Absconding in UAE Labour Law (2023 Update)

Absconding: What does the UAE Labour Law say?

An “absconding case” refers to a situation where an employer reports that one of their employees has run away or disappeared without notice.

Sometimes employees leave their jobs without telling their employers. This is called ‘absconding.’ There are different reasons why this happens. Understanding why people might do this can help both employers and employees create better workplaces and prevent such situations.

Several factors can contribute to absconding cases in the UAE. It’s essential to understand these factors to address and prevent them effectively. Here are some common reasons:

  • Poor working conditions
  • Low salary or wage disputes
  • Unmet promises by employers
  • Abuse or mistreatment at work
  • Non-payment of wages
  • Contract violations
  • Personal circumstances or emergencies
  • Better job opportunities elsewhere
  • Lack of awareness about legal rights
  • Visa and residency permit issues

If you have absented yourself from your workplace for a continuous period of 7 days, your employer can report you as Absconding! It is that simple! As the word itself suggests, Absconding means not showing up for work without any valid reason or without informing your Manager or HR in advance. There may be many reasons for you not to attend the office or work. But it is your duty and obligation to inform about your absence in advance to your manager.

To file such a report, there are certain conditions that must be met, and the Public Prosecution officer needs to make sure these conditions are followed:

  1. If the employee being reported already has a complaint or a labor lawsuit pending with the appropriate ministry or court, an absconding report cannot be filed.
  2. If the employee is on sick leave, maternity leave, regular leave, or is absent for a valid reason, and it has been less than seven consecutive days since the start of their leave or lawful absence, an absconding report cannot be made.
  3. If the employer knows the employee’s whereabouts, and the employee can be contacted and brought back to the Ministry without any issues, an absconding report is not allowed.
  4. If the employee has not been absent from work for seven consecutive days or if they don’t meet the conditions mentioned in Article 1 of this decision, an absconding report should not be filed.
  5. If the employment relationship has ended for any reason, and it has been less than three months since the termination, whether or not the worker has a complaint or a labor lawsuit pending before the appropriate ministry or court, an absconding report cannot be submitted.
  6. If the interruption in work occurred due to unforeseen events or urgent necessity, and the worker couldn’t inform the employer, whether immediately after the end of leave or while at work, an absconding report is not allowed.
  7. If the communication about the absence is found to be false according to Article 12 of this decision, an absconding report should not be registered.
  8. If the report is made with malicious intent, in accordance with the provisions of Article 12 of this decision, an absconding report cannot be filed.
  9. In any other case where the competent employee is not convinced by the reasons for the request, they must refer the matter to the department or office director and issue a written order..

So, these are the conditions that need to be considered when deciding whether to file an absconding report or not.


Filing an absconding report

If your employee has not reported working for continuous 7 days and if you believe that your employee is inside UAE, you can file an Absconding report with Ministry of Labour. This is mentioned in the Ministerial Resolution No. (721) for 2006 of Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 on Escape Report Procedures.

absconding in uae labour law resolution

Documents required to file Absconding Report:

  • Make sure that the employee is inside country. For this, take print of Personnel File from eDNRD site or from Immigration to prove that the employee is inside UAE. Fees for this is AED 120.
  • Passport copy;
  • Labour Card or Emirates ID copy;
  • Labour Establishment Card copy;
  • Original e-signature card of the authorised signatory;
  • Trade License copy;
  • Date of abscond;
  • Application Fee: Dh53 should be paid at Tas’heel Centre

Process to file Absconding report (Steps to follow):

  • Type electronic abscond application from Tas’heel Centre;
  • Wait for online approval by next day;
  • Take approval print-out and submit at Immigration Department along with Trade License copy & Immigration Establishment Card copy;
  • Immigration fee: AED 340 (in Dubai) (subject to change).
    • Air Ticket fare should be deposited at Immigration for some nationalities.
    •  Immigration fee: AED 5350 (Sharjah). Part of the amount will refunded after employee’s exit.

What if I have FAKE ABSCONDING report?

