Will you get a visa extension if you are a divorced women or a widow?

If you are living in the UAE on your husband’s sponsorship and gets divorced or widowed, the UAE Government grants you an extension of one year on your residence visa provided certain conditions are met . The extension starts from the date of the death of your husband or the divorce. The extension also applies to the children who were under the sponsorship of father at the time of father’s death or parent’s divorce. This type of visa is renewable only once and does not require a substitute sponsor.

What are the documents required for applying one year visa extension for a widow or divorcee?

You may submit an application through Amer centres in Dubai or Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship and Ports Security (ICP) offices, with the following documents:

  • a proof of divorce or death, as the case may be
  • a proof of availability of house for the woman
  • a proof of the woman’s ability to earn a living
  • medical fitness certificates for the woman and her child/children over the age 18
  • Emirates ID card, health insurance cards, as applicable in some emirates.

Once the applicant visits an immigration office, you would need to request for a visa extension form. Once the filled in form and required documents are submitted, the case will be reviewed by the immigration department. If the application meets the necessary requirements, it will be approved and the visa will be extended for one year.

You may asked to pay the Cancellation fees of AED 100 for the previous residency visa and AED 100 for One-year residency extension Fees.

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