Can You Sponsor Your Grandparents Residence Visa in Dubai? (Step by Step Procedure)

If you are living in the UAE and wish to sponsor your grandparents you can do so. The procedure is similar to when you sponsor your parents. However, you may be asked to submit certain additional documents.

Procedure for sponsoring grandparents visa in Dubai:

Step 1: Applying for an Entry permit:

You can submit the application request on :

  1. DubaiNow App
  2. Visit an Amer center.

Applying for grandparents visa through DubaiNow App:

  1. Download the DubaiNow App and sign in using your UAE Pass
  2. Tap on Residency services
  3. Click on Get residency
  4. You are asked to provide your monthly salary details and select the details of your relationship with the individual you wish to sponsor.
  5. Select the option whether the dependent is inside or outside UAE
  6. Enter the passport details of the dependent and submit necessary documents and make the payment
  7. Submit for approval.

Applying for grandparents visa through Amer Centers:

You may be asked to submit the below documents to Amer Center :

  1. Passport copy of the grandparents
  2. Passport size photo with white background
  3. Original passport of sponsor and spouse
  4. Original Emirates ID of sponsor
  5. IBAN of the sponsor
  6. Bank Account Statement for the last Three months with bank’s seal.
  7. Partner/Investor visa holders should attach the company’s and their personal account statements for the last six months, a trade licence copy, list of partners and the LLC agreement.
  8. Original Tenancy Contract (consisting of a minimum two bedroom apartment). It has to be attested through the Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
  9. If you live in outside Dubai, you will need to submit the municipality attested tenancy contract and electricity bill.
  10. Original Electricity Bill for the last month.
  11. Labour Contract copy.
  12. Original Salary Certificate, if the sponsor is a Government/Semi-government/Free zone Employee.
  13. Affidavit – a Dependency Certificate attested from your consulate stating that you will take care for the sponsored parents and be responsible for their well-being.

Note: Monthly salary should be Dh20,000 or above.

If the dependent is inside the country, additional fees of approximately Dh650 will apply on the entry permit application. If the entry permit is approved, the dependent will have to apply for a ‘change of status’ at an additional fee of approximately Dh600. This way the dependent will not have to leave and re-enter the country with a new entry permit.

Visa Fees for Grandparent Visa:

The visa fee will depend on whether the dependent is inside the UAE or outside.

  • File opening government Fee: Approximate AED 300
  • Visa application government fee outside the country: Approximate AED500

Step 2: Status Change

If your grandparents are inside the country, you will need to pay a status change fee and an ‘Inside country’ visa fee

Deposit: Dh2,561

You may need to pay additional typing charges. This amount is refundable after cancellation and exit. If the application gets rejected, you can get the amount refunded to your bank account, without visiting the Immigration office.

Once the entry permit is approved, you will get an SMS from GDRFA to visit the Amer Centre and pay the security deposit of Dh2,561 for each parent. After a few hours, a visa copy will be emailed to the applicant’s registered e-mail address

The whole process will take a maximum of one to two weeks.

Step 3: Medical Test:

Once the grandparents are in UAE, or the status change process is completed, they can go for a medical test required for your residency application:

Fees: depending on normal, urgent, or VIP service approximate AED 300 to 1000

Step 4: Emirates ID

Submit the biometric information required for your emirates ID application

Fees: approximate AED 300

Step 5: Residency Visa Stamping

Proceed to the residency visa stamping process

Fees: approximate AED 400

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