EDP002: Termination of Contract (Podcast)

Emirates Diary Podcast – Episode 2 – Termination

In the Emirates Diary Podcast episode, you will hear about Deepak and Thenji discuss about Ministerial Decree 765 which covers Termination of Employment Contract under Limited ContractOpens in a new tab. and Unlimited contractOpens in a new tab..


termination podcast

Experts on the panel of Discussion:

  1. Thenji MacandaOpens in a new tab. of Taylor WessingOpens in a new tab.;
  2. Deepak MachadoOpens in a new tab. of Emirates Diary.

Show Notes – What is covered in this Episode?

  • Termination of Limited Contract – How can it be terminated?
  • Terminated of Unlimited Contract – How can it be terminated?
  • Compensation when Terminating Limited or Unlimited Contract for employee or employer;
  • Reduction in Limited Contract Terms;
  • Article 120 – Reasons of termination by Employer;
  • Notice periodOpens in a new tab.;
  • Reasons for bringing this Decree by MOL;
  • Ways for companies to retain staff and employees.

The episode will remove your doubts on various scenarios in which you can be terminated and what your options are if you are terminated whether under Limited contract or Unlimited Contract. With the new decree MOL has made the rules clearer and it is now clarified as to the scenarios in which you could be terminated.

If you have queries and doubts, please comment below and I will to answer them.

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