In the UAE, if your employer wrongly claims that you ran away from your job (called ‘absconding’), they can be fined 5,000 Dirhams. If your employer has falsely reported you as an absconder, here’s what you can do:

  1. Contact the Ministry: First, get in touch with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Ask them for your work-related rights, like your final pay and benefits.
  2. Ask for Legal Help: You can request the Ministry to involve the Labour court, which handles work-related disputes. This can help you get your unpaid salary and other benefits.
  3. Hire a Lawyer: It’s a good idea to hire a lawyer who knows UAE labor laws. They can make sure you’re properly represented when dealing with the authorities and the court.
  4. Share Important Details: Your lawyer will need to know more about your job, your employment contract, why you were let go, and if there were any accusations against you. These details matter in your case.
  5. Be Careful: Mishandling this situation could lead to problems like being detained or deported without getting the benefits you deserve. So, it’s important to seek legal help and follow the correct steps to resolve the issue.

Remember, UAE rules are in place to protect employees from false accusations, and companies can be fined if they make untrue claims of employees being absconders.

What if employee has actually Absconded?

If it is verified that the worker had not been working in the organization throughout the previous three months or /and rather was working with another organization holding the visa of the old organization, the employee might be given a one-year ban regardless of the possibility that the report is cancelled.

How to cancel Absconding Report?

A company may cancel an absconding report in the event that they give an endorsement that there was a mistake in the report. For instance, the name included wasn’t right or the worker was hospitalized or was detained and was absent due to this from work.

If you are an employee, then you can provide valid proof that they have attended work and that they have informed the concerned management. If you find that your name appears on the Absconding list and that you have actually kept your employer informed about your absence, you can approach the Ministry of Labour and provide them with proof.

How to report Employee Absconding when the employee is out of UAE?

If you know that your employee is out of UAE, then you can not file an absconding report. However, when you are cancelling the visa of the employee, you may request to impose one year ban on the employee.

If an employee leaves a job without notice in the UAE, will there be a ban on returning to the country? Does this impact working in other Gulf countries?

Yes, leaving a job this way in the UAE could lead to a ban. The ban might stop them from returning to the UAE for a while, or even forever. But usually, this ban only applies to the UAE, not other Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

To know more about bans and how long they last, it’s a good idea to ask the authorities in the specific country you’re interested in. Just remember, rules can change, so it’s important to keep up to date.

How to make a Labor Complaint to MOHRE?

If you have a problem at work in the UAE and want to complain to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), here‘s how you can do it:

  1. Visit Twa-fouq Centers: These centers are approved by MOHRE and are there to help employees and employers settle issues. They try to find a solution that works for both sides.
  2. Provide Information: When you go to the center, you need to give them all the important documents and information related to your case. This includes your passport, Emirates ID card, work contract, termination notice, and other details about your employer and company. If you can, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer help you with this process to protect your rights.
  3. Be Patient: The process can take a few weeks with the Ministry. If the case goes to court, it can take longer, especially if the employer has their own claims.
  4. It’s Usually Free: Normally, you don’t have to pay anything for this process. However, if the amount of money you’re claiming is over 100,000 Dirhams, you might need to pay a court fee, which is 5% of the claimed amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on Absconding in the UAE

What is absconding in the UAE?

Absconding means leaving your job without telling your boss or breaking your work agreement.

What can happen if my boss says I’m an absconder?

You might face problems with the law, be sent out of the UAE, or find it tough to get another job there.

Can my boss say I’m an absconder for no reason?

No, they need good reasons and must follow rules to call you an absconder.

Can I complain if my boss wrongly calls me an absconded?

Yes, you can complain to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to dispute false claims.

What proof should I collect to defend myself against being called an absconder?

Collect documents like your work contract, firing letter, messages with your boss, and proof of valid time off.

Can I quit my job if I’m mistreated or not paid without being called an absconder?

Yes, you can leave if you’re mistreated or not paid. Talk to MOHRE for help.

How long does it take to fix an absconding issue?

It varies but might take a few weeks with MOHRE and longer if it goes to court.

Does it cost money to file an absconding case or complaint?

Usually, it’s free, but there might be fees if the amount you claim is very high.

Do I need a lawyer for my absconding case? 

It’s advisable to talk to a lawyer who knows UAE work laws to protect your rights.

Can my boss get in trouble for falsely saying I’m an absconder?

Yes, bosses can be fined for making false absconding claims.

Can I come back to the UAE after being called an absconder?

If you leave your job without notice in the UAE (absconding), you could face a one-year employment ban. During this time, you can’t work in the UAE, and other employers can’t hire you. Returning can be tough but possible with legal help and solving the case.


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    1. Hi, If your work visa has expired in April, and there were administrative delays in processing your case, it’s essential to take immediate action. You should consult with your employer or an immigration authority to address this issue properly.

