All You Need to Know About Five Year UAE Green Visa

Difference between UAE Green Visa and Golden Visa

From October 3, a new visa system will be in place in the UAE, which includes the Green Visa. The Green Visa in the UAE provides unique opportunities for freelancers, business owners, skilled workers, and investor.

It’s different from the Golden VisaOpens in a new tab., which was introduced at the same time. In addition to offering residency options, the Golden Visa and Green Visa have some similarities and differences.  

For example, both these visas allow residents to sponsor themselves without the need for an employer (like an employer) to be their visa sponsor. Self-sponsorship is one example. Furthermore, the Golden Visa and Green Visa are available for a longer period of time than the standard two- or three-year residence visas.

What is Green Visa in UAE?

Green Visa, which is granted for a period of five years, subject to renewal, and includes greater advantages for family members of residents, including flexible grace periods of up to six months after expiry or cancellation of residence.

The Green Visa will allow highly skilled people, investors, entrepreneurs and top students and graduates to sponsor themselves without first associating themselves with companies based in the UAE.

What are the benefits of Green Visa In UAE?

  • Five Years resident Permits subject to renewal
  • Longer flexible grace period
  • No requirement of sponsor
  • Can sponsor first degree relatives
  • Children of determination get a visa regardless of their age
  • Green Visa holders can sponsor male children up to 25 years as compared to 18 years previously
  • No age limit for unmarried daughters of Green Visa holders
  • Up to 6 months stay in UAE after the visa is cancelled/expired

Who is eligible for UAE Green visa?

According to the decision issued by the UAE Cabinet in April this year, the Green Visa is available to these three categories:

  1. Green Residence for freelancers (self-employment)
  2. Green Residence for skilled employees
  3. Five-year Green Residence for investors and partners

1. Green Residence for freelancers (Self -employment)

  • The applicant should obtain a freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).
  • The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or a specialized diploma to qualify.
  • The applicant should demonstrate financial stability throughout his or her stay in the country to earn at least Dh360,000 annually from freelance work over the past two years.

2. Green Residence for skilled employees

According to the Ministry of Human Resource and Education:

  • an applicant must have a valid employment contract,
  • be in the first, second or third occupational level,
  • have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent as a minimum educational requirement.
  • Salaries should not be less than Dh15,000.

3. Five-year Green Residence for investors and partners

  • A Sponsor will not be required for the holder of the Green Residency.

How much does a UAE Green visa cost?

The cost for the visa has yet to be released.

What is UAE Golden Visa?

Golden Visa, which is granted for a period of ten years , which has following benefits:

  • It allows you to sponsor family members, including spouse, children, and support staff, without any limit.
  • you may stay in the UAE for as long as you want without restrictions in order to maintain the Golden Residency
  • you may also remain in the UAE without restrictions after receiving an e-visa for six months.
  • you may receive a residence visa while your sponsor issues an e-visa.
  • Family members may remain in the UAE after the death of their original Golden Visa holder as long as their permit lasts.
  • No sponsor or employer is required for this programme.

Criteria for applying UAE Golden Visa

You may apply for a Golden Visa if you meet any of the conditions listed below. In the updated Golden Visa scheme, the eligible categories were expanded to include the following:

1. Investors:

  • Public Investment
  • Real Estate Investment

2. Entrepreneurs:

  • Owners of registered successful start-ups
  • Those who have an approved idea for a start-up
  • Previous founders of a successful start-up that was sold inside or outside the UAE

3. Exceptional talents in the fields of:

  • Culture and art
  • Investors and innovators
  • Sports
  • Digital technology
  • Other vital fields

4. Scientists and professionals

  • Scientists
  • Chief executives and senior officials
  • Science professionals
  • Engineering professionals
  • Health professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Business and Administration professionals
  • Information technology professionals
  • Legal, social and cultural professionals

5. Outstanding students and graduates

  • Best performing students in secondary schools
  • Best graduates from UAE universities
  • Graduates of best 100 universities worldwide

6. Humanitarian Pioneers

  • Distinguished members of international and regional organisations
  • Outstanding members of associations of public benefits
  • Recipients of recognition awards in humanitarian fields
  • Distinguished volunteers and sponsors of humanitarian efforts

7. Frontline heroes

  • Frontline workers who made extraordinary efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic

You may complete your application at any of the Amer centres in Dubai or at any of the customer happiness centres of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) in the Emirates.


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