Reader Mails: Termination of Contract-Employee/Employer death, disability…

Termination of Labour Contract

Reader Queries: 21-10-2013

Question 1:Can the employment contract be terminated if the employee or the employer dies?

An employer’s death shall not constitute an end to the labour contract, unless the subject of the contract is related to him personally. However, the employee‟s death or total disability will render the employment contract terminated. A contract of employment may be terminated automatically in circumstances such as death or loss of business of the employer. An employer may terminate the contract when the employee dies before the expiration of the period of employment.


Question 2: If the worker’s disability is partial, is the employment contract terminated?

The employee’s death or total disability will render the employment contract terminated. Where the employee’s disability is partial and they are able to perform other work more suited to their health conditions, the employer is required to transfer the employee to another role within the company if the employee requests and to pay them wages equal to those paid for similar work.


Question 3My contract is a limited contract and the employer dismissed me without a legal reason, am I entitled to compensation for the injustice dismissal?

If the employer dismissed you and revoked the contract without the reasons provided in the article ( 120) of UAE Labour Law , he shall compensate the worker by a pay of three months or the period remained from the contract , whichever is shorter … unless otherwise provided by the contract.


Question 4Is the compensation for injustice dismissal calculated on the basic salary or the total salary?

Compensation for injustice dismissal is calculated on the total salary received by the worker According to the article (115) of UAE Labour Law in which it is mentioned the word (remuneration) … and the remuneration is provided for by the labor law, Article (1). (Remuneration):

All payments made to the worker on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, piece work, or production or commission basis. Remuneration shall include raise of living and include as well any grant given to the worker as a reward for his honesty or efficiency if such amounts are provided for in the contract of employment or in the internal regulations of the establishment or have been granted by custom or common practice to such extent that the workers of the establishment regard them as part of their remuneration and not as donations”.


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  1. Hello,

    I am leaving my current job as a teacher one year into a two year contract. I have given over 6 months notice and have recruited my own replacements with no cost to the school.

    The wording on my company contract is unclear with regards to the penalty for breaking contract and leads one to understand that the company would fine me 45 days of my basic salary. My MoL contract only states that I should give 2 months’ notice if I wish to break contract (no mention of a 45 day penalty).

    Question 1: Would I still be required to pay the 45 day penalty even if it is not stated on my MoL contract and would the incorrect wording on my company contract work in my favour?

    Question 2: My company contract states that I would receive regular appraisals and performance management. This has not happened at all; would this mean that the company have not met their obligations to me (as outlined in article 121?)

    Many, many Thanks,


  2. Mr. deepak ,

    upon checking my contract it is under LIMITED. I work 14hrs a day (9am-1130pm) twice a month dayoff. not paid overtime. basic salary 1000 plus transportation and accom.

    Im working with the company 17mos now. i have a offer to a freezone. as ive read the threads i need to pay half of the 3mos termination fee?
    1. how much is it? how it was computed?
    i really dont know what to do. can you help me.

    and the thing is my company has a contact to MOL im scared that they will give me problem..
    and my new company is waiting for me for the urgent post.

    thanks you so much in advance mr deepak..

  3. Dear Deepak,

    Good day.
    I finished limited contract for two years and according to the contract I have signed, it will be automatically extended to another year. My question is that, if I am not able to complete the extension year because I found another job opportunity which giving me a higher salary than the previous one, would there be any financial and legal obligations I need to face with?

    I have an engineer visa.

    Thanks and Regards,


  4. I work at a medical university since last 1 year and 9 months on a limited contract. About 10 employees were called over two days and given a termination letter. Our last working date is 31 December 2015. I was given the letter on 22nd December . would like to know whether they can terminate without one month notice. Also would like to know what are compensations they have to pay us? Can we file a complaint with the ministry of labour regarding the lack of one month notice??

  5. Dear sir,
    I’m really impressed by your clear advises on labor law related issues..
    And i’m seeking your advice in my circumstance as below :

    I am working in a construction company under “limited”contract(Salary-AED 6000) and already it has expired on 3rd of November 2015.I have given non-renewal notice letter to my employer and they given me two options.

    Option 01.
    withdrawal non-renewal notice and extend contract in the same terms and conditions for another 1year as mention in my contract agreement.
    Option 02.
    They accept to give a good salary increment but I need to sign for limited contract again.

