdubai.comUK
Dubai English Speaking SchoolDubaihttp://www.dessdubai.comUK
Dubai Gem Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.dubaigem.orgUK/IGCSE
Dubai International AcademyDubaihttp://www.diadubai.comUK/US
Dubai International SchoolDubaihttp://www.dis.sch.aeUS/Arabic
Dubai Modern Education SchoolDubaihttp://www.dmeschools.comUS/UAE
Dubai Modern High SchoolDubaihttp://www.gemsmhs.comUK/IB
Dubai National SchoolDubaihttp://www.dns.sch.aeUS/UAE
Dubai Scholars Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.dubaischolars.comUK/CBSE
Dubai Secondary SchoolDubaihttp://wwW.dubaiss.comArabic/UAE
Dubai Women's College High SchoolDubai
Elite English SchoolDubaihttp://www.eliteenglishschool.comCBSE
Emirates English Speaking SchoolDubaihttp://www.eess.sch.aeCBSE
Emirates International SchoolDubaihttp://www.eischools.aeUK/US
English Language School (PVT.) DubaiDubai
Gems First Point - The VillaDubai, GCSE and BTEC Level 2
GEMS International School- Al KhailDubaihttp://www.gis-alkhail.comIB
GEMS Jumeirah Primary SchoolDubaihttp://www.jumeirahprimaryschool.comUK
GEMS Metropole Dubai Motor CityDubai, AS and A Level
GEMS Modern AcademyDubaihttp://www.gemsmhs.comIGCSE/1B
GEMS New Millennium School- Al KhaliDubaihttp://www.gemsnewmilleniumschool-alkhail.comCBSE
GEMS Our Own English High School, DubaiDubaihttp://www.gemsoo-dubai.comCBSE
GEMS Our Own Indian School- DubaiDubaihttp://www.gemsoo-alquoz.comCBSE
GEMS Royal Dubai SchoolDubaihttp://www.royaldubaischool.comUK
GEMS Wellington AcademyDubaihttp://www.gemswellingtonacademy-alkhail.comUK
GEMS Wellington International School - DubaiDubaihttp://www.wellingtoninternationalschool.comUK/IB
GEMS Wellington Primary School - DubaiDubaihttp://www.gemswps.comUK
GEMS Winchester School- DubaiDubaihttp://www.gemswinchesterschool-dubai.comUK
GEMS World AcademyDubaihttp://www.gemsworldacademy-dubai.comIB
German International School DubaiDubaihttp://www.germanschool.aeGerman
Greenfield Community SchoolDubaihttp://www.gcschool.aeIB
Greenwood International SchoolDubaihttp://www.greenwood.sch.aeUS/Arabic
Gulf Indian High SchoolDubaihttp://www.gihsdubai.comCBSE
Horizon School DubaiDubaihttp://www.horizonschooldubai.comUK
Institute of Applied TechnologyDubai
International Academic School DubaiDubaihttp://www.ias-dubai.aeUS/Arabic
International School of Arts and Sciences DubaiDubaihttp://www.isas.sch.aeUS
Islamic School for Training & EducationDubai
Japanese School DubaiDubaihttp://www.japanese.sch.aeJAPANESE
Jebel Ali Primary SchoolDubaihttp://www.jebelalischool.orgUK
JSS International SchoolDubaihttp://www.jssisdubai.comIGCSE
JSS Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.jsspsdubai.comCBSE
Jumeira Baccalaureate SchoolDubaihttp://www.jbschool.aeUK/IB/ARABIC
Jumeirah English Speaking SchoolDubaihttp://www.jess.sch.aeUK
Jumei rah CollegeDubaihttp://www.gemsjc.comUK
Kings' School DubaiDubaihttp://www.kingsdubai.comUK
Kings' Nad Al ShebaDubai
Kings' Al BarshaDubai
Lath School for GirlsDubaihttp://www.lsg.sch.aeUK/ARABIC
Little Flower English SchoolDubaihttp://www.littleflowerschool.aeCBSE
Lycee Francais international de DubaiDubai
Lycee Georges Pompidou Ecote Primaire DubaiDubaihttp://www.lfigp.orgFRENCH
Lycee Georges Pompidou High SchoolDubaihttp://www.lfigp.orgFRENCH
Lycee Libanais Francophone PriveDubaihttp://www.llfp.comFRENCH
Mirdif Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.mirdiffprivateschool.aeUS/ARABIC
New Arab Unity SchoolDubaihttp://www.nauschool.comUS/ARABIC
New Indian Model SchoolDubaihttp://www.nimsuae.comCBSE
New World Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.nwps.aeUAE
Nibras international SchoolDubaihttp://www.nisdubai.aeUS/ARABIC
Nord Anglia International SchoolDubai Baccalaureate
North American International School DubaiDubaihttp://www.naischool.aeUS/ARABIC
Ontario International Canadian SchoolDubai
Our Own High School, Al Warqa'aDubaihttp://www.gemsoo-alwarqa.comCBSE
Oxford School DubaiDubaihttp://www.oxford.sch.aeUK/ARABIC
Pakistan Education AcademyDubaihttp://www.pea.aePAKISTAN
Philadelphia Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.ppsudbai.orgUS/ARABIC
Pristine Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.pristineschool.comUK
Queen international SchoolDubaihttp://www.qisdubai.comUK/ARABIC
Raffles international SchoolDubaihttp://www.rafflesis.comUK/US
Raffles World AcademyDubaihttp://www.rwadubai.orgIGCSE/IB
Rajagiri International SchoolDubaihttp://www.risdubai.cornCBSE
Rashid School for BoysDubaihttp://www.rsbdubai.sch.aeUK/ARABIC
Regent international SchoolDubaihttp://www.risdubai.cornUK
Repton School DubaiDubaihttp://www.reptondubai.orgUK
Russian International School in DubaiDubaihttp://www.dubairuschool.comRussian
Sabari Indian SchoolDubaihttp://www.sisdubai.comCBSE
Safa Community SchoolDubai
Safa School DubaiDubaihttp://www.safaschooldubai.comUK
Salman Al Farsi Iranian SchoolDubai
Scholars International AcademyDubaihttp://www.scholarsinternational.comUK
School of Modern SkillsDubaihttp://www.dubaisms.netUS/ARABIC
School of Research ScienceDubaihttp://www.srsdubai.aeUK/ARABIC
Sharjah American School DubaiDubaihttp://www.saisuae.comUS/ARABIC
Springdales School DubaiDubaihttp://www.springdalesdubai.comCBSE
St. Mary's Catholic High SchoolDubaihttp://www.stmarysdubai.comUK
Star International SchoolDubaihttp://www.starschoolaltwar.comUK
Swiss International Scientific School in DubaiDubaihttp://www.ssid.aeIB
Swedish School in DubaiDubaihttp://www.svenskaskolanddubai.comSweden
The Central School DubaiDubaihttp://www.centralschool.netCBSE
The City School International - DubaiDubaihttp://www.tcs-uae.comUK
The Elite English SchoolDubaihttp://www.eliteenglishtschool.leader4u.comCBSE
The English College, DubaiDubai
The Indian AcademyDubaihttp://www.indianacademydubai.comIGCSE
The Indian High SchoolDubaihttp://www.ihsdxb.comCBSE
The International Indian High School- DSODubai
The International School of Choueifat - DubaiDubaihttp://www.iscdxb-sabis.netSABIS
The Millennium School-DubalDubaihttp://www.gemsmillenniumschool.comCBSE
The Oasis SchoolDubaihttp://www.oasisschooLaeUK
The Phillippine School DubaiDubaihttp://www.thephilippineschooldubai.comPhilippine
The Sheffield Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.sheffield-school.comUK
The Westminster School- DubaiDubaihttp://www.gemsws-ghusals.comUK/IGCSE
The Winchester School-Jebel AliDubaihttp://www.thewinchesterschool.comUK
Towheed Iranian SchoolDubai
United International Private SchoolDubaihttp://www.uipsd.serostudio.comPhilippine
Universal American SchoolDubaihttp://www.uasdubai.aeIB/US
Uptown SchoolDubaihttp://www.uptownschool.aePrimary & Secondary| IBPYP and IBMYP
Victory Heights Primary SchoolDubaihttp://www.vhprimary.comUK
Diyar International Private SchoolFujairahhttp://www.diyarschools.sch.aeUS
English School of KalbaFujairahhttp://www.eskalba.comUK
Fujairah Private AcademyFujairahhttp://www.fpa.sch.aeUK/Arabic
Institute of Applied Technology FujairahFujairah
Our Own English High School FujairahFujairahhttp://www.gemsoo-fujairah.comCBSE/IGCSE
St. Mary's Catholic I-Ugh School FujairahFujairahhttp://www.stmarysfujairah.comUK/CBSE
GEMS Westminster School RAKRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.gemswestiminsterschool-rak.comUK
Ideal English School RAKRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.idealenglishschool.webs.comCBSE
Indian Public High School RAKRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.iphsrak.comCBSE
Indian School Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.indianschoolrak.orgCBSE
Institute of Applied Technology RAKRas Al Khaimah
RAK American Academy for GirlsRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.rakaag.aeUS/UAE
RAKES British Curriculum SchoolRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.rakess.netUK
Ras Al Khaimah AcademyRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.rakess.netUK/IB
Choueifat Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimahhttp://www.iscrak-sabis.netSABIS
At Amaal English High SchoolSharjahhttp://www.alamaalschoo.comPAKISTAN
Al Amana Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.amanaschool.comUK/ARABIC
Al Ansar International SchoolSharjahhttp://www.alansarschool.netUK/ARABIC
Al Ma'arifa international Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.mischool.aeUK/US/Arabic
Al-Mawahib British Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.almawahibschool.comARabic/UAE
Al Noor International School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.alnoorint.aeARABIC
Al Resatah School of ScienceSharjahhttp://www.alresalahschoouae.comUS/UAE
Al Shola Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.alsholaschool.comARABIC/UAE
Al Wanda Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.wschool.aeUS/UAE
Australian International School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.ais.aeAUSTRALIAN
Brilliant International Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.bips.aeUK/IGCSE
British Institute for Learning Development SharjahSharjahhttp://www.british-ild.comUK
Choueifat SharjahSharjahhttp://www.iscshj-sabis.metSABIS
Dawha School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.dawjascool.aeUS/ARABIC
Delhi Private School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.dpssharjah.comCBSE
Delta English SchoolSharjahhttp://www.deltasch.comCBSE
Emirates Private School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.emips.sch.aeUK/ARABIC
French School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.lfigp.orgFRENCH
GEMS Millennium School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.gemsmillenniumschool-sharjah.comCBSE
GEMS Westminster School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.gemswestministerschool-sharjah.comUK
German International School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.dssharjah.comGerman
Gulf Asian English SchoolSharjahhttp://www.gulfasianenglishschool.comCBSE
Ibn Seena English SchoolSharjahhttp://www.ibnseenaenglishschoo.comUK/CBSE
Indian Excellent Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.indianexcellentschool.comCBSE
International school of Creative ScienceSharjahhttp://www.scs-sharjah-comUK/ARABIC
lora School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.iqraaschool.comUS/UAE
Leaders Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.leadersprivateschool.comCBSE
Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive SharjahSharjahhttp://www.llfp.comFRENCH
New Filipino Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.newfilipinoprivateschootcomPhilippine
New Indian Model School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.nimsshj.comCBSE
Our Own English High School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.gemsoo-sharjah.comCBSE
Providence English Private School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.peps.aeUK/ARABIC
Ryan Star International SchoolSharjahhttp://www.ryanstarschool.comCBSE
Scholars International AcademySharjahhttp://www.scholarsinternational.comUK
School of Knowledge SharjahSharjahhttp://www.schoolofknowledgeshj.comUK
Sharjah American International SchoolSharjahhttp://www.saisuae.comUS/ARABIC
Sharjah British SchoolSharjahhttp://www.sahrjahbritishschool.comUK/UAE
Sharjah English SchoolSharjahhttp://www.sharjahenglishschoo.orgUK
Sharjah Indian SchoolSharjahhttp://www.sissharjah.comCBSE
Sharjah International Private SchoolSharjahhttp://www.sips.aeUK/ARABIC
Sharjah Iranian SchoolSharjahhttp://www.sirs.irIranian
Sharjah Public SchoolSharjahhttp://www.sps-uae.piczo.comUK/US/Arabic
Springdale Indian SchoolSharjahhttp://www.springdalesdubai.comCBSE
Star Private School SharjahSharjahhttp://www.starschool.aeUK/ARABIC
Victoria English SchoolSharjahhttp://www.victoriaenglishschool.aeUK
Victoria International School of SharjahSharjahhttp://www.viss.aeAUSTRALIAN
Wesgreen International SchoolSharjahhttp://www.wesgreen.netUK/UAE
Choueifat Umm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwainhttp://www.iscad-sabis,netSABIS
The Elite American Private School UAQUmm Al Quwainhttp://www.eliteamericansch.comUS/Arabic
The New Indian School Umm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwainhttp://www.nisuaq.comCBSE