  2. I am a Citizen of India. I am working to microfinance job i am resign type abscond do u have cv to remove my abscond

  3. Hie
    I am working as a nurse in uae
    As I experienced the word Abscond here is kind of weapon that employer using to make scare the employee .
    My company didn’t not paid me salary I made a complaint I got termination letter .
    Now the company accounts and HR both together not willing to pay my dues as they want to put my money in their own pocket.
    And some more demanding from me money to not put me under abscond .
    As it becomes the worst working experience
    Just simple thing if I prove I am not abscond and I am been exploited here badly then who will be exact responsible for the trouble I am going through.
    We are preparing hardly for Health authorities exams license fee everything to be get abscond .

    1. Hi, If you have evidence of unfair termination, unpaid wages, or mistreatment, file a complaint with UAE Labor Authorities. For legal support, consult with a specialized labor lawyer to guide you in pursuing your rights.

  4. Hie
    I am working as a nurse in uae
    As I experienced the word Abscond here is kind of weapon that employer using to make scare the employee .
    My company didn’t not paid me salary I made a complaint I got termination letter .
    Now the company accounts and HR both together not willing to pay my dues as they want to put my money in their own pocket.
    And some more demanding from me money to not put me under abscond .
    As it becomes the worst working experience
    Just simple thing if I prove I am not abscond and I am been exploited here badly then who will be exact responsible for the trouble I am going through.

    1. Hi, If you have evidence of unfair termination, unpaid wages, or mistreatment, file a complaint with UAE Labor Authorities. For legal support, consult with a specialized labor lawyer to guide you in pursuing your rights.

  5. hi, if my cancellation expire before i put visit visa, will i get abscond automatically?

  6. Overall, your blog post not only educated me on the concept of absconding but also provided valuable insights into the UAE Labor Law. Your efforts in researching and presenting this information are commendable, and I would like to express my gratitude for sharing your knowledge with your readers. Visit Here – https://www.elplegal.com/employment-lawyer-in-dubai

    1. Hi, If you want to resolve the issue, reach out to the appropriate authorities or immigration department. Explain your situation and ask for their guidance on how to rectify the matter.

  7. If dubai three month visit visa holder is not exit his visa period and sponsor report for absconding the how much will pay for absconding fee

    1. If a Dubai visit visa holder does not exit the country before the visa expiry date and is reported as absconding by their sponsor, they may be required to pay an absconding fee. The amount of the fee can vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa, the length of overstay, and the specific circumstances of the case. Generally, the fee can range from a few hundred dirhams to several thousand dirhams. It is best to consult with the relevant authorities or a legal professional for more specific information and guidance on this matter.

  8. Hi, I had an absconding case against me because of overstaying. before 2 days ago I removed it from Al Awir Immigration and paid all fines. Now my company has been applied for my employment entry permit and still GDRFA said ” Visit Require” My company already visited there. What should I do? Do I want to go again there or to process it takes time?

    1. Hi it is better to visit and have it checked what exactly required to do from your end.

      1. Hello I would like to know how much is absconding removal if only it happened automatically due to overstaying

  9. Hi sir, I would like to ask. We came from cross country and we completed our contract there. We stayed in Dubai for over a year..

    1. Does it mean we are absconded if the visa wasn’t renewed?
    2. Is the absconded automatically generated in the system if we are not visa renewed after a year?

    Thank you for your response.

    1. Hi, If you have not done the cancellation process as per the sponsor’s requirement there are chances of you getting absconded. Better to check with your company for the status.

  10. Recently My company filed the absconding case against to me. When I was come back from vacation. After meet with the manager as per him he will canclled my visa.but he filed case as absconding like people has runways. But I’m there companies accommodations. I have visa till 6 months visa valid with this same company. Plz let know what should i do in this situation. I have my passport and EID with me.

    1. Hi
      My sister was working as a maid on full employment till when the employing family lost a father and eventually the lady decided to buy a ticket so as to fly her back home without agreement.
      My sister still wanted to take time and find another employer only to realize the lady had placed absconding.

    2. Dear Call to Labor Advisory Center, Raised a Complaint against your employer
      Hope they will resolved your problem

    3. Hi , if they abscond me and I don’t have money to remove the abscond but I wish to get maybe in like three or 4 coming moths they will not take from me fines

      1. Hi, if you’ve been absconded by your employer and lack the funds to resolve fines, it’s recommended to contact immigration authorities to discuss your situation and explore options for resolving the issue.