    So My issue is already I v’e got good opportunity in semi-government field company on last year and I was fail to join with them due to uncompleted limited contract period with current employer.
    but now they told they wish to give me an opportunity again on middle of next year.
    so I need to know which option is better that If I need to shift from my current employer on middle of next year.

    Note:Already I have completed 2years with my current employer & I am a diploma holder.hopefully I will be a Bachelor’s degree holder on next year middle.
    Please advise me how can shift to the new company without getting any visa ban.

    kindly help!!
    Thank you in Advance.

  6. Hi im currently working in a broker company, im having a limited contract and im working for around 6 mos. now.
    1. here is my situation, in my contract it stated that we will work for 8hours only but they make us work for 12hours.
    2. but heres the thing they let us sign a waiver that if we exceed the 8hrs work duty they will pay us an xtra 500aed, but they never did.
    3. the only thing that i received is deduction without any reason whatsoever, ive tried to ask about them but still they dont reply.

    4. now im just planning just to go back home in my home country, Im just losing some hopes to be ok . my concern is do i need to pay them money if i resigned from them.

    ****im not the only one who experience this in our company, some of us just are afraid to stand up for their right because they are afraid to lose there job, because as per some of the senior employee here, this company has alot of connection that can makes us in trouble.

    Thank you in advance

  7. Sir, please advise on below
    1- i have limited contract . One contract has completed in june 2015.
    2- at the time of joining i gave graduation degree that was not attested.
    3- at the time of renewal of my contract i did not sign any paper.

    Please advise me, can i change my job if get new opportunity and what would be my restriction/obligations.

  8. Hi,
    I am under the limited contract for 2 years which is ending in April 2016. I just gave my official resignation since i got a new job in DMCC. I am serving my 1 month notice period and also will be paying 45 days salary. My queries are:
    1. can the company put a 1 year ban?
    2. should the 45 days compensation be based on the total salary or the basic salary?
    3. will the 1 year ban if imposed be a problem? my new company is in DMCC free zone.

    Kindly help!

    1. Jacob,
      1. THis is applied automatically!! But, specifically ask your company to mention in the cancellation, not to mention about the ban.
      2. Total salary!
      3. IF it is labour ban, there is no problem. But incase it is immigration ban, you may not get new visa. Your new company should very well know the procedure!

      1. Hi Sir,

        My Name is Rahul. I am working on a Limited Period Contract of 2 years. I joined on 8th Jan 2015 with a salary of 4k in hand and Today I have resigned, As I got a new job offer in Dubai Healthcare City in a Free Zone Company with a salry of 7700/- in hand my Qualification is Senior Secondary from Delhi NIOS.

        According to my company they are not saying anything related to BAN and they will not be putting any BAN on me that I am sure about.

        I am going to serve a notice period of 1 month and they are asking to pay 30days of my salary in the compensation of breaching the contract, I am fine with that.

        Will there be any problem if there is a Labor Ban on me.

        I have my exam on 9th June, so After my last day on 7th June I will get my passport and I can fly, but thing here I want to clarify is that If I fly back within my 30 Days Spare Period after the cancellation of residence VISA can I come back on 11th June with that Spare time VISA in UAE?

        My Email ID – [email protected]

        Please help.

        Unfeigned Regards,
        Rahul Chaudhary

  9. Dear Sir,

    Below mentioned is the sequence of incidents as they happened, request you to please guide me & suggest me with way forward:

