Gratuity Calculation for Nannies and Housemaids in UAE (Complete Guide 2022)

How is gratuity for nannies calculated in UAE? Are Domestic Workers eligible for gratuity?

When the housemaid / nanny / domestic worker’s contract ends, she or he is entitled to an end of service benefit or gratuity.

According to Article 26 of UAE Domestic Workers Law, gratuity is calculated on the basis of 14-day wages for each year of service and any unpaid days of absence from work shall be included in the calculation.

Step by step guide to calculate your housemaid gratuity amount:

  • Step 1 : visit the Opens in a new tab. in a new tab.
  • Step 2: Search for domestic workers calculator
  • Step 3: Enter the Start and End date of the employment contract
  • Step 4: Enter the amount of salary mentioned in the labour contract
  • Step 5: Select the reason for leaving : contract ended, resigned or dismissed on probation period, workers resigned for no reason, worker resigned because employer breached the contract, workers dismissed for no reason, worker dismissed for breaching the contract
  • Step 6: Enter the other details if you have unpaid weekend allowance, annual leave salary , weekend allowance, work injury etc.
  • Step 7: Check the amount displayed on the total allowance tab and click on print for your record.

If the worker breaches the contract, According to Article 27 of UAE Domestic Workers Law workers shall be denied end of service compensation if the contract is terminated due to unlawful discontinuance of work or if the worker acts to terminate the contract without due cause.

According to Article 28 of UAE Domestic Workers Law if the worker has been arrested or detained, or charged with a criminal offence worker will not be entitled to any salary for the duration of workers detention.

If the employer breaches the contract without a reason the employer must pay compensation equal to the domestic worker’s one-month salary along with any other dues ordered by the court and provide a one-way return ticket to the worker’s home country.


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35 thoughts on “Gratuity Calculation for Nannies and Housemaids in UAE (Complete Guide 2022)

  1. Hi Deena, am working as a house maid and soon am finishing my contract in September and am hoping to come back after one month vacation in September in the same family,is it OK to ask my gratuity before starting another contract?or is this gratuity for only local people not foreigners?
    Due to much respect, am waiting for your response thanks.

    1. Hi,I believe you are entitled to receive gratuity after completing the contract with your employer, regardless of your nationality. The gratuity amount should be calculated based on the length of your service and your basic salary. You can request for your gratuity payment with your employer before starting another contract with the new employer, but it is recommended to clarify this with your employer beforehand. You can refer to the labor laws as well.

  2. Hi I’m working as full time servant for 5 yrs till now my visa will be done this 9 of November, I’m.still staying and renew, do I have right to ask about gratuity to my employer and ask for they’re considerations to give me the 5 yrs service of them?

    1. Hi, upon termination of your service you may request your employer for gratuity.

  3. Hi! I work with my employer for 20years up to this day.May I ask your help how to calculate my gratuity and my salary indicates 2,500 DHS./month.
    Please clarify me and thank you.

  4. Hi ma’am &Sir I would like to ask only if i have a right to get my end of service to my employer because she told me that i will not get anything

  5. Hi good day my concern is I will going to finish my contract this coming 1st of Dec 2022 and my boss told me to renew again but I want to go toy country for my vacation can I get my graduity? Before I renew again the contract I am nanny thanks I hope you will answer my question God Bless

    1. Hi, i understood from your query that you are renewing the contract with the same sponsor. In this case i don’t think you will be entitled for gratuity. However you may check with your sponsor on this.

  6. Hi good evening…please help me what can i do because im working for 13th years for the same family as of now they cancelled my visa because they don’t need me anymore because the children are going to college.. but they d’dnt give me graduity do i able to complain it so i can get my end of service to them…thank you very much waiting for you reply

  7. Hello good day i just want to ask because im going to vacation and i will comeback after 55days.. its my first time to have a vacation since i came here laat2018. I finish my first contract last 2020 but I didn’t go home coz of pandemic..
    now i want to know if can i have my gratuity and how can i know please help me coz im going for vacation and my employer told me that its not payable my vacation. Except of i will not comeback to them..
    Please help me i want to know thank you and god bless

  8. Hello! If end of contract and don’t want to renew anymore but will not go home in the country of origin, what are the benefits that are due to all domeatic workers specially housemaid and nannies.

      1. Hi Deena,am working as a house maid and soon am finishing my contract in September, but am hoping to come back after one month vacation in the same family. Is it OK to ask my gratuity before starting another contract?thanks

        1. Hi, You will only be able to get the gratuity after your termination of the employment with same family.

  9. Hi good day how can I take my gratuity after I giving my resignation as domestic worker for 3 finish contract

  10. Hi. If I get a local vacation can I have the ticket expenses and bonus together? Thank you

  11. Hello please what is the difference between ending a and finishing your Id?thank you

  12. Can I know if I’m eligible to have gratuity and how to calculate I’m working since 2014 my end of contract is 2023 I don’t have day off

    1. Hi, Please follow the steps mentioned in this article to calculate your gratuity.

  13. May I know my gratuity as a nanny how to calculate for 9yrs of service ..plse help me ..thank you so much for your precious time to reply my message ..

    1. Hi, You may please refer to the complete guide given on this article to calculate your gratuity.

  14. Good morning can I ask how to calculate my gratuity for 4 years and my salary indicate in my contract is 1500 aed also how about my ticket last 2020 and 2021 also my annual leave?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Step by step guide to calculate the gratuity amount is given in this article, please visit the link and enter your details to know your gratuity amount

  15. Do I supposed to follow the dates on ID or I HV to follow the date when I started working with my boss as a ananny

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