EDP006 – Annual Leaves in UAE Labour Law (Podcast)

Annual Leaves as per UAE Labour Law

In my previous article on Annual Leaves, I wrote in detail about the various Articles in UAE Labour Law, that contain provisions of Annual Leave. This Podcast episode is an extension of that article in the sense that, it covers in detail the various possibilities and scenarios under UAE Labour Law when it comes to Annual Leaves.

uae labour law

Particularly you will hear about: 

  • What is annual leave?
  • What are you entitled for?
  • Who decides when you go on annual leave? 
  • What if you fall sick on annual leave? 
  • What if there are public holidays during annual leave?
  • What will you be paid?
  • When will you be paid?
  • What if you have not availed complete leaves? 
  • What if you are not able to take annual leaves?
  • Can you be fired during annual leave?
  • Can you work for another company during annual leave?
  • Am you entitled for air ticket?

Resources mentioned in this episode:

If you have any clarifications, please use the below comment box to post your comments.

Thank you for listening to Emirates Diary Podcast.

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