    I have been working in an LLC company in Dubai under an unlimited contract since 12th Oct’2014 as a manager having salary of more than 12000 aed
    On 1st September 2015 my company gave me the 1st warning letter, where the reason was mentioned as poor performance, though i contested that i should not be given this warning letter since in the beginning of August 2015 i had verbally requested my boss & also to the MD of the company that few of my team members were not capable of performing & hence a call should be taken upon them, where as the company continued with them. I was presurrised to sign the warning letter & i signed it.
    within next 10 minutes i was told that since the performance was poor, the company will downgrade me from manager to a team leader & i was asked if i accept that change, when i refused to accept it, my boss threw the termination letter at me & asked me to sign it. Seeing how he was going from one level to another to presurrise me by giving warning letter, downgrade letter & termination at one go, out of fear of further action, i signed the termination letter, the termination took place with immediate effect.
    for the next 2 days i kept on requesting my boss to reconsider the termination, but he refused to oblige, i updated the MD of my company regarding all these incidents & he also surrendered to the situation & stated that he cant do much in it.
    after another 2 days when i didnt get to hear from any of my company officials, i went to the labor & filed a complaint
    Once i filed the complaint, i was contacted 1st by the PRO, then by the strategic head of the company, then by my boss & then by the MD of the company
    MD of my company 1st asked me why i chose to go to labor instead of talking to him, i told him that i had kept him in loop with all the action & after he surrendered, only then i went to labor.
    MD of my company threatened me by saying that “we are locals, we are locals & you need to understand that locals have a different temperament level & a different way of operating in case you want to fight it out in labor”, he also told me ” if you want to fight it out in labor you can, but remember that in this case, only you wil loose your time & money as labor cases are not resolved very quickly & let me inform you that there was another manager who filed a complaint against the company, i screwed that manager up & down completely for 8 months”.
    I have the call recording of the above mentioned conversation between me & the MD of my company.
    please note that the company didnt give me the copy of the warning letter given to me on the day of termination
    My passport is also with the company & on an email, they have mentioned that they will give me my passport after the cancellation process (which cn not move ahead since i have filed a labor complaint)
    15 hrs before the termination, my boss had appreciated me on whatsapp regarding a sales order that i clinched
    company had given me an incentive in the month of june for my target achievement, i have the photograph of me receiving that cheque from my the then boss
    I also have email records that show that there was a turn around in performance of 50% in the team given to me, also that the team given to me was a lot of rejected agents from other managers who believed that those agents are not capable & should be terminated with immediate effect.
    After knowing all the above mentioned incidents, i wish to know that will i be eligible to claim for arbitrary termination by my company & what all will i be getting from the company & how soon.

    Awaiting your positive revert on desperate urgency basis.

    1. Sandeep,
      First of all sorry to hear about your situation.
      It surely looks like a case of arbitrary dismissal and MOL does not take sides when it comes to their decision.
      They are fair in their decision so both parties are not affected.
      However, yes the decision taking is time consuming due to the process involved.
      I suggest, you look for other opportunities in the same time. Because it is your career that is at stake.
      It looks like a typical office politics for me in your case!

  10. HI Deepak,

    Does age matter much in job hunting in UAE. I mean I am 43 years old HR Professional in KSA and I am planning to relocate in UAE. I am just concern about my age if I can still get good offers…Is this age still marketable in UAE.?

    Thanks for your opinion.


    1. Age does not matter.
      I am not sure what is marketable and what is not. For relevant skill set there is always demand.

  11. Dear Deepak

    Good to see very effective reply from you. i got some sort of questions.

    My visa comes under Limited contract. i have completed my duration 10 month ..till date. my visa expires on 2016 ( Dubai Visa ).
    i’m not interested to continue my visa in this company.
    since i have been working here as a mechanical Engineer. salaried with 5500 AEd.
    Like to change the company. But im afraid of having Ban.
    Coz i heard there is two type of ban. 6 month ban & one year Ban.

    6 months ban – can be lift it up through salary ( as im holding bachelors degree with engineering background).
    one year Ban – ?????

    What would be reason to put one year ban for the employee ??? Can be lift it up this one year ban.
    suppose if i got 1 year ban what shall i do ???
    Shall i resign my job Right Now ???
    Main Reason is timing which im working here is really horrible for me . 6 AM to 7 Pm . if it is in case of site, additionally i have go for another two to three hours. 5 am to 8 pm.

    * i got an offer 10k in llC company in dubai. shall i proceed for that.


  12. hai
    I’m working in umm al quwain as a civil engineer
    I just finished 4 months.I don’t like to continue my job in this company
    they treat me like a labour
    is there any possible to work other companies

    1. Ibrahim,
      If there is any physical and mental abuse, you should get in touch with MOL.
      You could resign and join other companies; however, note that you may face labour ban.

  13. Dear sir,
    I’m really impressed by your clear answers on labor law related issues..
    And i’m seeking your advice in my circumstance as below :
    1. Working in Ajman under “limited contract” (salary – aed 5000) and my 2 years completes in November 2015
    2. But I’ve got an offer from a dubai company for a salary more than 12,000
    3. They want me to join in August, if not I’m going to lose this opportunity.
    4. My current company would for sure, request a ban on me on my resignation now.
    5. I’m a bachelor degree holder
    6. The company offering me new job is not a free zone company.
    Sir, please advice me that, is a labor ban still applicable on me even if i get a job with 12000+ salary since I’m under limited contact?
    Is there any other way for me to escape a ban?