Detailed List of schools in Dubai with addresses, descriptions:

1. Al Khaleej National School, Dubai Tel: 04-282-2707

School managed by GEMS; follows an American educational system; medium of instruction is English, taught alongside the Ministry of Education’s syllabus for Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies

2.  American School of Dubai Tel: 04-344-0824

53 B Street, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

School located in Jumairah; operates under a charter issued by the ruler of Dubai to Dubai Petroleum Company to sponsor and operate an American-type school

3. Arab Unity School Tel: 04-288-6226

Rashidiya, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai; follows the British curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 11 eventually preparing the students for the IGCSE and subsequently for the GCE A/AS level Cambridge University Examinations

4. Cambridge International School Tel: 04-282-4646

School in Dubai which follows the National Curriculum for England; approved centre for the University of Cambridge International Examination and Edexcel; part of the Gems Group of Schools

5. Delhi Private School, Dubai Tel: 04-882-1848

The Gardens, Jebel Ali, DubaiI, UAE

School in Dubai approved by the ministry of education, government of UAE; affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, India; classes from KG-I to IX; situated in The Gardens, Sheikh Zayed Road

6. Dubai American Academy Tel: 04-347-9222

Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE

School in Al Barsha area, Dubai; offers a college preparatory programme in the English language to students from around the world; grades K-12; offers a US and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum

7. Dubai College Tel: 04-399-9111

School in Dubai satisfying the requirements of the UK National Curriculum; students in Years 10 and 11 are assessed by the General Certificate of Secondary Education ( GCSE )

