EDP004 – Difference between Limited and Unlimited Contract (Podcast)

Emirates Diary Podcast – Episode 4  – Limited and Unlimited Contract

In this episode of Emirates Diary Podcast, you will be made very clear as to what is the difference between Limited ContractOpens in a new tab. and Unlimited ContractOpens in a new tab.. Your Labour contract either for a Limited Contract or Unlimited Contract.

Ms. Thenji MacandaOpens in a new tab. from Taylor WessingOpens in a new tab. will demystify your doubts with regard to what Limited Contract and Unlimited Contract is.

If you have any doubts, please Comment and let us know.

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Show notes – What is covered in this episode?

  • Meaning of Limited ContractOpens in a new tab.;
  • Meaning of Unlimited ContractOpens in a new tab.;
  • Difference between Limited and Unlimited Contract;
  • Resignation under Limited or Unlimited contract;
  • Termination under Limited or unlimited contract.

For doubts and clarifications, comment below.


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11 thoughts on “EDP004 – Difference between Limited and Unlimited Contract (Podcast)

  1. Dear Deepak,

    Sub: Changing the company without competing Limited contract period.

    With reference to the above I have certain questions in my mind, I hope you will help me out.
    Previously I was working with company A (Having unlimited type Contract), and now I am currently working with company B (Having limited type Contract), so when I joined to company B…company A ban me for six month since my visa was Clerk, now company B issued Site supervisor Visa which I am carrying (just to avoid Ban) and assure me to issue Engineer visa once Visa ban was cleared..now I am waiting for update in Engineer Visa.

    Now I don’t want to continue with company B due to some unpleasant situation.

    So I have questions like, can I change company B to any other company without affecting anything…?

    PS: I am about to complete 4 months with Company B.

    Hoping for your response at earliest.

    Thanks & Regards

    (Q S Engineer)
    United Arab Emirates
    GSM: +971 506642747

  2. I currently have a system analyst visa on my passport . I have recently shifted to a non free zone company in Dubai . I would like to know can I get a labour ban if I leave before a year .

  3. I want to ask if I will get any kind of ban after resigning from my work for 6 months. I signed an unlimited (2016) contract for 2year ?????????.plzzzz give me reply.

  4. Hi I would like to ask if I will get any kind of ban after resigning from my work for 6 months. I signed an unlimited (2016) contract for 2year ?????????.plzzzz give me reply.

  5. Hi I would like to ask if I will get any kind of ban after resigning from my work for 2 months under probation. They told me that they will give me an NOC (no objection certificate) and no company ban. They will also cancel my working visa. All of this happened because I filed a case to the company on labour. I work as a nurse without a license but my visa is under 4th skilled level and an archives clerk. Do I need to worry about anything? Thank you.

  6. Hi Deepak,

    Cheers for a good weekend.
    I seek an advise please with an apology for writing on a vacation day.

    My employer in RAK FZE has terminated my 2 yrs limited contract 6 months in advance of its expiry through an email which does not mention any cause. The FZE contract has a start date and an end date but does not mention the notice period. Where as the “Employment Letter” mentions a notice period of 2 months. The wordings of the termination notice is as below:

    Dated 15th June 2016
    Subject: Employment Termination Notice – Three (3) month notice ending 30th June 2016
    This is to formalize the discussions you had with GM of the company last 4th week of March 2016 in relation to the notice of termination of your employment with xxxxxxxx. The three (3) month notice will end on 30th of June 2016, which will be considered as your last working day in the company. Your end of service benefits will be calculated as of 30th June 2016. Please liaise with HR Department with regard to the cancellation of your residence visa and other administration arrangements. We thank you for your services and on behalf of xxxxxxxxx, wish you success in all your future

    My questions seeking your advise
    1. Can a verbal notice (which anyway is not true) be considered as a formal notice?
    2. In absence of mention of Notice period in RAK FZE contract, should a notice period be considered at all or should the 2 months notice period as mentioned in the “Employment Letter” be considered.
    3. Since the Limited FZE contract is terminated by the Employer 6 months before its expire am I eligible to claim the 3 months termination compensation. Note that no cause of termination is mentioned.
    4.My paid leave balance is more than the effective notice period of 2 weeks (15th June to 30th June) Can I claim compensation against the balance leave? Nothing about this is mentioned in either the Limited FZE Contract or in the “Employment Letter”

    May I seek your courteous reply on this please.

    Thanking you with best regards

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am Working for a Construction Company in Sharjah, As i have completetd almost 1.5 years of my work in present organisation and on the other hand i’m looking for a job change. My Current salary is 4000Dhs ,

    Can you clarify me whether there will be any sort of Ban imposed on me ?.

    My Visa is General Electrical Engineer. And my present contract is unlimited type.

  8. Dear Deepak,

    I am under unlimited contract and been working for 3yrs and half. I am recently terminated by my company. please advise the employee entitlement. Thank you

  9. Ihave a degree but i was given cleaner job so now after 6months can be in position to change the job (i have a contract for two years.

  10. Please I signed an unlimited contract and got to find out I was placed of fourth/fifth level even when I notified my boss I had a HND in electrical engineering. If I cancel before 6months for an engineering job, do I get a ban. My salary is just 900aed. Thanks a lot.

  11. Hi,

    Is there a notice period for limited contract?
    How is the EOS is calculated for the limited contract?
    If the employee breaks the limited contract is he liable for ban?


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