    I’m waiting for your response at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks in advaDeen


    1. Deen,
      1. OK.
      2. OK
      3. OK
      4. Under Limited contract, if you do not complete the contract, you will face ban.
      5. OK
      6. You will have ban even if you joined free zone.

  14. dear sir,
    am working on an unlimited contract.
    now i completed 16 months in this company.
    now the company is terminating the staffs as company dont have projects.
    so i too fear that i will get terminated.
    so please let me know what all compensations i will get.

    thanking you in anticipation,

  15. Hi Sir,

    i’m working in Dubai 5 years 1 month running in same company. now i want to resign. in my labour contract my basic salary is 1200/-. but i’m currently getting Basic 3500/- Other allowance 1500/-. total 5000 paying salary by wps to bank.

    please advise that in which method i will get my Graduate! by this Labour contract or current salary.

    please reply



  16. Hi sir,

    I was working in a company in Dubai with unlimited contract. I have resigned my job now and I have completed one year on May 20th. Now I am serving my notice period and my last working day in June 9th. I have got my visa cancelled also. My doubt is am I eligible for air ticket back home and leave salary as I have not taking my vacation this one year. Please advise.

    1. Imran,
      That will depend on your company policy.
      However, prorated ticket should be provided.

  17. Hi, boss…….
    My contract was limited period , i was finished 11 months in my old company ,i was resigned my company now, they are ready to give noc for me…… can i change any other company with NOC ? Any ban imposed on me ?

    1. Venkatesh,
      It is possible to avoid labour ban with NOC.
      However, the decision lies entirely with the MOL on this.

    2. Hi, boss…….
      My contract was limited period , i was finished 10 months in my old company ,I hava other compney offer letter and my Salery 5000AED.if i was resigned my company now, they are not ready to give me NOC ? Any ban imposed on me ?

  18. Hi, i’m working for 7 years in the company, my visa was renew 4 months ago. if i resign should i pay some fines?

    1. Khriz,

  19. Once again i have a question.. The contract says that starting date was march 24,2015 , what if the employer terminated me? Do i face labour ban?

  20. Dear Sir,

    My contract will expire on 27th June 2015. I am working in a school in admin department. I submitted my letter to the employer stating that non renewal of my limited contract. Do I need to pay all expenses which they spent for my labour card, Emirates Id and Health card?

    Please reply me


    P M KHAN

    1. Pattan,
      No, you do not need to pay any expenses to the company.

      1. Dear Mr. Deepak M ,

        On 14th of this month I have sent an email to my principal stating that “Non-renewal of my contract for the next year. After two days I have met her and explained everything and I requested to provide NOC. She immediately asked me to prepare another latter same as above. The following day I submitted to her. She got high temper and warned me that “I WILL NOT GET ANY NOC APART FROM I WILL GET BAN FOR THE SPAN OF 1 YEAR. TO AVOID THIS, SHE DEMAND ME TO GIVE 1 MONTH NOTICE PERIOD IN RESIGNATION” She had forced me to prepare a resignation letter on the spot and and I submitted stating that I got another job with very good package. She did not allowed me to say any word and taken the one month notice period from me and told that the resignation letter will be forwarded to the legal department. I got a job offer from another organization and they are asking me to submit NOC to complete all formalities. Now what am I suppose to do? Is there any ban in education sector such as like me working as a Vice-Principal of the school? Please guide me in this predicament.

        Thanks & Best Regards


        1. Pattan,

          Usually teachers should not get labour ban. Please also check with MOL directly.

  21. Sir,
    I am working n free zone area. I have resigned on 19 feb 2015. Till today they are not ready to relieve me. I worked here total 5 months since I’m in probation period. Can they ban me in UAE? If yes than how can I remove that. Is there any process or fee ?

    1. Girdhari,
      What is the notice period as per your contract?
      No, they will not be able to ban you in the UAE and labour ban is not applicable to you.

  22. Hi Deepak Sir, I have a limited contract 06-06-13 to 05-06-2015. I want to change company. So can I leave work from 06-06-2015 without any notice to company ?. visa expiry date on my E-id is 09-08-2015. So please guide when I can go without notice and look for new opportunities. another question : Can I ask my employer for any gratuity with my 2 leave salary and return ticket ? Please guide me what can I do and when I can leave my job without notice.

