How to Apply for Family Visa Through DubaiNow App?

If you want to obtain a residency visa, renew or cancel any of your family member’s you can now easily get it from GDRFA services through DubaiNow app without having to visit service centres.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Download the application

Download the DubaiNow app to access over 120 city services from over 30 government and private sector entities in Dubai. Pay your bills, settle your traffic fines, recharge Salik and Nol, renew your car registration, apply for a residency, and a lot more.


Step 2: Select the option Residency.

You will see the option available for Entry Permit, Get Residency, Manage Residency, Check Visa Status, Request Reports

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You can apply the necessary service by Login to your UAE Pass accountOpens in a new tab.

Entry permit – If you want to apply for a new resident permit then select the option Entry Permit and apply for an entry permit for your spouse and children.

Get residency – apply for entry permit and residency for your spouse and children.

Manage residency – If you already have a dependent under your name, you can manage their residency application by selecting Manage residency

Check visa status – If you want to check your visa status which is already applied you can select check visa status option.

Request reports – you can also request for travel reports, which show the countries the sponsor and dependents have entered and left, or dependent reports, which state the list of dependents and their details.

Note: if you do not have a dependent under your sponsorship yet, you would need to open a sponsorship file, which costs AED 250.

In order to have the sponsorship file you can register with the online portal in a new tab. or download ICA app and create a username and Password. You can also get it through UAE Pass credential.

What are the Documents required to sponsor file registration:

  • Sponsor’s Passport copy and visa page ((colour copy to be uploaded pdf or jpeg format)
  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID copy (colour copy to be uploaded pdf or jpeg format)
  • Salary certificate if the sponsor works for government sector or labour contract if the sponsor works for private sector

What are the Documents required for applying for entry permit for family and children through DubaiNow app:

  1. A recent personal photograph of the sponsored person with a white background.
  2. Copy of the passport and residence visa of the sponsor (valid).
  3. Copy of the passport of the dependent (should be valid for more than six months).
  4. Marriage contract translated into Arabic (legal translation) and duly certified (for wife sponsorship).
  5. Birth certificate translated into Arabic, legal translation and duly certified (for sponsoring children)
  6. Salary certificate, work contract or partnership contract (according to the sponsor’s establishment), provided that his monthly income is not less than Dh4,000.
  7. No objection certificate (NOC) from the husband’s consulate, in case the husband’s nationality is different from the wife’s.
  8. Study enrolment certificate (for make children over 18 years old).
  9. Tenancy contract or title deed.
  10. Single status certificate (if the dependent daughter is over 18 years old).
  11. If the wife is the sponsor, an NOC issued from the husband (the father of the children) or an attested custody proof must be attached.
  12. A copy of the ID card issued by the dependent’s country.

This will save your time and effort, reduce paper consumption in transactions, and support the emirate’s efforts at comprehensive digital transformation.

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