UAE Labour Law in Arabic – Download PDF version

UAE Labour Law – Arabic version PDF

I have at least received 20+ requests for Arabic version of UAE Labour Law for download. I searched and referenced many places and I am happy to say that I have found an Arabic version of UAE Labour Law which you can download below.

This is an official version of UAE Labour Law obtained from Ministry of Labour website. It may not be formatted properly. Please make sure that you familiarise with the version.

Note: This is an ‘as is’ version for personal reference only. Please consult MOL prior to taking any decisions based on the Labour Law.

Enter your details below to download a copy of UAE Labour Law in Arabic.


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18 thoughts on “UAE Labour Law in Arabic – Download PDF version

  1. Pls , I want to confirm if my working visa has been applied.
    Name :akintoye
    Gender : female.
    Date ofbirth :11-08 -1985
    Nationality: Nigerian
    Passport no:A07532860

  2. Sir 35day before I signed mol offers letters for uae but till now visa not came can you tell myself status Name Mohammad sohrab
    Passport now G4870774
    Dob 07/07/1976
    Nationality Indian

  3. Here is passport number AO379099
    I change my job and I don’t if my work is working on my visa or not cause am confuse

  4. Dear Sir

    Its been almost 45 days my visa is not been stamped at cuold you please tell why its taking so long

  5. Dear deepak . today friday evening i got a call and the person in phone tell me that he is calling from emigration office and he told me to open emigration website then i asked for what reason . then he told me that my deportation procedure is this and we are deporting you .
    Whats the reason and nothing he told

    Is it a fake call

  6. dear sir,
    iam working in a company under limited contract . now i need to resign my job from this company .
    i am all ready 5 years in this company
    what are the procedures to resign
    will I able to get my 5 years graduation and what are the benefits.
    will I get labour ban?
    in this contract 1 year already finish .(limmited)

    1. Ashraf,
      What graduation are you talking about?
      To resign, you should submit a formal letter of resignation to your line manager and HR.
      I don’t think you will receive any labour ban for such long service.

  7. dear deepak

    plz, i work in dubai as a security but i needed to assist my uncle to work hia also (direct working visa from nigeria) in any maintenece/electrical company since he is a mechanical engineering graduate wt good years of experience but i had real link/ agent to do that for me…..plz cud u assist wt any agent 4me

    1. Yusuff,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  8. Hi Deepak,

    I have filed a labor complaint against my employer, and my first hearing was over last week, my employer said some customers owe money about 28k to the company…I was asked by the labor officer to collect the money in 10 days and get back for the next hearing which is due shortly,

    Appreciate if you could throw light on my queries ;
    1) Is payment collection my responsibility ?
    2)I resigned giving 15days notice and requested for considering remaining 2 weeks of balance leave to make up for remaining 15 days notice period. Is this valid if employer has consented and agreed to accept my resignation ?
    3) There have been salary deductions in between for 2-3 months citing no sale as reason, Can I claim this ?
    3a) I am off work for 2 months , can I clam this salary too ?
    4) If I’m not happy with the outcome on my next meeting, can I request for case to be transferred to court ?
    5) Will they impose a ban on me for 1 year if employer requests saying 1 month notice is not served in spite of them agreeing to accept my resignation ?

    Please advice,

    1. Naren,
      Since your case is with the MOL, I would not like to comment on this! Sorry!

  9. I want to know if I will get a ban if I quit my job after 1 year

    It is my first job in UAE
    At present Working in a LLC Company
    My contract is unlimited and visa status is Mechanical Engineer

    What if I am not able to get a job of 12k salary will I get a ban if I find job of salary say 5-8k

    I have heard Professionals Like engineers do not get a ban

    Please advice , Appreciate your response

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Peer,
      Nothing like that.
      You may get a labour ban.

  10. Dear sir
    I am Harish working in laundry company my working time 8am to10:30 more problem for my company. The company give tramintion I have ban sir

  11. I working one cargo company in dubai only 10 month i have my problems is my company work timing no proper actually my company timing 10am to 10pm but I working that company 17 hours to 20 hours daily no OT anything thr I want to leave that job I tel my boss I leave this job but my boss telling me I can cell do but me 1year ban come automatically plz plz give me any advice how I do normal ban

    1. Imran,
      First of all, why 1 year ban??
      Labour ban for breaking unlimited contract is 6 months.
      Are you on limited contract?

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