    Soon Reply will be appreciated.

    1. Raj,
      Your notice period is guided by your contract.
      Please read it carefully and understand all the terms before you resign from your job.

  23. Hi I am Vinu,Mechanical Engineer and just came on Employment visa of not signed the contract and not even the medical …and i got an offer of double salary can i change the job and by lifting the ban and how ?

    I am in very big dilemma ,please help me

    1. Vinu,
      If your labour approval is not underprocess/approved, you will face no labour ban.

  24. Can anybody help me?

    I have a DMCC 3year contract which is valid until the May 2015 and I have several questions below which I would appreciate so advise on:

    1. The contract states either party should give 90days written notice if the contract is not to be automatically renewal, the 90days notice period has past, so does this mean the contract is indeed automatically renewed and if the company were to tell me soon my services are no longer required they would have to give me 3months notices period plus pay 3months for cancelling the new 3year contract?

    2. I also have a USA contract which states this contract supersedes any wording or benefits from a UAE contract, surely the UAE labor law being a DMCC UAE employee would decide the payment made?

    I went DMCC however the person I talked to was under the impression they 90day notice period could be all the way to the day before your contract was due to be renewed, surely this is not correct. On simple terms we couldn’t tell our landlord we are not replacing the lease on the day it is due……

    I would really appreciate some solid advise and if there is a lawyer who gives DMCC UAE labor advise offer disputed contracts I would appreciate there contact detail to ensure I am 100% on the right page.

    Thanks you in advance to your valuable advise,

    1. MJ,
      1. Yes company too is required to provide 3 month notice. 3 month pay under unlimited contract is not a law. However, certain companies do adhere to this.
      2. DMCC is not bound to follow UAE Labour Law as it does not come under the purview of Labour Department. However, certain companies do follow UAE Labour Law for the calculation of gratuity, leaves and so on

      You are right on the next point about 90 day notice period. 90 day notice has to be 90 days ahead of the contract expiry period.
      I am not sure whether there is a specific DMCC labour advisor. Any lawyer based in UAE would be helpful. Do a Google search for Lawyers. I am not affiliated to any law firm.

  25. Good morning, I.m Working for the company for 7 year, last December 2014 i renewed my contract, if i’ll resign this month February 2015 should i pay something to my company? and do i receive my gratuity? please Help.

  26. I have a ordinary labor in shipping company, my company terminate me without warning letter.

    Reason: while forklift driving i do accident in warehouse

    Please advice without warning letter company terminate any employee ?

  27. I have been working for 2 months now in a private company and still I haven’t undergone to medical and emirates ID hasn’t been processed. And my employment visa will expire on January 3,2015. What if they don’t process it? Will I have any ban if I resign or be terminated?

  28. hello there. I am working for almost 8 months and my employer informed me verbally that I will be terminated from my position. The reason is that they are accusing me of sending company documents to someone but they don’t have the necessary proof or evidence regarding this. Also they did not gave me my salary for the month of November for no valid reason. Can you advise what are my chances to get my salary and prevent the ban once they terminate me? Thank you!

    1. JB,
      Without proper proof this is not possible.
      You may file complaint with relevant authorities.

  29. Hello i would like your advice i am working in dubai taxi as taxi driver. I am here only 14 month but my contract for 5 years. Now i am terminated from job. In dubai taxi 1 year ban if termination before 5 years contract so i don’t wanna go home now i want to rejoin or i want to work another company is there any option? How can i get release or no ban plz answer me thankyou.

  30. Hi,im a nurse under limited contract of 2 years,and already finish 1 .5 years on service.I received a good offer from freezone this month,and i immidiately submit my resignation letter but our HR told me to pay 3months of my salary,i ask our PRO and said 45 days on basic of my salary,i called labor and told me that i will pay 45 days full salary and according to what i have read under labor law i am liable to pay 1 month and half of my basis salary.they have different opinion,pls advice and where will i pay ,to labor or to company.

    -No I have not read such things like that in my contract, thats why I want to know what should I really follow according by labor law,pls i need answer .thanx sir

  31. Hi,im a nurse under limited contract of 2 years,and already finish 1 .5 years on service.I received a good offer from freezone this month,and i immidiately submit my resignation letter but our HR told me to pay 3months of my salary,i ask our PRO and said 45 days on basic of my salary,i called labor and told me that i will pay 45 days full salary and according to what i have read under labor law i am liable to pay 1 month and half of my basis salary.they have different opinion,pls advice and where will i pay ,to labor or to company.

