What Should I Do If I am Inside UAE and My Visa Has Expired? (Having UAE Residence Visa/ Tourist Visa/ Visit Visa and It Has Expired)

Update JULY 10:

The earlier decision to extend the validity of visas and entry permits and emirates ID for those in the UAE from March 1 until December 31 of this year stands cancelled.

Effective July 12, 2020, the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has started its services on receiving renewal application for the expired residency visas and ID cards after March 1, 2020.

A grace period of one month is granted effective from the date of entering the country, is given to the Emiratis, GCC citizens and residents (who spent less than six months outside the country) for renewal of the documents.

A grace period of three months is granted to the Emiratis, GCC citizens and residents in the country of renewal of their documents whose visa and emirates ID are expired March 1 2020.

The residents who are staying outside the country and whose residency visa expired as of march 1 2020 or who have exceeded a period of six months outside the country, are granted a grace period to return to the country, effective from the date of the opening of the airspace between the two countries as per a specific schedule to be determined by the Federal Authority for Identity and citizenship

Administrative fees or fines shall be collected after the end of the said deadlines. No fines shall be collected during the exemption period. Administrative fees and fines shall be reactivated on all services provided by the authority from July 12.

visa expiry update july 2020

UAE authorities have clarified the latest rules related to COVID-19 for the validity of the visa.

What shall I do if my visa (residence /tourist/visit) has expired before March 1 2020?

In the situation, where in your visa is expired and you were unable to leave the country due to the Coronavirus restriction imposed by UAE authorities, Government has announced amnesty period from May 18th till August 18

  • If your visa expired before March 1, 2020, and you were unable to leave the country due to the coronavirus restrictions, an amnesty has been announced by UAE authorities from May 18 till August 18 for three months.
  • Amnesty period – May 18th 2020 until August 18th 2020  (The Council of Ministers issued a decree exempting all violators of the “Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners” from all fines incurred by them if the violation occurred before March 1 2020 and  if they are leaving the country during this period.
  • In case if you wish to stay in UAE and your visa is expired before March 1 2020, you will need to pay overstay fines and change your visa status by applying new visa.

Exceeding the grace period will be considered as overstay and are required to pay the below fines:

  • AED 225 for the first day;
  • AED 25 for each subsequent day till first 180 days;
  • AED 50 for each subsequent day till the first year;
  • AED 100 for each subsequent day, after the first year;

Since the details are varies from one individual to another we suggest you to contact Amer center or call 800 5111 in order to understand your visa validity and whether you would be liable to pay the fines.

You can also visit a Tasheel centre that offers visa and immigration services from GDRFA.

In order to apply for a visit or tourist visa , you may contact the travel agency.

What shall I do if my visa (residence /tourist/visit) is expired after  March 1 2020?

If your visa  (residence/tourist/visit) expired after 1st March 2020, and you are currently inside UAE, your visa has been extended till December 31 2020, provided visa holder is inside the country.

If you are having residence visa , currently outside the countryOpens in a new tab. and could not return to UAE due to the restriction imposed for COVID 19 you are also benefited from this visa extension and can return to the UAE even if you have been outside the UAE for more than 180 days.

What should I do if I wish to travel abroad and my visa is expired but has an extension until 31st December 2020.

As per the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs , all residents whose visa is expired after March 1 2020 will have their permits extended until December 31 2020.

However, if the residents who wish to travel abroad and the visas are expired after March 1, 2020 must renew their residency permits before the travel in order to avoid any problem while they returning back to UAE as the airlines outside UAE will check the validity of the UAE residency on the passports before allowing passengers to depart to UAE.

Hence it is recommended to renew your residency before you travel abroad.

What are the procedures to be followed by UAE citizens and residents while travelling?

UAE citizens and residents can submit an application through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website for approval.

 It is mandatory for all travelers to register through Tawajudi before travelling and should have a COVID 19 test 48 hours before travelling. Traveler once registered cannot change the destination once registered neither cannot travel anywhere else that they have not declared.

Traveler must ensure all requirements of the destination: Pre-travel check-up, health insurance, quarantine, tracking programmes/apps are met and follow the guidelines and precautions set by airport and the aircraft.

UAE authorities have categories the travel destinations into three categories:

First Group: Travel Destinations that are not fall under the dangerous destination

Second Group: Travel for Medical reason or family visit ( can travel only during emergency situations in order to seek the necessary health treatment or visit family of first degree or for a military, diplomatic and official missions)

Third Group: Travel destination that are fall under high risk destination

If the person who travelled outside UAE follow local guidelines and adhere to the precautionary measures set by the respective country.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19 OR and has the positive result of the COVID 19 , the traveler must inform the respective UAE Embassy/Consulate there .

While returning to UAE traveler must performed at an approved medical facility within 48 hours of entering the country and must go under 14 days quarantine either at home or hotel at their cost which could be limited to 7 days for returnees from less dangerous counties or professionals in vital sectors after a COVID 19.

It is also said that Senior citizens who are older than 70 are not allowed to travel.

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