Can You Apply for a UAE Residence Visa Without a Sponsor?

You can now apply for a residency permit without the need to have a sponsor in the UAE, after the government announced a new system for residence visas and entry permits on April 18. The new scheme for different types of new permits Opens in a new tab.were announced by the UAE authorities.

A new type of Green Residence Permit was announced for investors, skilled employees, self-employed individuals and family members.

  • Green residence for skilled employees-5 years -No sponsor/employer required- The applicant should have a valid employment contract, and should be classified in the first, second or third occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The minimum educational level must be a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and the salary should not be less than AED 15000. This is apart from the standard employment residence visa, which is offered for two years
  • Green residence for free lancers (self employment)-5 years -No sponsor/employer required-It requires obtaining a freelance/self employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The minimum educational level must be a bachelor’s degree or specialised diploma and the annual income from self employment for the previous two years should not be less than AED 360000 or that the applicant proves financial solvency throughout his/her stay in the country.
  • Green residence for Investors and Partners-5 years – No sponsor required- Requirements include approval of the investment and proof of investment. If the investor (partner) has more than one licence, the total invested capital will be calculated. Approval of the competent local authorities is mandatory.
  • Education residence for students enrolled in Educational Entities-2 years- sponsored by a licensed educational establishment in the UAE.
  • Family members residence-The resident can sponsor his/her family members including spouse and children till the age of 25 and unmarried daughters regardless of their age. The children of determination are granted a residence permit, regardless of age. The green residence holder can sponsor first degree relatives. The duration of family members residence shall be the same as their sponsor’s residence duration.
  • Remote work residence1 year- No sponsor required
  • Retirement residence -5 years – No sponsor required
  • Real estate owner’s residence -2 years – No sponsor required
  • Humanitarian cases: A female resident whom her UAE husband passed away and she has child or more A parents or children of UAE citizen who hold foreign passports Spouse and children of GCC citizen who hold foreign passports.

All residence permits can be renewed for similar periods.


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