Emergency number in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Emergency numbers in UAE

It is sometimes unfortunate that you require Emergency Services in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE. The Emergency response is quite quick in UAE and you are requested to keep these numbers handy at all times.

Below is the list of Emergency Numbers in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE:

Police Emergency number  UAE: 999

Ambulance Emergency number UAE: 998

Fire Emergency number : 997

Telephone Directory Enquiries: 181

Electricity and Water: 991

Taxi:   2080808

Airport Inquiries: 04 206666

Dubai Municipality:  04 2232323

Emergency Services (Dubai): +971 (4) 2232323

Flight Enquiry: +971 (4) 2245555

MasterCard (lost or stolen): +971 (4) 3322956

VISA (lost or stolen): +971 (4) 3319690

Emergency Numbers in UAE – POSTER

Save this poster on your Desktop or Smartphone for easy reference.


Keep the Emergency numbers handy. You may require these at times unforeseen!

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  1. Hi deepak,
    actually I got job from a company which is acting as 3rd party for a bank credit card sales. I have signed the offer letter which has conditions like if I resign I have to bear expense which company occurred on my visa..I want to resign coz I m fedup thr by listening my managers rude behaviour and warnings everyday now he insist me to resign from this job. I m worry if I resign ..is that I get labour ban and is that I have to pay him expense and I joined one month before and probationary period is six months and the contract is limited for one year please tell me if I resign from job wat will they claim

  2. Im currently working at a hospital. they’re giving me 8,000 salary. But I got an offer from different hospital with 12,000. Do I get banned or what are the consequence if I will shift hospital. Im hired on April 28,2014 til April 28,2016(limited visa). Because I heard that if your offer is 12,000 above there is no ban, is this true?

  3. Dear Deepak

    I got my termination on 28/01/2015.Before that I received one month notice period.Now i am waiting for my visa cancellation.But till my company did not cancel my visa.I am staying here without salary.Help me what to do?

  4. Good day sir,
    Just got a job in dubai and was wondering if I can do part time jobs under my employers appointment without any issues,i have be given my labour card but need extra cash…….would appreciate it if u can give me a rip on what to do.

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