Reader email: Can I work for another company when on Annual Leave?

Working for another company while on Annual Leave or Sick Leave

Couple of weeks ago I received this email: “I have been working for a company since 12 years and have only taken annual leaves 2 times and my leave balance of more than 150 days. I want to take part of leave salary in cash and I also have opportunity to do a small part time work in UAE for another company. Can I do that?”

working during sick leave annual leave

As per the UAE Labour Law, working for another company is illegal during your annual leave or sick leave.

This is clearly mentioned in the Article 88 of UAE Labour Law.

“During the annual leave or sick leave provided for hereunder, the employee may not work for another Employer; however, if the employer has established that the employee has done this, he shall have the right to terminate the service of employee without notice, and to deprive him of the leave pay due to him.”

By reading the above sentence, it is clear that, you are not supposed to work for any other company than your sponsoring company during your sick leave or annual leave. Working for another company or employer will result in termination if your employer becomes aware of the violation. In case you are found to be violating this law, you will first of all be terminated without any notice period and you will not be paid any leave salary that is due to you. So be careful about these issues.


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2 thoughts on “Reader email: Can I work for another company when on Annual Leave?

  1. dear deepak…..
    my visa will be expired on 29/12/2015 by passport and in pataka on 27/11/2015.
    i get one offer letter of a new job. but in offer latter i have only 30 days to join the duty.
    please guide methat i cancel my visa or a risk of ban….

    1. Bilal,
      Ban is possible as you are not completing your contract.
      Pls get in touch with MOL and enquire about your situation.

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