  11. hi can anyone guide me that my company put me absconding on 29 june and last month got labor approval for removal of absconding but still my immigration shoes my file is temporarily block so how many day i have to remove block from immigration or i will be travelban.


  12. I am a visitor here in Dubai and not working but my name was placed on abscond all because I am having a overstay…and now I want to settle with the abscond with the traveling agency but they are asking me to paid my overstay fine and renewed my visa there at the same time…so the amount is higher than what I expected…what can I do friends?

    1. First I hope that your problem will be soloved if not so, Than Kindly First Removed your absconding case after that Apply for fine waivor along with Company Offer Letter which should be issued from Labor Ministry.

  13. Hi my employer message me 3 days ago that he has absonded me whiles im sear ching for another job as he called for a meeting that we should be searching for another job because his business not going as he want so he want to close the shop…..how would i know truely ive been absconded?

  14. Hi my visa will expire on Nov. 2022
    I am runaway my employer didn’t file any case against me what can I do after my visa?

    1. Hi I would suggest you to contact your employer and request for visa cancellation.

  15. hi , just want to ask, i have friend she was cancelled and after her grace period she exceeded days and when she is applying for new visa now she found out that her former employer has filed an absconding case… it is consider an absconding when you are already cancelled and is not affiliated to the previous company? … can you help whats the next step?

    any advise will help.

    Thank you.. Godbless!!!

    1. In this case If the person is not in contact with former employer, employer has the right to file a case

  16. I was working with Alliance insurance company, I got an termination letter after a month when they applied for visa cancellation, I had a civil case from a bank, visa was not cancelled. By the time my labour card validity expired so my company did absconding case because they don’t want to pay the fine. Now My Visa validity also expired. I settled amount to bank & Having Dubai court settlement judgement letter & police clearance letter. I have a offer from new company. Now My old company asking me around AED 1500 to arrange and pay the fine to remove absconding case & for visa cancellation. What I will do shall I will have to pay the fine or this is old company will pay & remove. If delay happens my offered job may revoke so kindly suggest.

  17. I was working with an insurance company, I got an termination letter after a month when they applied for visa cancellation, I had a civil case from a bank, visa was not cancelled. By the time my labour card validity expired so my company did absconding case because they don’t want to pay the fine. Now My Visa validity also expired. I settled amount to bank & Having Dubai court settlement judgement letter & police clearance letter. I have a offer from new company. Now My old company asking me around AED 1500 to arrange and pay the fine to remove absconding case & for visa cancellation. What I will do shall I will have to pay the fine or this is old company will pay & remove. If delay happens my offered job may revoke so kindly suggest.

    1. Hi i would suggest you to speak to your old company and share your concern on this.

  18. hello i have private driver visa for 4years with my local sponsor, i am paying for my visa since the first time. i ask him for cancellation last year already, my visa was expired last april 2022 and tried getting my cancellation but i found out that there is absconding case. i went tadbeer but advised me to call mohre first, i called mohre and told me to request to withdraw the absconding case from tadbeer. waiting for few days to get the result , but mohre called me that my sponsor doesnt want to remove it and advised me to apply once more in tadbeer for absconding withdrawal. what shall i do? i never absconded .
    thanking you for your kind asistance and reply.

  19. hello sir ,
    my question is if i am going vacation my sponsor can file absconding case against me ?

    1. Hi, yes there may be chances , only if you are going without informing the company.

  20. Hello, I recently resigned from my company and did my one month notice as well but at the end of the notice period, my manager told me that the VP of the company had rejected my resigination. I reported my case to the HR who advised to re-send my resigination again but still it was rejected by the HR. It’s been now 2months when am not working and the HR has told me that they are just going to terminate me and put absconding. Is this legal?? Please advise I dont know what to do

    1. Hello, I recently resigned from my company and did my one month notice as well but at the end of the notice period, my manager told me that the VP of the company had rejected my resigination. I reported my case to the HR who advised to re-send my resigination again but still it was rejected by the HR. It’s been now 2months when am not working and the HR has told me that they are just going to terminate me and put absconding. Is this legal?? Please advise I dont know what to do

        1. I’m Richard Agyeman from Ghana. I overstayed and absconded so I applied for a fine reduction to make my ID but was denied and told to pay all my fines and now I don’t have money, please I want to exit the country what should I do

          1. If you have been told to pay all your fines and cannot afford to do so, you may need to seek assistance from your embassy or a local charity organization that provides support for people in your situation

  21. Hello sir/ maam my company they put me abscounding case but i applied other company i already informed them and im not leave my accommodation im staying same company my new company they take time to give me visa my visa is under processing but still they put me under abscounding my ex company i informed to hr and camp boss. Still they put me abscounding so how can i remove my abscounding help me please thank you.

