How to Apply for Health Insurance for Golden Visa Holder?

If you are already a UAE Golden residence visa holder and would need to apply for health insurance you may just follow simple steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: Get the below documents ready in hand.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emirates ID
  • If you are renewing your insurance, you will also need a proof of your previous insurance.

Step 2: Approach the insurance company or insurance brokers in UAE through their website. There are approximately 62 insurance companies and 160 brokers.

Step 3: Provide the basic information like your name, gender and age.

In case if you are planning to apply for a family member or a dependent, you will need to specify your relationship. You might also be asked to fill a health declaration form or medical underwriting form to declare any pre-existing conditions. This is compulsory in the comprehensive plan because the premium depends on your age and previous conditions.

Step 4: Ask for quotation.

You will have the option to choose basic policies (Covering all your adequate medical needs) or comprehensive policies (health plan that provides broad coverage of a wide range of healthcare services)

The processing time for a basic insurance policy would be one working day provided you have submitted all the documents required by the insurance company and for the comprehensive plans three to five working days considering you have any pre-existing conditions.

Note: Employed staff transferring to a Golden Visa will continue to be covered by their employer’s health insurance policy. Freelancers and individuals residing abroad must have health insurance valid in the UAE while in the country or cover full medical costs if needed.


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