8. Dubai English Speaking School Tel: 04-337-1457

Primary school in Dubai following the national curriculum for England and Wales

9. Dubai International School Tel: 04-282-3513

School in the Al Garhood area of Dubai; has a branch in Bur Dubai; bilingual school with English the language of instruction in all subjects except those prescribed by the Ministry of Education; classes from kindergarten to Grade 12

10. Dubai Modern High School Tel: 04-347-7770

Day boarding school in Jumeirah affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE); conducts two examinations annually — ICSE (Grade 10) and ISC (Grade 12); managed by Gems Education

11. Horizon School Tel: 04-342-2891

School in central Jumeirah, Dubai that follows the national curriculum of England and Wales

12. Jebel Ali Primary School Tel: 04-884-6485

School in Dubai offering a modified version of the National Curriculum for England and Wales

13. Jumeirah College Tel: 04-395-5524

A GEMS-managed school in Dubai for Year 7 to Year 13 students; follows the National Curriculum for England; students are prepared for the Key Stage SATs, GCSE examinations, AS and A2 levels, and ultimately for universities of their choice

14. Latifa School for Girls Tel: 04-336-1065

Day school in Dubai for girls between the ages of 3 and 18; offers a British curriculum leading to GCSE (General Certificate of Education) and A level (Advanced level);

15. Our Own English High School Tel: 04-337-4112

School in Dubai belonging to the Varkey Group; affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi; KG to Grade XII

16. Regent International School Tel: 04-360-8830

Private, independent, co-educational, day school that follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales at the primary and middle school level, and the International Baccalaureate programme at senior school; based in Dubai

17. St Mary’s Catholic High School Tel: 04-337-0252

Oud Metha Road, Dubai, UAE

School in Bur Dubai with more than 2,000 students from over 40 nationalities; follows the British Syllabus, preparing children for the London Board Examinations at GCSE / IGCSE and GCE Level

18. The English College, Dubai Tel: 04-394-3465

British-style school in Dubai; curriculum addresses the spirit of the National Curriculum of England and Wales and is complemented by a wide and varied extracurricular programme

19. The Indian High School, Dubai Tel: 04-337-7475

Oud Metha Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

English medium school permanently affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi; functions at two campuses, Al Gharhoud and Zabeel East

20. The International School of Choueifat, Dubai Tel: 04-399-9444

English medium, co-educational independent day school catering for students from the age of 3 years to 18 plus; part of the Sabis network; site has details of the academic systems and methods used in the school; located 15 km south of city centre

 21. The Millennium School, Dubai Tel: 04-298-8567

School run by the Varkey group; choice between Hindi, French and Malayalam as second language; Arabic compulsory; affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

22. The Westminster School, Dubai Tel: 04-298-8333

Al Ghusais School Zone, Dubai, UAE

School run by the Varkey Group; follows the British National Curriculum and prepares students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education ( IGCSE ) examinations of the Universities of Cambridge and London

23. Repton School Tel: 04-426-9393

International school in Dubai that offers the very best in British education for children aged between 3 and 18; offers the National Curriculum for England, with over 45 IGCSE subjects; has a boarding facility

24. International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) Tel: 04-280-0185

School in Dubai, providing a co-educational, international, English language learning environment for students from KG to 12th grade; also offers college-prep courses; managed by Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI)

25. Global Indian International School (GIIS) Dubai Tel: 04-334-0004

41st Street, Mankhool, Dubai, UAE

Co-ed primary school in Dubai, with classes from KG to grade 6; part of a chain of schools in the US, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, India etc, catering to the Indian diaspora; founded by Dr. L.M. Singhvi, and managed by Global Indian Foundation

26. Nibras International School (NIS) Tel: 04-885-3330

Private school in Dubai, offering an American curriculum to students in KG through grade twelve, specifically designed by the American University of Beirut (AUB)

27. Al Mawakeb School Tel: 04-285-1415

Al Garhoud, Dubai, UAE

Private international school with campuses at Al Garhoud and Al Barsha in Dubai; after completing 12 years of education students receive a high school diploma certified by the UAE Ministry of Education

28. Al-Mizhar American Academy for Girls Tel: 04-288-7250

School in Mizhar (Dubai) for girls from kindergarten through Grade 12; offers education following the Kent County Collaborative Core Curriculum (USA) which is in alignment with US national standards

29. Catholic Churches and Institutions in the UAE Tel: 02-446-1929

Has contact details of: St Joseph’s Cathedral, Carmelite Sisters (Abu Dhabi), Rosary School and Sisters (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah); Comboni Sisters (Dubai, Fujairah), Chaldean School and Sisters (Dubai, Sharjah);

 30. Deira International School Tel: 04-232-5552

School in Dubai Festival City that offers British education sensitive to and consistent with UAE culture; owned by the Al-Futtaim group; curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales; awards IGCSE certificates

31. Dubai American Scientific School Tel: 04-339-2444

School in Dubai that follows an American/international curriculum; site has details of the facilities and curriculum

32. Dubai British School Tel: 04-361-9361

Emirates Hills, Dubai, UAE

Coeducational school for three to eighteen year olds located in Emirates Hills; the curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England

33. Dubai Carmel School (DCS) Tel: 04-267-5424

School in Dubai that offers KG through to O-levels; follows a British Curriculum & is accredited by the University of Cambridge; also delivers the Arabic & Islamic curriculum of the UAE

34. Dubai International Academy (DIA) Tel: 04-368-4111

School in Dubai, catering to students from KG 1 to IB Diploma 2; offers Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP); has students of 66 nationalities

35. Dubai Japanese School Tel: 04-344-9119

School located in Al Wasl area, close to Jumeirah Beach; purpose is to offer pupils the same educational curriculum as offered in Japanese public schools; educational curriculum is in line with the guideline laid down by the UAE government

36. Dubai Scholars Private School Tel: 04-298-8892

School in Al Ghusais, Dubai following the British O Level curriculum; is a certified ‘O’ Level testing center for the UAE

37. Emirates International School

First International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme school in Dubai; also offers International Primary Curriculum & Edexcel International/ GCSE programmes; has campuses in Jumeirah/ Umm Sequeim & Meadows, Dubai

38. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School Tel: 04-394-3500

School in Dubai with classes upto Grade 6; follows the British curriculum

39. GEMS Wellington International School Tel: 04-348-4999

International school in Al Sufouh, Dubai, run by GEMS Education promoted by Sunny Varkey; offers National Curriculum of England, and plans to offer International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13 from 2008

40. GEMS Wellington Primary School Tel: 04-343-3266

73 B Street, Dubai, UAE

Primary school that offers the National Curriculum for England from Foundation Stage to Year 6; based in Dubai

41. GEMS World Academy Tel: 04-373-6373

Al Barsha South, Dubai, UAE

International school for world citizens in Dubai; a school where students benefit from an education beyond national curricula; caters to students aged 4 -18; plans to offer the IB curriculum

42. Gulf Indian High School Tel: 04-282-4455

School in the Garhoud area of Dubai; affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India; for classes 1 to 8 the syllabus is in accordance with the national curriculum framework of the NCERT