      1. Hi, Can i ask a question? ,its is true that after 1 year there is a absconding lift ban?

        1. hello, if a lady was brought by an agent who cancelled her visa and put her abscond on be knowing to her after working for six months. what will she do to clear the abscond if she want to continue living in UAE and what’s the cost

        2. Because of financial reason I could not extend my visa and my travel agency put absconding case on me now I am getting job here in Dubai even I have my offer letter and work permit is there any one who can help me out I am 19 years old and I want to start my career in Dubai but because of this case I can’t join my company

  22. if my visa is finished and I get my cancellation paper my passport and my ticket from the employer, but I missed my flight, and I apply for my visit visa and I get to know that there is absconding on me. while I finished my contract, I canceled my visa, my visa was issued by Abudhabi and I was working in Dubai as a home servant (maid), is there any guidance please help me out, I am getting a good offer and I want to settle my visa status.

    1. Hi, I would suggest you to contact your employer to clear your absconding status.

  23. can i ask question example have absconding because she run away to her employer.. then she dont have any documents only copies of her passport and emirates now she want to get new passport which is she will file for lost passport.. is it possible she can apply for new passport? and it can be big problem also for her

    1. Hi, I would suggest you to check with the respective consulate or embassy on this case.

  24. Hello sir I worked in Abu Dhabi for three months as a house maid but due to issues my madam fired me at night and the next day she sent me a cancellation letter, later I took the family to labour court for not paying but they didnt show up but the result they placed an absconding on me, when I called her she said it’s non of her business and she doesn’t care please can I lift an absconding without her applying for absconding removal because someone is asking me 1500 to help me remove absconding is it possible

  25. I came in dubai for 2month 2weeks and am in the company they started my processes and am under training and they take me to do medical test and am unfit and I don’t know anything about that and they send me to go and work they didn’t give me my airport pass so I went and ask them for my last training and my pass and they told me that am untainted and I ask them for what reason and they said I should go to police station and report that I won’t to go back to my country

  26. Sir my company in ajman. I am my Patner visa cansil come my country Bangladesh. I.am out site my local Patner min my arbap black list tiping my name. Applay vist visa but rejected my visa.

  27. Hello sir
    i am in UAE and am on overstay for almost 2and half month but the visa company said they have put me in absconding and if i have the money i should pay the absconding fee and fine but my agent said i can pay for absconding fee 1st then later i will pay for the fine i dont know how true is this pls can you enlighting me more plss. the agent said the absconding fee is 3000aed but i heard someone said its just 1500 so pls i dont really know and i just got another work and am planing if its true i should pay for the absconding fee and got salary and pay for my fine

  28. Hello. In my Dubai visa my profession is follow up clerk, actually I work as a nursery teacher. Since Covid started I continue working online for the same company. In October 2020 my limited contract was renewed for the next 2 years. We agreed verbally I’ll work online only and do self pay for my visa, so I did. In May 2021 I left the UAE with verbal permission from my online manager and continued working g from my home country. I had to leave due to thyroid issues, I have large swellings on my throat and have CT scan. Now my manager asks me to come on site and if I don’t there’ll be an absconding case against me. I don’t want it bacause I might want to come back in the UAE one day. Is it possible to resign being outside of the UAE and how? How to check if I’m in absconding list? What if I travel to the UAE and I have the case, could I be arrested or what to expect? Please guide me.

  29. Dear Sir
    My employer cancelled me by paying all benefits. In the cancellation it was mention that I have to leave UAE or change visa status within 7 days but I couldn’t change my visa status and stay UAE more than 12 days, day 14 my sponsor file a escape case and it was approved by the GDRFA. No Can I get visa or travel? How can I lift escape case?

  30. Simple question. Is it law that upon completion of contract and moving to a new company that you must supply your old employer with a copy of the new company’s letter of offer?