    1. Jorel,
      If you have signed such a contract, yes you will have to adhere to that contract.

  32. Hi, I am Selina Joy, a civil engineer working as QS in Company LLC in Dubai, UAE. I have a limited contract, and it’s my 1yr and 5months working in my company. I have resign and address my resignation to the HR manager and submit the hard copy on 11/11/2014 since I found a new job in Free zone area. I informed my PM sir in site for the resignation on 10/11/2014. Today, they inform me that my resignation will not be credit that day because there no sign from my pm on site/ or from my supervisor in the Head Office. As far as I read in the UAE Labor Law, all employee has the right to resign and no need sign approval from their supervisor. I need your help, I have not even take any annual leave, because they don’t allow me. I’m scared actually. And I want to be guided.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Selina,
      is this the normal policy of your company?
      I am not sure, so can not comment.

  33. hi,,,
    i ,ve been working in uae for more than 3 years in 3 different employer,

    now iam working in abu dhabi with (18 months contract) and after 8 months i got new offer with 5000 dirham salary from a company in dubai ,

    is it possible for me to get hired without any ban,,cause i dont finish my contract in abu dhabi,?

  34. Hi I am working in an advertising company and ever since i started working here , I did not like the work and work environment.I am under limited contract.I would like to know if I get a job in MNC with a salary more that 12000 since I have done my degree in or get a job in FZC will i still have to face the ban? . Is there any possibility to lift the ban if the salary is more than 12000 dhs. Kindly reply.

    1. Anusha,
      If you move to free zone or have salary above 12K, you will not face ban.

  35. Is there any ban if company terminates the candidate in probation period. contract was unlimited. visa profession is of engineer

  36. Hi. I have 2 years limited contract. I have 6 month probation period. Am here since a month and a half . Already signed the contract stating i should pay visa fees and other charges in case i want to leave before two years. I need to leave for personal reasons. Whats the best solution to avoid the charges and how much are the charges?

      1. Ok. So how much are the fees charges according to UAE LAW of resigning during the probation period (the first 6 month of the contract) and from where can i ask about the visa fees.

        1. Faye,
          As per labour law it is not mentioned of any fines.
          MOL is the best place for enquiries.

  37. Hi Deepak!

    I have a 2 yr limited contract, I’m working in a hotel as an agent but my visa is archives clerk. I wanna find another job, might be same or a different one after completing my contract. Is there a possibility that my current employer will still place a ban? I mean even after completing the 2 yr contract? Also, can I really look for other jobs or there is no way?

    Hoping for your response. Thanks!

    1. Princess,
      If you complete your contract, you will have no ban.

  38. Hi there,

    I have a limited contract that says if I give resignation between October to December, it will be counted only from January and I have to observe a notice period of 3 months. However, I have another job outside uae and would like to give resignation and would like to do only 1 month notice period.

    What are my options?. If they say, you have to stay as signed on the contract or can I pay a certain amount and get out as per the law?.

    1. Milindu,
      If you have signed this contract, you are bound to respect that.

          1. Let say he faces a ban. Would that affect any future jobs in UAE. Say if he returns after a 5 years. So employees are allowed to not obey a signed limited contract if they want to.

            1. Wanka,
              only in case of immigration ban a person will not be able to come back to UAE.

          2. How can he face a ban and get out. Can the person force the HR to end the service if he has a contract that he cannot resign in that term period. I am facing the same problem please help.

  39. I am working as a sales person in an advertising company in Dubai and my visa is unlimited. As their business is going down, they are planning to sack some employees. Unfortunately I am in the list and if I got terminated with in 6 months of joining,Will I get a ban or not. Please advice me.

    1. Lucky,
      yes automatic ban is possible.
      Get an NOC from the company to avoid 6 month ban.
      If the company give you release stating that company terminate the contract because of redundancy then there may be no ban

  40. hi sir,
    im a 15 m0nth sales executive here in sharjah.. im in the 2 year limited contract i took immediately resign because of my oic shouting me in the selling area which all customer and co employee could be heard.. and then when i give the resignation letter my oic tell i need to pay all the company expenses on my visa and others? can i get something still on the company since i didnt use my vacation leave? and under the contract i sign 8 hours only the working time but since i start 11.3o hours working except 30 mins break.. and 2 rest off day.. and when friday 10.30 hours no breaktime.

    hope u can answer my question sir..
    thank u and godbless

    1. Ella,
      Companies can not demand expenses of visa from employees, unless you have signed the agreement so.
      Vacation policies are as per company.
      Overtime depends on nature of work.