43. HH Sheikh Rashid Al-Maktoum Pakistan School Tel: 04-298-8303

Amman Street, Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE

School that caters to the needs of the children of Pakistani expatriates in Dubai; located on the Dubai-Sharjah Road; offers classes from KG to the 12th standard

44. Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Tel: 04-361-9019

School in Dubai that offers a British curriculum; locations include Arabian Ranches & Jumeirah

45. Kindergarten Starters, Dubai Tel: 04-282-4090

School set up by the Varkey Group; located in the Garhoud area; classes from kindergarten to Grade 5

46. Kings’ Dubai Tel: 04-348-3939

School in Dubai, providing British education; follows National Curriculum for England from Foundation to Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – 6); also provides instruction in Arabic, music, ICT, French, & PE

47. Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive Tel: 04-264-0800

French school in Dubai

48. New Indian Model School (NIMS) Dubai Tel: 04-282-4313

School in Dubai, sending the largest number of candidates to SSLC and higher secondary examinations of Kerala state from the Gulf countries; also offers CBSE International curriculum to students; part of NIMS Group of Schools

49. NIMS Group of Schools Tel: 04-282-4250

Schools offering syllabi of the Kerala state board and Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi; N.I. Model Schools at Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi; and The Central School, Dubai

50. Our Own High School, Al Warqa’a Tel: 04-280-0077

Al Warqa’a, Dubai, UAE

School in Al Warqa’a, Dubai; operates from Kindergarten to Grade 12, & is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India; part of the GEMS group

 51. Our Own Indian School Tel: 04-339-1188

School in Al Quoz, Dubai managed by GEMS; affiliated to the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi and the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Trivandrum (government of Kerala)

52. Philadelphia Private School (PPS) Tel: 04-264-6202

Al Qusais, Dubai, UAE

Child & learner-focused school in Dubai, offering American curriculum; has 4 divisions: pre-school (KG 1 & 2), elementary school (grades 1-6), middle school (grades 7-9), & high school (grades 10-12)

53. Pristine Private School Tel: 04-267-4299

Co-educational school following the British curriculum from KG to Year 12 (IGCSE); located in the Al Nahda 2 area of Dubai, easily accessible from Sharjah and the Northern Emirates

54. Raffles International School Tel: 04-427-1200

International school in Dubai, with three expansive campuses in the Umm Suqeim area; managed by Raffles Campus Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Emaar Education LLC; offers IGCSE & Cambridge International A levels

55. Rajagiri International School (RIS) Tel: 04-280-0691

Al Warqaa, Dubai, UAE

Indian school in Al Warqaa, Dubai, started by Rajagiri Province of CMI Congregation & Universal Empire International (UEI), a division of Sudhir Gopi Holdings Inc; has KG 1 & 2, & Grade 1 at present, & follows CBSE curriculum

56. Rashid School for Boys Tel: 04-336-1300

School in Nadd Al Shiba on the edge of Dubai; most lessons are taught in English and the curriculum is developed from the UK National Curriculum; Grades 10 and 11 lead to the United Kingdom General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE);

57. Royal Dubai School Tel: 04-288-6499

11 A Street, Mirdiff, Dubai, UAE

Primary school situated in Mirdiff; follows National Curriculum for England; owned by GEMS, an educational society with schools in Europe, the Middle East, the UK, India, and the USA

58. Saeed Ahmed Lootah Educational Institutions Tel: 04-264-6968

Al Muhaisanah 1, Al Mizhar, Dubai, UAE

Business groups which runs several educational institutions: an Islamic school, a technical institute, Dubai Medical College, Dubai Pharmacy College, Dubai Medical Treatment Centre, Environmental Research Centre etc

59. Safa School Tel: 04-394-7879

School in central Jumeirah, Dubai, following National Curriculum of England and Wales; established in 2004; has over 380 children from pre-school to Year 6; member of British Schools in the Middle East

60. Scholars International Academy Tel: 06-535-5033

Coeducational school in Dubai that offers a British curriculum (Cambridge)

 61. Nord Anglia International School Tel: 04-3614330, Email: [email protected]

Admissions: 04 219  9915, Main Reception: 04 219 9999



Al-Twar Second, Dubai, UAE

School with classes from KG 1 to grade 9 in Al Twar, Dubai, owned and operated by ETA-STAR Educational Management System; follows the English National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum; in partnership with Nord Anglia PLC of UK.

62. Star International School, Mirdiff Tel: 04-288-4644

School that offers the National Curriculum of England & Wales; part of Star Education, a subsidiary of ETA Star Ascon

63. Star International School Umm Sheif  Tel: 04-348-3314

International school located in Umm Al Sheif in Dubai

64. The Apple International School Tel: 04-263-8989

School in Dubai that offers a British curriculum, from kindergarten to senior school

65. The Central School, Dubai Tel: 04-267-4433

School serving the Indian expatriate community in Dubai; has students in Kindergarten to senior secondary levels; affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE); member of NIMS UAE Group of Institutions

66. The School of Research Science Tel: 04-298-8772

Arabic/ Islamic school that prepares students for British examinations like GCSE, IGCSE, AS & A levels; located in Dubai; has students from kindergarten to Year 13

67. The Sheffield Private School

New school that provides education to students from Kindergarten to Year 9, and will eventually grow to Year 13; teaches the national curriculum for England; located in the al Qusais area of Dubai; run by the GEMS group

68. The Winchester School Tel: 04-882-0444

The Gardens, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

International school in Jebel Ali village teaching the national curriculum for England; currently runs classes in the primary and middle section but intends to grow to Year 13

69. Towhid Iranian Boys’ School Tel: 04-338-9953

Iranian school in Dubai

70. United International Private School Tel: 04-254-3888

Al Qusais, Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, UAE

School for Filipinos in Dubai located in Al Qusais. This School in Dubai that implements the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP).

 71. Universal American School, Dubai Tel: 04-232-5222

School in Dubai Festival City managed by Educational Services Overseas Limited (ESOL); teaching follows a full K-12 American curriculum, supplemented with classes in Arabic language, leading to the American high school diploma

72. Uptown High School Tel: 04-264-1818

Off Amman Street, Muhaisnah, Dubai, UAE.

UPDATE to the List of Schools in Dubai

I have further updated details on the Schools in Dubai to make it more comprehensive. Please click on the heading of the schools to open their respective website. Some schools do not have website. In such cases, calling them for further details is the best way to reach these schools.

Please find the below list of schools:

Abacus Quest Point UCMAS Tel  +971-4-3373875

PO Box 111600 M01 Building Karama

Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System is a skill development program that aims at bringing out the best in every child. It helps the children to enhance their creativity, concentration and confidence.

Adab Iranian School  Tel +971-4-2633405

School located in Dubai Al Ghusais, behind Al Bustan Centre.

School in Dubai which provides outstanding educational values with modern management system to Iranians abroad boys and girls.

Al Ameen School  Tel +971-4-2677100 (

MSB Educational Institute P.O. Box 94550 Dubai UAE

This school follows National Curriculum of England from the foundation stage to 8 and IGCSE from Cambridge University in years 9, 10 and 11.

Al Andalus School Dubai Tel: +971(4)2988666

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais

Al Anwaar Kindergarten Tel +971-4-3945753

It is a public kindergarten situated in Dubai which follows a UAE curriculum with Arabic as the primary language of study.