  31. Hello Sir,
    My company put me under abscond sometime back in October 2020, so I’m 10 months overstay now. So today, I called them and they told me to go to immigration, that immigration will remove the abscond cuz for the past 6 months I’ve been calling n calling for them to remove. So last month the company told me it was on process and today I called and they said I should go to the immigration and they will remove it. So can it be possible the immigration had granted the approval to remove it and I only need to go there to finalise everything and pay my fines? Cuz I really want to do a new Visa for myself.

    1. If you will go to the Embassy like your company told you so, you put your self in danger. They will put you in jail. Even you will pay your fines. Still they will put you in jail then for deportation.

      Good Luck.

  32. Hello.

    I was working with a Taxi company in sharjah since 2017, and my contract support finish in August, 2020. In March 2020 during the total lockdown, the company withdrawn the taxi from me, and place me on 400Dirham’s monthly.

    As the law says employee should tender a letter giving company notice in case of not renewing the contract, on 7th day of July, 2020 I wrote to the company to notify them of my intention not to renew the contract stating to pay my gratuity and return flight ticket back to my home country but the company decline.

    At this point, in July, 2020 I sued the company to court where my passport was handed to me by the court, while the case is going on, the company went and place me on abscond, I came encountered with police on several occasion and was told to go and settle with my company.

    One of my colleague who we are in the same process and on same stage at the court was arrested last week and still detention and heading for Deportation.

    On this, what will I do to seek justice from this issue?

  33. I was cancelled by my previous company last August 2020, and I’m overstayed for 10 mons now but I’ve found job who’s willing to give a visa and to pay all my penalty fines but my old company file a Absconding Case against me due to I didn’t give any tourist visa at all. and now they asking me to pay 2500 AED. Isn’t it a real amount to lift the case?

    1. IF there is an absconding case against you, you will have to request your old company to lift that by paying the fees. You may also have to pay the penalty for overstay.

      1. in the case of the company Already shut down and the Boss a returned back to his home country, what can the employee do to remove the absconding

      2. Why would the company filed absconding case when the employee has resigned already? Absconding is when an employee has not been reporting to work for 7 days straight. How can an employee report to work if he was cancelled already? What’s the purpose of his old company asking for a copy of new visa from his new employer? Pls. educate me. Thanks.

  34. Hello There,

    I had a 90days tourist visa from a tourist company in Abu Dhabi through an agent in Dubai. After 62days spent on my tourist visa, I had a job from a company in Fujairah who issued an employment visa for me. But my new employer delayed my change of status for about 45days, and when they applied for my change of status, it got rejected indicating that there is a case on my name. I called the agent who processed my tourist visa to know if they have put any case on me but they said no. I then went to the immigration to verified the reason for the rejection and I was told that the tourism company who issued my visa had put an abscond on me, but my agent said they did not informed them about my overstay and that they could have informed to change my status earlier.
    Now, the tourism company is asking me to pay them 4000AED for them to remove the abscond but I have no money on me now as I have not even started working with my new employer.
    Please, what can I do?

  35. Hi Deepak,
    Glad to hear you .
    I am Pradeep Raghavan and I am in Dubai right now. I was working in a construction company and now I am on redundancy . I am facing lots of issues in Financial matters within UAE and now I am planning to invest in Share trading. Can you please guide me in trading on share market so that I can overcome my burdens to settle my financial problems within UAE. I do not want to abscond or cheat the country as this country has given me a great value to overcome my burdens in India. If possible can I meet you personally.

    Hope to hear you soon

    Pradeep Raghavan

  36. Hello
    One of our employee joined and left on the same date. All the process is being done by the typing center. I want to know what is this bank guarantee that is 3000/-. What is the benefit that the company will get if we pay this? Please help and let me know as the process too.


    1. You will have to cancel the labour approval/card and the deposit will be refunded. Since it is a gank guarantee, your deposit will be returned to bank.

      1. Hello Sir good day. I want to ask about my situation i have absconding case. I did complain in Mohre about my boss in cleaning company and to my sponsor. Because my boss did for me a housemaid visa but im working in his cleaning company. I have no offer letter and labour contract. And the sponsor’s name i dont know him. And the mohre told me go in the immigration tell them you have absconded and the mohre they cant help you about this only the immigration because i want cancellation because the company also they dont give us our salary and they take also my passport. And i paid also my medical, typing and the emirates id. Please give me advise for this problem. If i go in immigration what possible they do to me? Thankyou

        1. Only Immigration department can help in absconding case. Hope your situation improved.

          1. Herllo sir we have been kidnaped by our employer because they abuse us a work and we stoped work .. so we called police to release us , can she abscond our working passort?

