How Can You Apply For an Entry and Exit Report (Travel Report) in the UAE?

The travel report is essentially a report issued by the immigration authority either by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), or, in the case of Dubai visas, by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) of the UAE. The travel report shows the exit and entry dates, locations ports of entry and exit along with the passport number and other immigration details.

Travel report is also called Entry/Exit report, Entry/Exit certificate/Movement report.

There are two types of travel reports currently being issued in the UAE as follows:

  1. Single Entry/Exit Travel Report. This report details information on a traveller’s last trip
  2. Overall Entry/Exit Passenger Report. This report fully details the entry/exit travel history of a traveller

How can I get a travel report in UAE?

  • DubaiNow app.Opens in a new tab. Dubai visa holders are eligible to apply for a travel report for themselves or their dependents.
  • Amer centre for Dubai visa
  • ICA customer happiness centre
  • Tasjeel
  • Authorised typing centres

What are the documents required to get a travel report in UAE?

  • Sponsor’s or applicant’s original Emirates ID
  • Applicant’s original passport with visa page copy
  • Passport sized photograph

What is the cost of a travel report in UAE?

  • Overall travel report for employees – Dh276
  • Overall travel report for family Dh240
  • Sponsor and sponsored Dh256

When can I request for travel report in UAE?

There are various situations when you may need to get a travel report.

  1. When you cancel your UAE residence visa while you are outside UAE. This is required to know whether you are inside or outside UAE.
  2. At the time of Company closure – when a company ceases operation, the company owner is obliged to prove that there are no employees left on the company’s visa.
  3. At the time of Migration to a new country – to conduct background checks.
  4. When you apply for tax exemption from country of origin – to know if you are not living in your home country.
  5. Other Applying for an equivalency certificate – When you are applying for in UAE, the ICA report is a mandatory document to be uploaded while applying for certificate equivalency on the Ministry of Education portal.


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10 thoughts on “How Can You Apply For an Entry and Exit Report (Travel Report) in the UAE?

  1. I am told that I need to get an entry and exit certificate to finish my employment visa process to show that I have not been out of the country for more than 6 months. I want to use the ICP app that shows this information but was told that I must go to the Abu Dhabi airport. Is this true?

    1. I recommend verifying this with the immigration office for confirmation. They can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the entry and exit certificate and the need to visit the Abu Dhabi airport.

  2. my friend came on company visa after that company failed to give work to him then he worked outside (illegal) and he went out during the amnesty. this is over 6 years back. now he would like to com dxb but he tried for Dubai visa but still is not geeting the same. please advise what will do?

  3. my wife is visit visa she need entry exit report who can I get? she want to equalancy decument

  4. Hello
    My wife left UAE in 2014 and is living in Canada. The immigration in Canada requested an Entry/Exit report from UAE from 01.05.2014 till 01.05.2019.
    Can i get such report if i have a copy of her passport and her previous Iqama?
    Thank you

    1. You may get it through DubaiNow app.
      Amer centre for Dubai visa
      ICA customer happiness centre
      Authorised typing centres

  5. hi,

    i need entry exit report for equivalency. i can here in visit visa and entered through smart gate.

    when i check for entry exit in ICA there no details available.

    is there any way i can get ICA report, with out this i wont be able proceed further with equivalency

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