Retirement Age in UAE as per UAE Labour Law

When should I retire? At 60 or 65?

It is said that the knowledge and experience grows as you get older. I received couple of emails from readers asking me to clarify when is actually the retirement age in UAE as per the labour law.

As per the authorities, the retirement age currently is set at 65 years.

This rule was changed by Ministry of Labour in 2011 and the MOL does accept requests for work permits for individuals aged 60 and above. Prior to this, the rule the retirement age was set to 60 years. Post this MOL was not accepting requests for work permits.

Why 60 years?

This is a convention that has been followed by many countries. I believe it’s a thinking that past this age an individual may not be as quick and sharp as they used to be. But I guess, this is a wrong notion. Also it’s a way of making way for the new generation of workers to enter the labour market by retiring the older generation.

Benefits of  retirement at 65

Obviously the person is benefited as he/she will have more time in employment and earn an income.

It is also crucial since many highly specialised Doctors, Engineers can not be let go just because they have crossed 60 years of age. All the knowledge and experience that they have is definitely useful.

We must thank Ministry of Labour for raising the retirement age to 65 years in UAE.

How about retirement in UAE Free Zones?

Free Zones need not follow the rules set out by Ministry of Labour. They are free to form their own policies and procedures. Hence, it is not sure whether Free Zones in UAE do follow this rule of retirement age of 65 years.


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11 thoughts on “Retirement Age in UAE as per UAE Labour Law

  1. my name was Noel alcantara working at Dubai Government workshop-under Belhasa Recruitment agency sponsorship. Current age was 60, do I have a chance for renewing my visa under this new policy- my position was Automotive Service Advisor. Thank you for spending a minute of your time.

    1. As per the authorities, the retirement age currently is set at 65 years. However, You may please check with your company about renewing your visa.

  2. Good Morning:
    I am working in a private sector and I want to know that up to which age can stay in uae. Please reply me soon.
    Thanks & regards.

    1. Dear S.M

      Mandatory retirement age is 60 years , if your employer want to keep you they can renew your visa up to age 65 years .

  3. Dear sir,
    Retirement age start of the 60 years or completed 60 years .My birthday 2 nd Feb 1956, so I retirement year Feb 2016 or Feb 2017 pls inform

  4. You say that the retirement age is now 65 in the UAE. My husband’s company says that they have their own policy and that is to retire all of their employees when they reach the age of 60. I know that some like my husband want to work until 65 ( retirement age in our country is now at 66) . What should my husband do? Is it legal for companies in the UAE to have their own retirement policies?

  5. Is there any possibilities to stay and work at the age of 65 if your position in the company is only airconditioning foreman. Can you please clarify it. If the age of 65 can apply only with those professional . And what about the foreman profession in a private company. Can my husband still get a visa and work till he reach 65. Thank you and god bless.

    1. Susan,
      It depends on your physical fitness and the company to apply for extension of visa beyond 65 years.
      usually immigration approves 1 year visa.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I am on a limited contract (joined on 8th Nov 2014) and have resigned before the completion of my probation (on 5th May 15). In my resignation letter I have mentioned about giving the notice of 1 month and 6th June being my last working day.

    But today my manager called has has informed me that he will make my last working day as tomorrow (14th May 2015). Kindly guide if this is ok or will it be considered as shortfall in notice on my part.

    Also my current salary is AED 5000 and i have an offer of AED 12500 please advice on any implications.

    1. MA,
      Please comment on a relevant post. What has your query go to do with Retirement age? It will help other readers in the future.

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