            1. Hi sir can I ask about me also. July 29 while I’m on my work me and my manager have a little misunderstanding about work. Then July 31 Saturday before I planned to go work I chat my boss in WhatsApp about our schedule booking time and I ask him who will pick up me then he read my chats but after that he suddenly block me. I wait whole day maybe he just still angry with me but because he didn’t unblock me I feel strange that’s why I tried to send resignation letter through email for my safety and august 1 I went to tasheel and ask some advice I tell them that my boss ignoring me then they said I try to go back on our office and I go back there to ask what he’s plan to me then he just ignoring me and he didn’t want to talk to me he just said I don’t care and don’t talk to me just talk directly to my sponsor then I tell him if you don’t want me anymore cancel me now. But still he didn’t talk to me after that I don’t know what will I do now but still I tried to call him and chat him but he block me even in contacts still I send him message but he ignored me and even all my clients they asking me he’s telling I’m not available and after that he’s telling I’m not in company anymore but still I tried my best to apologize with him for our misunderstanding but I feel no more chance then suddenly he told me I don’t care even you call police then I go to tasheel I ask to check my status then they said my passport already in immigration. They are also keeping our passport

        2. Hello sr how are my boriplem l have absconding cancellation am go to immigration after migration asking me your old campny just moves another guy not remove this abscond ok am asking old campny l want remove abscond like this hi is not me make your abscond after closing telephone l want contact my old campny and me after immigration my borsose do thanks so much help mee am on cancellation abscond in sharjah my visa

    2. I’m only visit visa, and I’m willing to pay my fine for only 6days,why the agency abscond Ed, pls help me what shall I do.?

      1. Not sure about other aspects here for you. Are you saying you have absconding case and have you cancelled your visa? Now you are on visit visa. That’d not be possible to come here if you’ve absconding case.

        1. how to clear my absconding as im tourist visa and want to change my visa inside country.

        2. travel agency demanding 4000 aed .i cant afford this high penalty .my visa expire on 17feb was sick could not get back and travel agency put absconded although it was announced government relaxation for one month. once inside country visa change it got rejected,although ica system showing visa validity 31march.

          1. Hi Muna,
            My friend is also in same situation. Have u been able to lift ur absconding case ?
            Kindly advise.

  37. Dear Sir,

    I was employed by a UAE based company.

    I was under probation and during this period i was very badly treated by a Iraqi, in Oman.

    I left for india and submitted resignation by email.and also offered to settle dues.

    now they are falsely accusing me of stealing, i have not signed any documents or do not even have bank account.

    They are threatening that I come to Dubai and settle their dues.

    They are not ready to settle dues from India.

    Please advise if they can file any case in India against me.

    1. For your own safety, better to stay in India.
      What are the dues for and what is the stealing accusation?
      I don’t think they can file a case in India.

  38. I’m absconding right now and my problem I want to going home by travel document but I’m scared go to police station that I’m absconded now just only I have copy passport only and I need police report for having travel document

  39. hi i was terminated from a company , although i have 25 years experience in big companies, i was terminated February 1. 2020, i requested them to hold my visa cancellation because my kids exams were due, else i have to cancel there visa and then my visa, then there was lock down in UAE due to covid and there were no flights , however i was reply to company emails and replying to calls, but without informing me they put absconding case for me , when i went to cancel my family visa to sent them back home , at that time i know there is case absconding case , because of this i lost air ticket covid test in all Aed : 2500, now i spoke to them they removed absconding case but asking me to pay 2600 dhs. fine. is this legal
    i dont have any money to pay , my family still in dubai
    pls. suggest

  40. Hi dear Deepak
    I am owner of compny.
    One of my employe not in my contac and his visa expired labour and immigration.
    So I have to abscound first labor and then immigration?
    Can I abscound without his passport?
    I have to pay deposit immigration or not?

  41. I have put case on my company and they put complaint on me that abscond so now whyat will i do? Can i go to oman by road for sumdays?

  42. I was working in Semi Government company of Sharjah. I was on probation and took emergency leave came to Oman after that I have sent my resignation but they did not acknowledge my resignation. No I would like to come to UAE to sell my car and other stuff but I found that they have filed an absconding report against me.
    Kindly suggest how can I enter in UAE and sort out my issues. I dont have any outstanding with bank and credit card.