Al Anwar Private School Tel +971-4-2739360

Po Box 10558; Dubai

School in Dubai located in Deira. It is a private school follows and Arabic curriculum set by Ministry of Education.

Al Arqam Private School Tel +971-4-3400888

PO Box 25844, dubai

School in Dubai located in Al Barsha . It is a private school Grade K-12; which follows Arabic Curriculum set by  Ministry of Education Curriculum.

Al Baraah Kindergarten Tel +971-4-2857231

Al Diyafah High School  Tel +971-4-2671115

Located in   Al Qusais , Dubai

School in Dubai follows UK’s National Curriculum but modified, with International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations at Grade 10/11 and Advaced/Subsidiary Level examinations at the post -16 Phase.

Al Eman School Dubai  Tel+971-4-2858589

Al Farooq Pakistani Islamic School Tel +971-4-2643848

Located in Al Qusais. It is a private K-10 School: follows FBISE curriculum Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

Al Furjan School Tel: Tel 971-4-3498806

PO Box 76691 Dubai

School located in Al Furjan Villas Dubai, Grade –K12; Which follows US High School Curriculum.

Al Hesn Private School Dubai   Tel +971-4-2648844

Located in Al Quisais Muhaisnah Area Dubai

School level is Elementary and Secondary level. Follows US Curriculum

Al Ittihad Private School Jumeirah Tel +971-4-3945111

P.O. Box 37090, Dubai – U.A.E

School located in Jumeirah starting from Pre-Kg-Grade 12 and follows an American Hight School Diploma Program. school teaches all subjects in English, expect for Arabic language and Islamic Studies which are taught in Arabic which is set by the Ministry of Education .

Al Ittihad School Mamzar Tel: +971-4-2966314

Cairo Road Mamzar Dubai

School in Dubai from Pre Kg to Grade 12 and follows an American Hight School Diploma Program. School teaches all subjects i English, except Islamic Studies, National Education (Grades 7 – 9),  and Social Studies (Grades 4-7) are taught in Arabic as well as History and Geography in Grades 8 and 9.

Al Khaleej National School +971-4-2822707

PO Box 26780

Al Khaleej National School is a K-12 private school located in Garhoud which teaches American School Curriculum with regular assessments using American Standardized tests.

Al Khansa School for Girls Tel: +971-4-2664266

Located in Deira Dubai which accepts girls between grades 6 to 9 and offers a UAE Ministry of Education curriculum to students of all backgrounds.

Al Manarah International Boarding School Tel +971-4-2664266

PO Box 231476, Dubai, UAE

Private Secondary school

Al Mawakeb School Tel: +971-4-2851415

POBox 10799, Al Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

School in Dubai provides Kindergarten, Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary levels for the prospective student. The school’s unique trilingual program in Arabic, English, and French confirms the school’s educational philosophy

Al Mawakeb School Barsha Tel: +971 4 3478288

POBox 35001, Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

School in Dubai provides Kindergarten, Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary levels for the prospective student. The school’s unique trilingual program in Arabic, English, and French confirms the school’s educational philosophy

Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs Tel: +971-4-3404844

P.O.Box No: 8397, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Schools in Dubai provides individual with special needs a professional training and care to realize their potential  in the community .

Al Qeyam Model School Tel:  +971-4-3409707

Located in Burdubai which follows Arabic Curriculum UAE which is set by Ministry of Education

Al Rashid Al Saleh School Tel: +971-4-3376126

School Located in Out Metha Dubai and is private K-12 School provides Arabic Curriculum set my Ministry of Education

Al Sadiq Islamic English School Tel:  +971-4-2634083

P O Box 16196

School in Dubai located in Al Qusias Dubai follows  British Curriculum which leads to A / AS level / IGCSE / G.C.E ‘O’ level of University of Cambridge.

Al Salam Private School  Tel +971-4-2679594

PO Box 5251

School in Dubai located in Al Nahda 2, Al Ghusais Dubai and follows the Cambridge International Curriculum.

Al Shorouq Private School Tel +971-4-3440765

School in Dubai Located Wasl Road Jumeirah follows UAE Arabic Curriculum level K-12

Al Thuraya School Tel:  +971-4-2824964

School in Dubai Located in Garhoud Dubai and follows UAE based Arabic Curriculum level –K-12

Al Wasl School Tel:+971 4 3329237

School in Dubai located in Al Satwa Dubai follows UAE based Arabic Curriculum set by MOE

Al Worood School Dubai Tel +971-4-8859418

School in Dubai located in Dubai Investment Park which follows Arabic and UK Curriculum set by MOE

Al Worrod Academy Private School Tel +971 2 4447655

school follows its own international curriculum as per MOE and the Middle States Association  of Colleges and school in USA

Allama Iqbal School TEl +971-4-3384284

PO Box 54186, Dubai, UAE

This is a private school located in Al Quoz follows Pakistani Curruiculum FBISE

Ambassador Education School Dubai

American Academy for Girls Dubai Tel:  +971-4-2887250

PO Box 78484

School in Dubai located in Mirdif Area, Mizhar 1 follows American US Curriculum up to level 12

American Football Academy Dubai +971-4-3431443

Emarat Atrium Building, Suite No. 231, 2nd Floor, Wing B, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

School in Dubai offers young athletes the opportunity to learn the game of American Rules Football by fostering yourth and amateur sports competition within the UAE

American International School Dubai  +971-4-2988666

P.O.Box 87727,

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais which follows US Curriculum  K-12-Arabic/US/Canadian

American School of Dubai  +971-4-3950005

PO Box 71188

Located in Al Barsha follows the curriculum of US

Apple International School +971-4-2638989

P.O.Box :33963,

Located in Al Ghusais Which follows National Curriculum for England from Kindergarten to Senior School

Arsenal Soccer School Dubai  +971-4-8096679

Badrah School Dubai Waterfront

GEMS Management School located in the waterfront development of Jebel Ali from KG-1 to Grade 13. Curriculum Arabic/English

Barcelona Soccer School Dubai Tel: +971-4-4347404

Located in Media City Building 1, Office 311 P.O Box 502427.

School in Dubai provides professional soccer training to children from 4-6 years old follows Official FC Barcelona Curriculum with FCBarcelona certified coaches.

Beacon Education Tel +971-4-3498806

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School Dubai

Bilva Indian School Tel: +971 42 040900 / +971 42 040901, Email: [email protected]

Boathouse School Palm Jumeirah

Bradenton Academy Dubai Tel + 971 4 449-3600

Located in Dubai Sports City, P. O Box 111123 Dubai UAE

School in Dubai offers American Curriculum with an international perspective for students from preschool to grade 12

British Institute for Learning Development Tel +971-4-3945907

19 43 A street Jumeriah 3 Dubai

Buds Public School Tel: +971-4-2888143

Located in Dubai Mujasinah follows CBSC , Indian Curriculum K-12

Cambridgshire Nursery Phone: 04 351 8173, Mobile: 055 326 3300, Email: [email protected] 

Street 35A, Mankhool, Dubai United Arab Emirates

Curriculum is the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) combined with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. We focus on Observing children – discovering their interests;Assessing their strengths; supporting their understanding; and Planning to enhance their Play and Learning experience.

