How to get your Labour Contract copy through MOL website? (updated video tutorial)

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  1. Calixta c.tolo

    Hi sir my problem sir im.using apps MOHRE Then.i forget my pasword how can I/recover it mam coz i want to take my contract help me


  2. Alaba

    Hi Master, hi tried to check my contract in MOL and also i tried to track a frnd Tourist visa. but it seems the site as as been updated. could u pls direct me how to go about it.


  3. irfan

    Plz tel me how can i get labour contract or salary proof of emplyee through only emirates id.


  4. abdallah ashiraf

    How do i get my personal code in case I don’t get it from HR



    Hi sir deepak,

    Im trying to check my labour contract online but i don’t have my labour card. Only my emirates ID.
    How can i check it online? or how can i check the details in my emirates ID?


    Best Regards,


    • Akmal Shahzad
      go to services
      select eNetwasal services
      page will open
      at lower left corner you will see

      Labor Card Information

      Contract Information

      Salary Complain

      Salary Complain Status

      select labor card Information or Contract Information

      it will ask

      Do you have Labour Card?

      if you dont have then check no

      put your Passport no
      Date of birth
      Mobile number which was registered while processing emirates ID
      click next you contract will be displayed
      Print it out
      information for labor card print you will see info on the bottom


  6. meraj

    Hi. My duty starts 04.00 to 09.00. then 11.00 to 12.00. then 16.00 to 18.00. 2+4=6 hours (non continous)breake is giving my company by force to avoid overtime۔ Is my company have right to do this.? plz explain. Thanls.


  7. Johara

    Hi deepak, im working for more than 1 year in a private company with unlimited contract, the time i borrow my passport last march 2015 they asked me to sign an internal agreement contract that i will stay with them for another 2 years. I gave my written resignation last october 1, 2015 for 1 month notice period but they want me to finish 3 months notice. I was not able to finish 3 months is there any chance that they can file an absconding case against me because i didnt go to work starting today. Thank you.


  8. ghe

    I am direct hire from the Philippines, I havent signed an employment contract only an offer letter but the Company I applied for has applied me at MOL. upon checking it I do have an account and it says “pre-approval work permit” what does it mean? I decided not to join with the Company. Can I be cleared after the expiry since it will expire on December 15,205?


  9. Fayas

    This is my first contract mentioned above ,,,
    Even I like to change the company for my better career … So it possible ?
    Rest all visa stamp , emirates I’d and labour card detail everything is for 2 year … But only in labour contract agreement downloaded from mol is for 1 year …
    So what wil be the effect if I’m leaving the company suddenly after one year , as per the labour contract agreement which shown one year ….


  10. Fayas

    Hai Deepak
    I have some confusion after checking my contract according to above method , the problem is when I was checking the labour contract agreement with the help of labour card details , I got agreement but it mentioned only one year which means jan2015 to Jan 2016 which means one year ,
    But in my labour card it mention expires on Jan 2017.

    So please clarify my doubt.
    I can change the job after one year as per the agreement which shown in mol or else I have serve for 2 year in this same company ?


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