  43. You have provide notice for the labour contract expiry and not visa expiry.
    Although the visa has expired, it has not been officially cancelled.
    You have to sort this out with your company and cancel the visa officially through Immigration.

  44. I was worked in an private cleaning company in UAE, At that time i have been subjected to verbal abuses, stressful workplace etc, I was decided and i sent a notice period resignation letter to the company management but the management did not consider my mail, After 30 days again i sent a remainder mail regarding my resignation but i did not got any response from the management, I cant able to face the stress, i arranged my air tickets and i left from UAE, I came back to India. I have been in India for 5 months. Now i got a good offer in another company, That company HR’s asking me to join ASAP. I am afraid now, is it possible to work again in UAE. Please give me solution for this that will be really helpful for my carrier

    1. If your company has reported you absconding, you may not be able to enter UAE.
      You may also have labour ban. These information can be received from Imiigration.

      1. i appreciate your reply, Thanks for it… Is it possible to come UAE by visit visa?

  45. Hi,
    What does that letter mean given by GDRFA saying “Temporary Closure-Absconding”

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for the reply, we applied for an employee absconding, labor called both employee and employer but labor office approve the absconding and then we applied the same in Immigration and then immigration gave us that paper I mentioned in first question.

        1. Hi Mr.Deepak
          My company terminated without prior notice so i filed case for my dues ans they also make cross case on me for dues after 2 years finally case finished i was overstay due to case i cancel my visa from labour but i give application for fine remove they told me there is absconding case on i am wonder how asbcondinf even i had case with two years kindly advise someone told me dont go immigration they detained and deport even i have proof of case docuements with them please really apperciated

    1. How could he possibly put me on “absconding” when I am not in UAE? It contradicts the information on your post.

        1. Ah some confusion Deepak, let me explain. In order to mark an employee absconding it needs some form of proof or a confirmation from immigration officials that I am inside the UAE as per your post but, the fact that I am outside the UAE since 5 months and being cleared to GO makes me dubious about the claim that I’ve been put on absconding. What do you think about this situation? Thanks a bunch 🙂

          1. If you are outside UAE, absconding may not be issued. If you were reported absconding, immigration would not let you leave UAE.

  46. dear sir i was working with a company in dubai in 2016 my company name is auto korea motors llc .once day on duty i shout with my boss for salery after that my company putt a falls abscond on me and my pasport with air ticket give to cid police police catch me front of my company gate and the next day deport me from uae now i m in pakistan i want to come back in uae many time i applay vist visa but rejected dear sir i m a poor persan plz help me my email is [email protected]

  47. hellow am ryan and i wont to ask i have absconding case but i wont to go back in my country i wont to now that dont have any poblem in air port tomorow is my flight pleas i need a answer thank you have i nice day

  48. HI
    I am Khurrum from Pakistan, in his Feb i had joined a company at UAE (Hamriya Free Zone) but in last week my father was critically Ill and i have to come here My company allow me for three days visit at Pakistan, but here it is the situation is not good to go back & continue my job there at Sharjah (UAE) i inform to my manager as well, but if HFZ Authority & my company declared me as Absconding, Then what will be the Difficulties & Hurdles I faced in future. e.g ” Is there life time Ban on me to come at UAE, or Just One Year BAN on me ?”
    Please tell me the Answer of this in details.

  49. Dear Deepak,
    Are the teachers who worked more than 6 years eligible for two month leave salary?

  50. Dear Deepak,

    Kindly let us know what is the next step after an employee is marked as absconding in Labour.

    What would be the procedure to trace back the employee

    1. Hi,
      MOL does not do anything to trace the employee.
      The employee will not be able to exit the country without first cancelling labour car and visa.
      You could employ your efforts to trace employee.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        I forced to resign by the company since I was not able to perform my job that well because of my very sensitive pregnancy. My resignation was received by the HR Manager and I asked them to not cancel my visa just yet since I would not be able to come and go of the country because of sensitive pregnancy. But I heard from my ex-colleagues that since I did not give my passport for visa cancellation, my company filed me an absconding case.

        Would there be still a chance to sort this out? If not sorted out, would they still detain me in jail before sending me back to my home country?

          1. hello sir
            i am terminated in my old company now we agreed that his pro said that just pay your visa as a form of loan and same time i am terminated. it is possible that the employer can file abscond?

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