Capital School Dubai,  Email: [email protected] Tel: +971-52-645-5110

Central School Dubai Tel:  +971-4-2674433

P O Box 90697 Dubai

School in Dubai located in Al Nahda Dubai which follows the Indian based National Council for Education and Research and Training syllabus (NCERT) until Grade 9, and then the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) examination syllabuses until Grade 12.

Child Early Intervention Medical Center Tel +971-4-4233667    

Al Razi Building, Block B, Suite 2010 Dubai

School in Dubai located in Health Care City which provide special needs support  to families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and various other developmental delays all under one roof.

Child Learning and Enrichment Medical Centre Tel: +971-4-3440737

Villa No 10 Street 2-A P O Box 122935 Dubai

School in Dubai offers medical and therapeutic services and special needs

We offer medical and therapeutic services and special needs support as well as a variety of programs for children who require intervention in learning or behavior.

Choueifat Dubai Tel  +971-4-3999444

Al Sofouh Rd, Near Dubai College, Dubai

School in Dubai follows SABIS syllabus with UK/US curriculum. It is a global education management organization that is distinguished be  127 + year track record in the operation of Pre-K and K-12 schools.

Choueifat Dubai Green Community

Located in Green Community, Dubai Investment Park . It is a private K-12 School follows SABIS syllabus with UK/US Curriculum

Collegiate American School Tel: +971-4-4271400

Located in Jumeirah Dubai which follows a standards-based curriculum utilizing US developed Common Core Standards with level primary and Middle School.

Credence High School Dubai Tel: +971-3212144, Email: [email protected], Admissions: 052 9858300, Email: [email protected]

Credence High School provides excellence in academic and non-academic activities so as to mould a child into a wholesome personality. Credence High School is situated in Al Qouz, behind Al Khail Mall with a sprawling campus, spacious enough to provide and fulfill all the facilities that every child requires. Credence High School offers CBSE curriculum. Their academic partner is iDiscoveri and the module of teaching is through iDiscoveri’s Xseed K-VII teaching & learning programme

Crescent School Dubai Tel:  +971-4-2988866

Located in Al Ghusais follows CBSC Indian Curriculum from Kg-1 to Grade 12.

Dovecote Green Primary School Dubai, Tel: 056 464 8707, Email: [email protected]

Deira Private School +971-4-2641595

Located in Al Twar 3, Deira Dubai , Primary and Middle School , follows British              Curriculum

Down Syndrome Dubai 050-8809225,

This is a non-profit support group which help families with children with Down Syndrome, as well as to encourage wider awareness sin the community.

Dubai Arab American School +971-4-2882222

PO Box 232212, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Al Muhaisna Dubai which follows US/English/Arabic Curriculum

Dubai Autism Center  +971-4-3986862

PO Box 103737 Dubai

Dubai Autism Center is a nonprofit organization serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park – to be opened in September 2015 +971 (0)55 760 6814

Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park (DBSJP) will be a modern, custom-built campus offering The National Curriculum for England for Year 1 to 13 (Key Stages 1 to 5). DBSJP will offer Years 1 to 6 in its first year of opening with the addition of higher classes from 2016 onwards. The school will be located at Jumeirah Park. Curriculum offered is The National Curriculum for England – FS1 & FS2.

Dubai Center for Special Needs  +971-4-3440966

P.O. Box 24921 Dubai,

Dubai Center for Special Needs is a nonprofit charitable organization  that depends on caring , generous individuals and companies throughout the community for support of all kinds

Dubai Community Health Center  +971-4-3953939

P O Box 73810 Dubai

Dubai Community Health Center provides services in the field of mental health and special needs services to impact the social development of the local and regional societies.

Dubai English Speaking College +971-4-3604866

The school located in Dubai International Academic City Dubai.

The School in Dubai  follows the English Curriculum and students complete GCSE and A Level examinations.

Dubai First School +971-4-3380333

PO Box 11882, Dubai, UAE

The school in Dubai located in Al Quoz , K-12 level, follows US/UAE Curriculum.

Dubai Gem School  +971-4-3376661

The school in Dubai located in Oud Metha , Dubai follows the British Curriculum leading to IGCSE examinations (in Grade 11), ‘AS’ (in Grade 12), and ‘A’ levels (in Grade 13).

Dubai International School Nad Al Sheba +971-4-3385530

School in Dubai located in Al Quoz K-12 level follows US curriculum is aligned to the Virginia State Standards.

Dubai Modern Education School +971-4-2885115

School in Dubai located in Al Mizhar , Dubai which has two sections: one follows the Ministry of Education curriculum and the other follows a US curriculum.

Dubai National School +971-4-3474555

School in Dubai located in Al Barsha Dubai, follows American, English speaking curriculum and are owned by the Dubai National Group of Schools

Dubai National School Al Twar  +971-4-2988555

School in Dubai located in Al Twar, Dubai, follows American, English speaking curriculum and are owned by the Dubai National Group of Schools

Dubai Pearl Private School +971-4-2688387

School in Dubai located in Al Hamriya, Dubai which follows UAE Arabic Curriculum set by Ministry of Education

Dubai Secondary School +971-4-2966602

PO Box 85818, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Al Mamzar , Dubai follows Arabic Curriculum set by Ministry of Education

DWC High School  +971-4-2089700

P.O. Box 16062 – Dubai, UAE.

School in Dubai located in Al Nahda1, Al Qusais offers dual curriculum which allows its students to follow the UAE Ministry of Education Syllabus in parallel with a US Syllabus through a hybrid learning model.

Dyslexia Dubai +971-4-3446657

Education Development Solutions Dubai  +971-4-2847011

Educational Development Solutions Dubai is a private special needs centre which aims in to give more benefit to the children with learning disabilities.

Ehsan Iranian Special Needs School        +971-4-2988173

P.O.Box: 17; Bur dubai

School in Dubai located in Burdubai Iranian language for special needs

Elite English School +971-4-2688244

PO Box 51212 Near Century Mall, Al Wuheida Road

School in Dubai located in Deira which follows CBSC Indian Curriculum

Emirates English Speaking School  +971-4-3947355

PO Box 7575, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Al Safa Jumeirah, follows CBSC Indian Curriculum

European School of Dubai  +971-4-2678726

PO Box 39292, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Ghusais offers UK syllabus for primary level students

GEMS First Point – The Villa, Tel: 600 567 771, Email: [email protected]

GEMS Metropole Dubai Motor CityTel: 600 567 771, Email: [email protected]

German International School (Schule) Dubai +971-4-3386006

Located in Al Quoz it is private K-12 School follows German Curriculum

Grammar School Dubai +971-4-2824822

School in Dubai located in Garhoud, Dubai , K-12 School, follows mixed Indian and British curriculum with programmes available such as A Level and IGCSE

Greenfield Community School +971-4-8856600

PO Box 282627

School in Dubai located Dubai Investment Park , K-12 School, follows international curriculum with programmes available IB DP, MYP, PYP

Greenwood International School  +971-4-2888000

School complex, Deira Near Women Medial College

The school in Dubai located in Muhaisna follows an American curriculum with subjects taught in English.

Gulf Model School  +971-4-2544222

The school in Dubai is a private K-12 school located in Al Muhaisnah Dubai follows an Indian Kerala Board and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum which subsequently lead to their own individual examinations.

