iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are coming…Are you ready?

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6-Leaked pictures

Rumors are abound that Apple will be releasing iPhone 5S coming August. Rene Ritchie an acclaimed journalist who covers Apple has told this. The biggest upgrade for iPhone 5S will be the Camera Quality. Apple will be improving the Optics.

On the other hand rumor bell also rings with the iPhone 6 being under production and below are few leaked pictures of “Apple iPhone 6.”

With Apple releasing iPhone every year, I am planning to wait for iPhone 10 which will have much more advanced features!

Enjoy the pictures:

the-silver-and-white-model-reminds-us-of-the-original-iphone-slimmed-down the-home-button-has-been-removed-and-replaced-with-a-clickable-bottom-component-similar-to-apples-macbook-trackpads the-edge-to-edge-display-is-something-iphone-owners-have-wanted-for-a-while-now the-bezel-reduction-really-helps-the-phone-to-look-much-slimmer heres-another-view-of-the-concept-next-to-the-current-iphone-5 heres-another-view-of-the-black-model here-are-the-two-mock-ups-on-the-left-and-right-of-the-current-iphone-5 designer-martin-hajek-has-imagined-a-new-design-for-apples-next-iphone-the-concept-comes-in-two-different-sizes another-view-of-the-white-model-from-the-front-thats-the-current-iphone-5-in-the-middle-of-the-picture this-looks-very-similar-to-the-back-of-the-current-generation-ipod-touch this-concept-takes-cues-from-the-ipad-mini-design


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