How Can You Change Your Visit or Tourist Visa Status in UAE?

If you are on tourist or visit visa inside country in UAE and you are unable to travel out of the UAE and that visa is going to expire you can apply for a new visa without the need of exiting the country. UAE has provided inside country visa change options to visit or tourist visa holders.

For this ,Your visa has to be applied for by a sponsor who is a person or the organisation who will be responsible for your while you are here in UAE.

According to the website of Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Your sponsor could be :

  • a hotel or tourist company
  • Airlines and airlines handlers
  • Other organizations based in the UAE

– Individuals (relatives or friends) already resident in the United Arab Emirates may, subject to guidelines, also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa

How to change the visit visa/tourist visa status without exiting the country?

If you are on a visit or tourist visa and unable to travel on or before the expiry of the said visa you can extend or change the current visa status without the need to exit the UAE. You can apply  for a 30-day or a 90-day visa and the cost will depend on the visa validity as well as the emirate that you are applying from.

For this, you can reach out to the concerned sponsor travel agency, Airlines, or other organization or to the individual (relatives or friends) where your visa was issued for the new visa at least 5 or 7 working days before your visa is about to expire.

What are the charges for changing the visit /tourist status while you are inside UAE ?

The cost will depend on the validity of the visa you are applying for as well as the emirate that you are applying from.

As of the moment, there is no limitation on how many times you can apply for the new visa.

What are the documents required for processing visa inside the country while changing the status?

  • Passport copy (which should be valid for at least six months)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Old visa tourist/canceled visa copy
  • On arrival, you would only require a Passport copy and photograph if they have entered UAE using an on-arrival facility.
  • If the visa was applied for by a relative or friend, they may need to submit a copy of their residence visa page.

How long does the process of changing a visit/tourist visa take?

The whole normal process for changing the visit /tourist visa takes three to five working days.

In case if you need it on urgent basis you may reach out to travel agents but this service at an additional cost.

Government entities will work to facilitate procedures for tourists over the coming period and collaborate with relevant authorities to ensure the safety of all visitors during their stay in the UAE.

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