How Can You Issue a Work Permit Outside UAE?

If you are an employer and looking for right candidates to hire for your business in UAE, you can now apply for a work permit regardless of whether the candidate is inside or outside the UAE.

According to MOHRE, you can apply for a work permit for a candidate outside the UAE through the following channels:

1. The MOHRE website – in a new tab.
2. MOHRE smartphone application ‘MOHRE UAE’
3. TAWSEEL – MOHRE’s customer service centre for private sector employees

In order to apply for a work permit outside UAE, you need to collect the following documents from your candidate:

  • A copy of a valid passport for a minimum of six months.
  • A passport sized photograph with a white background
  • If evidence of academic qualification is required (post-secondary diploma, university degree or equivalent), a copy authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country is necessary.

The process is simple whether you choose to do it online or through a MOHRE customer centre, here are the steps you need to follow while applying for a work permit:

  • Provide your Emirates ID details. If you are applying through the website or app, this would mean entering your Emirates ID number and expiry date or logging in using your UAE Pass account. If you are applying through a customer centre, you would need to present your Emirates ID.
  • Apply for a ‘new work permit’ service.
  • Submit the required documents. If there are certain documents missing from the process, you will notified via SMS from MOHRE on your registered mobile number.
  • Once the documents have been verified and the work permit approved, MOHRE will send a link for the payment process.
  • At the time of payment, you will also be required to attach the job offer letter signed by the employee.

The cost of work permitOpens in a new tab. would be depending on a Company’s classification .

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