How can I currently renew my expired Tourist visa / Visit Visa? (Covid19) – Update 2021

Covid 19 and changes to the current situation – FAQ

UPDATE July 16, 2020: 

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has announced that visit visa or tourist visa holders who are inside UAE will have the grace period of one month until August 11 2020 either to renew the visa or to exit the county.
Also as per the latest announcement visa holders would also have the opportunities to apply for another 30-day extension on their grace period after August 11, 2020. The grace period is renewable one time by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. After which, the visit visa holders need to exit the country.
If the visa is not renewed or does not exit the country within the grace period overstay fines will be implemented.
It is strictly advisable to follow the regulations and update your visa status or exit the country within the grace period as the overstay fines for UAE visit visas are higher than the residence visa.

Overstay Fines for Tourist Visa and Visit Visa:

  • For the first day of the overstay AED 200
  • Each consecutive day AED 100
  • With the additional service fees of AED 100

As a visitor in Dubai, you may have many questions with regard to visa validity, labour card validity, etc. in this post I will address a few of the frequently asked questions and provide the solutions and answers.

coronavirus and uae labour law 2020 covid 19

#How can you currently renew my expired Tourist visa / Visit Visa?

All visit visas and Tourist visas are extended until December 31, 2020. There are no fines for any of the categories. The holders of visit visas of all kinds need to coordinate with the embassy of their countries to facilitate their departure.

#If you are a resident, how do you renew your residence visa if it expired after the 1st of March 2020? Are there any fines imposed on expired residence permits?

Residence visa has been extended to all holders and there is no need for renewal in effect until the end of December 2020, with exemption from delay penalties.

#What about Emirates ID? Is Emirates ID renewal currently suspended for expired ID cards? Are there any fines in case of not renewing?

Emirates ID has been extended to all holders and there is no need for renewal in effect until the end of December 2020, with exemption from delay penalties.

#How much does the Coronavirus test cost?

You can conduct coronavirus tests at the centers that were declared for a fee, except for the elderly, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, and people of determination.

# How can you renew my vehicle registration card? Is there a need to get my vehicle inspected?

You can renew your vehicle registration card (Mulkia ) through the Ministry of InteriorOpens in a new tab. smart channels without the need to conduct a technical examination and pay violations, with the need to obtain valid vehicle insurance.

#How can you renew your driving license? Do I need to conduct an eye test?

Customer can renew driver’s license through Ministry of Interior smart channels without the need to conduct eye test to be valid for one year and in case of providing eye test, the license will be renewed for a period of 10 years.

#Which entity can provide support to people who have difficulties in paying housing rent (and aid in general)?

Customers can obtain social support through Ministry of Community Development smart channels, in accordance with the Social Security Law.

#What are marriage procedures at the moment? How to get officially married during Covid19?

Customer can request for marriage service through Ministry of Justice smart channels and its courts in the Emirate of Sharjah, Ajman,Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

#What about UAE residents who are currently outside the country? How and when can they return to UAE?

Customers can visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website and register in “Residents TawajudiOpens in a new tab.” service, to request to return to the United Arab Emirates.


The Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship in the UAE announced a month’s extension of grace period on visit visas that expired after March 1. The authorities announced the extension on August 10, which was the initially announced deadline for these visit visa holders.

The one-month additional grace period is to start on August 11 with the aim of enabling them to leave the county with exemption from all fines during this period. This allows the visit /tourist visa holders to leave the country without paying overstay fines for a month starting August 11, 2020.

Can I change the visit visa/tourist visa status without exiting the UAE

 YES, if you are Inside country in UAE on a visit visa or tourist visa and you are unable to travel out of the UAE and that visa is going to expire you can apply for a new visa without the need of exiting the country.  

What is the procedure to follow to renew the visit or tourist visa inside the country?

Your visa has to be applied for by a sponsor who is a person or the organization who will be responsible for your while you are here in UAE.

According to the website of Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Your sponsor could be :

  • a hotel or tourist company
  • Airlines and airlines handlers
  • Other organizations based in the UAE

– Individuals (relatives or friends) already resident in the United Arab Emirates may, subject to guidelines, also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa

How to change the visit visa/tourist visa status?

If you are on a visit or tourist visa and unable to travel on or before the expiry of the said visa you can extend or change the current visa status without the need to exit the UAE. You can apply  for a 30-day or a 90-day visa and the cost will depend on the visa validity as well as the emirate that you are applying from.

For this, you can reach out to the concerned sponsor travel agency, Airlines, or other organization or to the individual (relatives or friends) where your visa was issued for the new visa at least 5 or 7 working days before your visa is about to expire.

What are the charges for changing the visit /tourist status while you are inside UAE ?

The cost will depend on the validity of the visa you are applying for as well as the emirate that you are applying from.

As of the moment, there is no limitation on how many times you can apply for the new visa,”

What are the documents required for processing visa inside the country while changing the status?

  • Passport copy (which should be valid for at least six months)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Old visa tourist/canceled visa copy
  • On arrival, nationalities would only require a Passport copy and photograph if they have entered UAE using an on-arrival facility.
  • If the visa was applied for by a relative or friend, they may need to submit a copy of their residence visa page.

How long does the process of changing a visit/tourist visa take?

The whole normal process for changing the visit /tourist visa takes three to five working days.

In case if you need it on urgent basis you may reach out to travel agents but this service at an additional cost.

Airport Closures: UAE extends the validity of tourist visas for one month (Update December 2020)

Due to the temporary airport closure and entry restriction around the world, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai issued instructions  on humanitarian order extending tourist visas extended for one month without government fees

The decision supports tourists and their families currently in the UAE to spend the New Year holidays.

Government entities will work to facilitate procedures for tourists over the coming period and collaborate with relevant authorities to ensure the safety of all visitors during their stay in the UAE.


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