How Do You Apply for New Passport, Residence Visa, Emirates ID for Your Newborn?

In this post you will learn in detail on:

  • Documents required to apply for a new passport for newborn
  • Documents required to apply for UAE residence visa
  • Documents required to apply for Emirates ID
  • Charges applicable for passport, residence visa, Emirates ID for your newborn

Once the child is born in UAE, you have 120 days from the birth of their child to arrange the formal documents, which include passports, Emirates ID, and visas of their newborn babies. If the residence visa is not finalized within 120 days, then a fee of Dh100 per day would be charged for each day over the 120-day period.

How to get a New Passport for your New Born?

Upon receiving the birth certificate attested, you can apply for a passport for your new born through your respective embassy or consulate in the UAE.

What are the documents to be provided in Embassy or consulate while applying new passport for your new born?

You must have the following documents ready while applying the new passport for a new born

  • Parents’ original passport and copies of the same
  • Passport-sized photograph of your newborn baby
  • Attested marriage certificate
  • Attested birth certificate
  • Valid Emirates ID of both the parents
  • Any other additional requirements as per the request from your respective embassy or consulate.

I would suggest you contact your embassy or consulate prior to booking an appointment in order to ensure all the documents ready as per the requirement.

How do you apply for a residence visa for your new born?

Visit the nearest Amer centre for those who are applying residence visa in Dubai and for other emirates you may visit a typing centre or apply online through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship Centre (ICA).

What are the documents required for applying new residence visa for your newborn?

You must provide the below documents while applying new residence visa for a new born.

  • Parents’ Original passport with a valid residence visa stamped
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • Passport-sized photograph of your newborn baby
  • Copy of your registered tenancy contract
  • Original Attested birth certificate of the child

How long does it take to get a new E-visa for your new born?

Upon submitting all the required documents to Amer Centre or the typing centre and once the process is initiated by them, it takes 48 hours to receive an e-visa, which will be sent to your registered email address.

How do you get a Emirates ID for your new born?

You can visit the typing centre or at the Amer Centre to an ICA centre and get the application typed. A list of all the centres is provided hereOpens in a new tab..

What are the documents required for applying new Emirates ID for your newborn?

  • Application for the Emirates ID for your new born baby
  • Sponsor’s Original Emirates ID
  • Passport size Photograph of your new born (The ear, chin and forehead of the baby should be completely visible. The eyes of the baby should be open)

What are the fees for a new Emirates ID for your new born?

  1. Dh270 for a two-year visa
  2. Dh370 for three years

Note: A medical fitness test is not required for newborn children. (or children below the age of 15)

Is it mandatory to get Health Insurance for your newborn baby in UAE?

Yes, Health insurance is mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and family members need to get at least a basic health cover – referred to in Dubai as the Essential Benefits Plan. If you are applying for a family member or a dependent, you will need to specify your relationship and depending on the type of play you choose. Choosing to obtain a United Arab Emirates health insurance policy that includes New Born Child coverage benefits will ensure that your baby is protected against the high costs of quality medical care – often for the rest of the child’s life.

After the 30 day period of cover under the mother’s policy is over or after utilization of the annual limit of the mother’s policy, the new policy directive now stipulates that insurance companies must immediately provide the newborn medical insurance cover with the same Table of Benefits as the family’s insurance. However, new policy for the newborn will be subject to underwriting conditions of the said group or individual policy.

How do you proceed with Getting Residence visa stamped for your newborn baby?

After completing all the above procedures your child’s visa must be stamped on their passport. For this, You may visit any Amer centre or a typing centre.

What are the documents required for stamping residence visa for your newborn?

  • Emirate ID application
  • Original Passport of your newborn baby
  • Health Insurance Papers
  • Sponsor’s original Emirates ID

Once an application has been sent for typing, you will receive a call from the authorised courier service – Zajel – for your passport to be collected from you. You will also receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with the Zajel airway bill number.

Once the visa is stamped, the passport will be returned to you through the same courier service.

I have not mentioned the charges since they might vary depending on your requirement whether you need them on a normal or urgent basis.

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