Emirates Diary Podcast is here! (EDP000)

Hello my dear Readers!

I had promised about launching my own Podcast in December of 2015! The preparations were always going on since that day. And today is the day, where I can say that my Podcast is ready and happening!!


This is the pilot episode which I’d like to call as Introduction episode number 0.

emirates diary podcasts episodes

Listen to the Podcast:


What is a Podcast?

Many of you may already know that a Podcast is an audio file that you can listen to on your smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet. It is like any other piece of audio or music. Nothing else!

How can you listen to Emirates Diary Podcast?

You may listen to Emirates Diary Podcast (EDP) right here on the blog. Or if you are using iPhone or iPad, there is a dedicated app called Podcast, where you can subscribe to Emirates Diary Podcast and listen to it at your convenience. If you have an Android based phone, you can download an app called Stitcher and subscribe to Emirates Diary Podcast. If you are using a laptop or desktop, you can listen to EDP directly on my blog or you can listen to it through iTune app. Google Play will also soon launch Podcast player.

It’s that easy!

Why this Podcast?

I am starting this as a way to provide better value to you. I would like to connect to you through my voice and I hope you like it. On the Podcast, you will meet lot of experts in the area of Job Search in Dubai, experts in UAE Labour Law who will guide you on your problems and provide you solutions.

What can you expect in future episodes?

I am going to be very specific here. Emirates Diary Podcast will cover Job Tips and UAE Labour Law. Experts featured on Emirates Diary Podcast will talk about various aspects UAE Labour Laws that you may have trouble understanding. EDP will provide you with job tips for Dubai to make your job search more effective and efficient.

About this Episode

This Podcast episode (EDP000) is pilot episode and is an introductory episode where I speak about what will Emirates Diary Podcast cover.

So here I am!

Thank you for your support as ever.




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