IFA Rugby Academy Dubai +971-4-3371698                              

PO Box Tecom

School in Dubai located in Al Barsh . IFA Sport is the largest grass roots football business in the UAE

International Horizons College

International Horizons College is licensed and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). The college is an independent and international undergraduate institution committed to fulfilling high standards of academic excellence and relevancy to the 21st century. IHC offers a Progressive American Curriculum College Education.

Contact info:

P.O. Box 191881 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel. +971 4 3692000, Fax +9714421-495

[email protected]

Institute of Applied Technology Dubai +971-4-2122888

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais and only for GCC and UAE nationals, follows US/UAE curriculum set by MOE

International Academic School Dubai +971-4-2800993

School in Dubai located in Al Warqa K-12 School follows US/UAE curriculum

International Football Academy Dubai +971-4-3371698

Located in Dubai Silicon Oasis. IFA Sport claims to be the largest grass roots football business in the UAE and to coach more children in more places than any other football academy in the region

Indian International School:  04 – 3423909 

International Indian High School Dubai is a private K-12 school located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai follows.

CBSCI curriculum

International Talent Academy Dubai Tel: + 971 55 5332958

School in Dubai is a private K-12 School follows international curriculum providing IB DP, MYP, PYP qualification courses.

International Wing Chun Organization School Dubai Tel:+971 55 352 3556

School in Dubai located in Al Quoz , near Bowling Centre, Private school provides Wing Chun Kung Fu curriculum.

Iranian Boys School Dubai Tel +971-4-3389953

School in Dubai located in Al Quoz, Private K-12 school for boys, follows Iranian Curriculum

Iranian Girls School Dubai Tel +971-4-3961234

School in Dubai located in Al Karama, Private K-12 schools for girls, follows Iranian Curriculum

Islamic Studies and Holy Quran School  +971-4-2228667

PO Box 13748, Dubai, UAE

Japanese School Dubai Tel +971-4-3449119

School in Dubai located in Al Wasl Dubai provides education from primary to Junior High School follows Japanese Curriculum.

JESS Arabian Ranches Tel: +971-4-3619019

PO Box 24942

Located in Arabian Ranches follows National Curriculum of England, delivered in English and adapted to take into account our international context and local circumstances directed by Ministry of Education.

JSS International School Tel +971.4.3256886

PO Box 37232

School in Dubai located in Al Barsha South. The JSS International School follows the curriculum laid down by Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).

Jumeirah Baccalaureate School Tel +971-4-3446931

Jumeirah Baccalaureate School is a private K-12 international school located in Jumeirah. The school follows a varied curriculum i.e Pre Kg and KG 1 students follow the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and the British National Literacy Strategy. From KG2  follows the  International Primary Curriculum (IPC). High school students up to grade 10 follow an International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) which prepares them for the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) programme,

Jumeirah English Speaking School Tel  +971-4-3945515

School in Dubai located in Al Safa Dubai . It is a non-profit co-educational primary school and follows National Curriculum of England.

K12 International Academy Tel +971 4 440 1212

PO Box 502981

School in Dubai located in Knowledge village .The K¹² curriculum team designs and develops each course for online delivery from the outset, thoroughly scoping out the learning objectives for each course and mapping out a strategy for how best to accomplish them.

Khadija Iranian School Dubai     Tel  +971-4-3961072

PO Box 17, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Al Karama , Embassy K-12 School ,which follows Iranian Curriculum

Kids First Medical Center  +971-4-3485437

P.O. Box 450233

School in Dubai located in Villa #1171A, Al Wasl Road, Dubai which is a support services and provides children world class services in collaboration with parents and educators.

Kings Nad Al Sheba

Kings Al Barsha

Little Flower English School Dubai +971-4-2667620

PO Box 19771, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Abu Hail Road, Hor Al Anz , primary school follows Indian CBSC Curriculum

Lycee Francais International Dubai Tel +971-4-3368552

PO Box 22626, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Oud Metha Near Americal Hospital , Private Primary School , follows French Curriculum

Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou

PO Box 27425, Dubai, UAE Tel +971-4-3260026

School in Dubai located in Dubai Academic City, Private Secondary School        , follows French Curriculum.

Lycee Georges Pompidou Ecole primaire Dubai tel +971-4-3374161

PO Box 27425, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Oud Metha , Private Primary School follows French Curriculum

Mirdiff Private School Tel: +971-4-2883303

P.O. Box : 79195

Located in Algeria Street -11A– Mizhar 1, Dubai , K-10 School follows Arabic/US curriculum

Modern High School Dubai Tel +971-4-3263339

PO Box 53663, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Nadd Al Sheba K-12 School follows Indian ICSE curriculum,

Modern School and Nursery Tel +971-4-2613069

PO Box 55036, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Al Twar Dubai, Private Primary School follows Indian/UK Curriculum

Mothers of Children with Special Needs Dubai

Mother of Children with special needs is a private support group.

National Charity School Dubai Tel +971-4-2824499

School in Dubai located in Al Garhoud, Private K-12 School, follows Arabic Curriculum set by Ministry of Education.

New Arab Unity School +971-4-2884844

PO Box 20315, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Rashidiya, Private K-12 School , Cambridge Primary from Grade 1 to Grade 6, Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme from Grade 7 to Grade 9, eventually preparing the students for the IGCSE in Grade 10 and 11 and subsequently, for the GCE AS, A2 and A Level examinations from the University of Cambridge/Edexcel examination.

New World Private School +971-4-2610033

PO Box 56988,

School in Dubai located in Al Twar, Dubai , Private K-12 School, follows UAE Curriculum

Nord Anglia International School Tel: +971 (0)4 3614330, Email: [email protected]

Nord Anglia International School is located in Al Barsha 5 minutes from Sheikh Zayed road and directly off Hessa Street.

North American International School Dubai +971-4-2884844

PO Box 20315

School in Dubai located in Al Mizhar1, Mirdiff , Private-K-12 School , follows Arabic/US Curriculum

Ontario International Canadian School, Tel: +9714 255 9899, Email: [email protected]

Our Own English High School Dubai +971-4-2361335

PO Box 3004

School in Dubai located in  Al Warqa’a 3. K-12 Indian School, Follows CBSC Indian Curriculum

Our Own High School +971-4-280007

PO Box 35519

School in Dubai located in Al Warqaa, K-12 Indian School follows CBSE Indian Curriculum

Oxford School Dubai +971-4-2543666

P.O.Box :50091,

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais , Private K-12 School, follows National Curriculum of England and Arabic.

Pakistan Education Academy +971-4-3370126

PO Box 621, Dubai, UAE

School in Dubai located in Oud Metha , Private K-12 School, follows Pakistani Curriculum, provides qualification courses FBISE SSC, HSSC

Pakistan English School +971-4-3930898

PO Box 1454,

School in Dubai follows Pakistani Curriculum

Pan American Academy Dubai

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais is private K-12 School , Planned, follows Canadian Curriculum

Private Religious Institute Tel+971-4-3495095

School in Dubai is a private religious institure , located in Al Wasl Road , Satwa.

Queen International School Tel +971-4-2652600

School in Dubai located in Deira, Near Deira Post office ,K-12 Private School, follows National Curriculum of England ,provides courses AS-level, IGCSE

Raffles International School South Campus Tel+971-4-4271200

P O Box 122900,

School in Dubai located in Jumeirah follows Montessory curriculum for at KG1, Integrated Cambridge Primary with Montessori curriculum for at KG2. From Grade 1 to Grade 5, The CP emphasizes continuity and progression Cambridge Secondary and then into IGCSE courses.  The framework for the Grade 6 programme is the Cambridge Secondary 1 (CS1).

