Gratuity Calculation for Nannies and Housemaids in UAE (Complete Guide 2022)

How is gratuity for nannies calculated in UAE? Are Domestic Workers eligible for gratuity?

When the housemaid / nanny / domestic worker’s contract ends, she or he is entitled to an end of service benefit or gratuity.

According to Article 26 of UAE Domestic Workers Law, gratuity is calculated on the basis of 14-day wages for each year of service and any unpaid days of absence from work shall be included in the calculation.

Step by step guide to calculate your housemaid gratuity amount:

  • Step 1 : visit the Opens in a new tab. in a new tab.
  • Step 2: Search for domestic workers calculator
  • Step 3: Enter the Start and End date of the employment contract
  • Step 4: Enter the amount of salary mentioned in the labour contract
  • Step 5: Select the reason for leaving : contract ended, resigned or dismissed on probation period, workers resigned for no reason, worker resigned because employer breached the contract, workers dismissed for no reason, worker dismissed for breaching the contract
  • Step 6: Enter the other details if you have unpaid weekend allowance, annual leave salary , weekend allowance, work injury etc.
  • Step 7: Check the amount displayed on the total allowance tab and click on print for your record.

If the worker breaches the contract, According to Article 27 of UAE Domestic Workers Law workers shall be denied end of service compensation if the contract is terminated due to unlawful discontinuance of work or if the worker acts to terminate the contract without due cause.

According to Article 28 of UAE Domestic Workers Law if the worker has been arrested or detained, or charged with a criminal offence worker will not be entitled to any salary for the duration of workers detention.

If the employer breaches the contract without a reason the employer must pay compensation equal to the domestic worker’s one-month salary along with any other dues ordered by the court and provide a one-way return ticket to the worker’s home country.

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