    2. Ella,
      since it is a limited contract and you are resigning you may not be entitled for any benefits from the company.

  41. hi sir good evening i want to ask some only 7months in my new company..and suddenly they force me to sign a resignation letter..and i didnt sign it bcoz i know i did not do anything wrong..maybe they are not satiefied with my work as a supervisor in cosmetics company..but still i did my best..and they stop me to work this oct16,2014..can you give me some advice

  42. Hi sir,
    I am working in dubai with the limited contract, one contract completed & renewed the second contract 2 month before, now have good offer from AbuDabi with 14,000 salary,my current salary only 9000, if i resign now what will happen? Is it possible any ban against me, pls reply me thanks in advance.

    1. Khan,
      since it is a limited contract there are chances of getting a ban

      1. sir ,im 2yrs limited contract 1 yr this coming oct.24,2014 my profession in Dubai ministry of labor is deferent from my work now is this a ground to terminate my contract

  43. HI,i am MANTAZAH COLETTE i realy wish to know i was working with this company as a sales executive and they just terminated me for no just reason,please am now in dubai and i was told that i cannot fine a job still after six month i wish to know if i have a ban

  44. Good Day,

    I was hired to work in a company in jlt under the dmcc freezone for three years and i have done the same. The companys good and I have also obtained annual leave for the past two years. All thats pending is my annual leave for the third year but now my visa expires on the 8th of sept 2014. Due to family reasons I now have to go back to my home country and im in the process of stating the same to the company and NOW plan to ask them NOT to renew my visa.

    In this case what shall I or the company be entitled to, if any, in terms of end of service benefits or compensations.

    Thanks and regards

  45. Hi I plz advice me I have completed my 5 months of job , now dey r telling dey will remove from d job bcoz I am doing misticks and also dey out burst at me most of d time’ now if dey remove me from d job , will ban fall , I have done mine masters. Plz advice me

  46. Hi I plz advice me I have completed my 5 months of job , now dey r telling dey will remove from d job bcoz I am doing misticks and also dey out burst at me most of d time’ now if dey remove me from d job , will ban fall , I have done mine masters. Plz advice me

  47. Hi I plz advice me I have completed my 5 months of job , now dey r telling dey will remove from d job bcoz I am doing misticks and also dey out burst at me most of d time’ now if dey remove me from d job , will ban fall , I have done mine masters. Plz advice me

    1. if your company terminates and provides you a release or NOC then you may not have ban.

      1. Conversation started today
        Odhyna Medina
        Odhyna Medina
        Good Day Sir/Madam,
        I am a filipina worker here in Al Ain,UAE.
        I would like to know what will i do because my current company where im working has fired me from work a week ago without 1 month notice or any dismissal letter i was working as a secretary and HR officer for a manpower recruitment company for medical staffs but my working visa is a housemaid visa i started working to them since Feb.24,2014 and was fired from work last May 28,2014 and my manager told me that the company owner will not release me not until i pay 5500 aed to them. because they paid 7500 to the housemaid agency where i was staying after my previous sponsor cancelled me due to miscommunication. the verbal deal was i will work as a secretary and every month they will deduct 500 to my salary and within 3 months of working as a secretary i,ve paid them 1500 aed so the balance is 5500 aed. and my manager said that i need to pay that balance in order for them to release me i want to know if i’m really obligated to pay that 5500 aed to them in order to get my release paper and cancellation without ban???i do hope you can help me on my problem
        Yours Truly,
        Ms. Odhyna C. Medina

        1. company cannot deduct visa cost as per law. however it is depends on the company policy

  48. I have a driver in my company in Abu Dhabi who is on a limited contract. Ever since he started working for me he is using his personal car to drop and pick people from the airport to make addl. money in the nights. He is found sleeping at work during the day and not doing the work entrusted to him as a driver. If he is caught working in the night illegally what consequences do I have to bear as an employer. He has been warned several times in writing by me and his probation gets over only by Jan 2014.

    I await your response.

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