Raffles World Academy Tel +971-4-4271300

Raffles World Academy is located in Umm Suqeim, Dubai From Kindergarten to Grade 5, pupils at Raffles World Academy follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum following the Primary Years Programme (PYP). In the secondary phase, from Grades 6 to 10, students follow the UK based IGCSE curriculum. Students follow the Diploma Programme (DP) of the IB curriculum in Grades 11 and 12.

Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre Tel  +971-4-3400005

Rashid Pediatric Therapy Center is a special support service center aims to provide high quality, integrated education services and therapies for children with special needs

Reach Out Dubai Tel+971-4-4489173

Reach Out provides services to children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and developmental delay.

Russian School Dubai Tel  +971-4-2641515

School in Dubai located in Al Muhaisnah, Private K-12 School, follows Russian Curriculum

Safa Community School , Tel: 04 388 4300

Salman Farsi School Tel +971-4-2988121

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais, Embassy K-12 School follows Iranian Curriculum

School of Modern Skills Tel+971-4-2887765

PO Box 57475

School in Dubai located in Al Muhaisna, Private K-10 School, follows Arabic/US Curriculum

Senses Center Dubai  Tel+971 44572675

Umm Suqeim 3, Street 21, Dubai.

At Senses they take children and young adults with severe physical and learning difficulties and they care for children from the age of 2 to 20 years.

Sharjah American School Dubai Tel+971-4-2801111

PO Box 74455

Located in Al Aweer Road, Al Warqaa, Private K-12 School, follows Arabic/US Curriculum

Sheikh Rashid Pakistan School Tel +971-4-2988303

PO Box 26371,

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais , Embassy K-12 School, follows FBISE curriculum Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

Silvery Indian School Tel +971-4-2665448

PO Box 55036

School in Dubai Private primary school ,follows Indian Curriculum

SNF Children Development Center Tel +971-4-3349818

School in Dubai is private K-12 school located in Karama for children with special needs

St Andrews School Dubai Tel+971-4-3945907

Located in Dubai , private school for children with special needs

Stepping Stones Center Dubai Tel+971-4-3635433

Located in Dubai Healthcare City, Private school support services, The center is an internationally recognized organization that treats and educates individuals with Autism and related disorders

Sultan Al Owais Public School Tel +971-4-2966068

School in Dubai located in Deira , Government School follows UAE Curriculum

Swedish School in Dubai

School in Dubai located in Emirates Hills, Private K-12 School follows Sweden Curriculum

Teens 4 Positive Action

PO Box 75604,

Teens 4 Positive Action is private school support group

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai Tel +971 4 3750600, E-mail: [email protected]

SSID is located at Dubai Healthcare City and follows International Baccalaureate(IB) curriculum. 

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai will be a leading international school where future generations are inspired to become confident and enthusiastic life-long learners, ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges in a global world. The school will offer the full continuum International Baccalaureate (IB) programme in English or in two bilingual English-French and English-German sections. The eco-friendly campus has been designed by leading architects, to maximize the potential of our generous plot in Healthcare City, adjacent to Dubai Creek. Home to a maximum of 2,442 students, including 350 international boarders, the school is being built to meet the highest expectations.

The City International School  Tel +971-4-2899722

School in Dubai located in Plot # 416-1297, Nadd-Al-Hamar,follows the National Curriculum of England provides courses A-level, IGCSE, O-level

The Indian Academy Dubai  Tel +971-4-2646746

School in Dubai located in Al Ghusais, Private K-12 School, follows ICSE Indian Curriculum

The Philippine School Dubai Tel +971-4-2844465

PO Box 126621

School in Dubai located inRashidiya, Private K-10 school, follows Philippines Curriculum

UAE Down Syndrome Association Tel+971-4-3671949

PO Box 502216

Special support service helps the people with down syndrome

Uptown School Tel +971-4-2515001

School in Dubai located in Mirdiff, Private Primary School follows International Baccalaureate (IB)  curriculum


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That was a List of Schools in Dubai.

I will keep updating this as this may help you find the top Schools in Dubai.

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  • Please can someone help me with the following information. I got a job offer from one MILLENNIUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ABU DHABI. One can help me verify the authenticity of the below information. Is there any school with such name in Abu Dhabi?

    Thanks.With the consent of MILLENNIUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, (Human Resources Department) I am glad to let you know that your service has been
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    Safety is a core value. We conduct all of our Academic services in a way that identifies, minimizes and mitigates harm to the health and safety of staff and students, contractors, the public and the environment. Upon thorough review and acceptance of this Contract Package, sign on the last page and Send us a Scanned Copy of the Acceptance page. Also you are to contact the GREENLANDS TRAVELS AND TOURS for the acquisition of your work/residence permit papers which will Empower you to live and work in U.A.E. And forward the Contract agreement signed copy to GREENLANDS TRAVELS AND TOURS.

    Ms Margaret Johnson
    (Customer Relation Manager)
    Lulu tower (2nd floor)
    Opposite bus station (taxi stand)
    Muroor road,
    P.O Box 144722
    Abu Dhabi.
    [email protected]
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    Fax +971 522147956

    This is in line with the Expatriate Statuary Law of UAE in compliance with the U.N. Terrorism Act. Update us with the process between you and the agency incase of advice where necessary, and ensure you provide them their requirement quick for the fastest process from their office. Also remember that any Expenses you make on the process of registering your documents shall be refunded back to you immediately you submit your expenses report to us via email. Also be informed that once the process is completed your hard copies will be delivered to any postal address of your choice. There will be a mandatory Orientation/Training Exercise for all Newly Employed Expatriates which will take place within the Work Metropolis of MILLENNIUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and this Program will start 7 days on arrival for work sign-on. Should you require more information, Please feel free to contact us immediately. Congratulations! on your appointment.
    Mr. Donald Alfred
    Human Resource Manager
    Alreen Island Shams Area,
    Near The Sand Tower.
    P.O.BOX 455666
    Abu dhabi.
    United Arab Emirates
    Tel: +971 (5) 22148788
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • Please can someone help me with the following information. I got a job offer from one American Arabic International School ABU DHABI. One can help me verify the authenticity of the below information. Is there any school with such name in Abu Dhabi?

    > This is an Affirmation that your experience and qualifications were found
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    > Please find attached herewith, relevant document containing the Prototype of
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    > CONTACT PERSON: Usman Issa,
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    > Congratulations on your successful emergence!
    > Mr Sayed Idris
    > Recruitment Manager
    > American Arabic Intl School
    > Zayed 1st Street
    > Po Box 7387
    > Al Nahyan Camp Area
    > Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate

    • Chibuzor,
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      Don’t ever remit any money to process visa or any other expense if you are hired in UAE.
      And don’t accept 3rd party visa. You should be sponsored by the school which recruits you.
      Could you forward the email you have received. I will raise it up here with the Authorities.
      Please let us help other candidates who may have been sent similar emails.

      • yes it is! total fraud advertisement don’tbeleive this notification. don’t pay any to theacompay. fully cheating process. by kannan. india.