What is The Difference Between Entry Permit and UAE Residence Visa?

What is an Entry Permit?

An entry permit is a document that allows foreigners to enter and stay in the UAE legally for the short period mentioned on the permit. The entry permit is issued by the Federal Authority of Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Ports SecurityOpens in a new tab.. This could be a physical copy or even an e-permit.

The sponsor could be a company from the private sector, a public entity, a relative, a UAE-based airline or a hotel and so on who will handle the entry permit transaction through GDRFA’s online and offline channels.

In most of the cases entry permit validity is two months which refer to the period within the entry permit must be used by entering the UAE through one of its entry points at the land boarders, airports or seaports. The validity cannot be extended but automatically expire upon the lapse of their time. The duration of stay for each entry permit is completely differs according to the type of entry permit is issued.

There are various types of entry permits that are issued in UAE based on your duration of stay in UAE:

  • Entry Permit issued for Employment
  • Entry Permit issued for Mission
  • Entry Permit issued for Family visit
  • Entry Permit issued for Treatment
  • Entry Permit issued for Transit / Tourism
  • Entry Permit issued for Attending conferences

What is UAE Residence Visa?

Residence visa is issued to the individual when he or she is already inside the country, having entered using the entry permit provided medical test and Emirates ID process has been completed.

Only sponsors meeting GDRFA’s requirements can apply for the foreigner’s residence visa.

The GDRFA will paste a residence visa on the passport enabling him to travel freely in and out of the UAE within the validity period of the visa, provided the duration of travel does not exceed six months, or else the residence visa will be cancelled automatically.

Residence visa is issued for one, two or three years according to its type and the sponsor.

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