Al Ain Zoo Guide: Attractions, Tickets, Timings, & More

Al Ain Zoo: A Captivating Wildlife Experience in Dubai

Al Ain ZooOpens in a new tab. in the UAE is a thrilling destination that caters to adventure seekers, young learners, and those seeking an adrenaline rush. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience, whether through a special dinner with the majestic king of the jungle or the exhilarating Cheetah Run.

The Al Ain Zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals spanning approximately 200 different species.The zoo provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences like the Cheetah Run and the VIP dinner with the king of the jungle. You have the chance to feed your favorite animal and get to know your spirit animal. If that’s still not enough, the Al Ain Zoo also offers animal rides and a wildlife safari.With a plethora of facilities and a diverse range of species, Al Ain Zoo is a must-visit destination for families, wildlife lovers, and adventure seekers alike. 

Renowned for its commitment to wildlife conservation and education, the zoo offers a unique experience that combines entertainment, education, and environmental awareness. One of Abu Dhabi’s most well-liked tourist destinations for those who enjoy animals is the zoo.

The best season to go if you want to visit the zoo during the winter from October to March because you can spend the most time outdoors in the sunshine without worrying about heat waves.

Additionally, we advise getting a private car trip because it will be less strenuous if you are unable to visit the zoo in the suggested amount of time.

In this article, we bring you an ultra-exclusive experience. Keep scrolling to know more about the fun activities and latest offerings of the Al Ain Zoo in UAE.

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One of Al Ain Zoo’s biggest attractions is the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center. It is a learning center that provides a ton of interactive exhibits, multimedia, and visual materials that showcase the UAE’s past, present, and future.

The Sheikh Zayed Tribute Hall, Abu Dhabi Desert Overtime, Abu Dhabi’s Living World, People of the Desert, and Looking to the Future are among its five interactive galleries. Both English and Arabic-speaking tour guides are available.

The learning center also provides a variety of activities where you and your children may discover more about the history and rich culture of the UAE. Every week, they plan a different activity. Go to the Al Ain Zoo’s official website to register for these events.

Sheikh Zayed Deseret Learning Centre


Over 4000 animals live at the Al Ain Zoo, which has over 200 species of animals on display. Many different reptiles, birds, and other animals can be observed here, in addition to certain apex predators. 

Mammals of Al Ain Zoo

The zoo has a wide variety of herbivores, including gazelles and Barbary sheep, as well as some of the most well-known species, such the king of the jungle, cheetah, jaguar, and many others. Visitors can get close-up views of other creatures such as the Arabian leopard, pumas, South African cheetah, and more in addition to the apex predators. In the Al Ain Zoo, one may witness horned animals like the white rhino, springbok, and species like the western lowland gorilla. 

Observing birds at the Al Ain Zoo

The Steppe eagle, which appears just as magnificent in person as it does on a wildlife channel, is one of the colorful array of birds found in the Al Ain Zoo. Additionally, you can take a quick look at the desert town and other raptors. The gorgeous flamingos, cockatoos, and flightless emus are among the zoo’s most exclusive bird species.

View Reptiles and Amphibians at the Al Ain Zoo

View the world’s largest reptile, the crocodile, as well as other cute amphibians like turtles and tortoises, which are not actual amphibians, at the Al Ain Zoo. Visit Nile the crocodile, the main draw of the Al Ain Zoo in the United Arab Emirates.


Visit the Children’s Zoo if you’re seeking for kid-friendly activities at the Al Ain Zoo. Children can engage with animals in petting areas and bird feeding stations at the Children’s Zoo, which is next to the Asian Habitat. For a ride, they can even climb atop a horse, a camel, or a pony!


The breathtaking Jebel Hafeet mountains provide as the stunning background for the 217 acre Al Ain Safari. It is one of the biggest man-made safaris in the world and is populated by native African creatures like giraffes, white rhinos, and African lions.


Private safari SUVs are available to reserve at the zoo in a variety of time windows throughout the day. Each SUV can comfortably fit up to 6 people. About an hour is spent on the safari tour.

Additionally, you can reserve a safari truck that can accommodate up to 22 people if your group is larger. Children under the age of five should not take the 45-minute safari vehicle tours.


One of the most exclusive activities available at Al Ain Zoo is this one. The visitor has the chance to encounter the wild in all of its untamed glory here. A five-star buffet will be given to you just a few meters away from the lions during the exclusive “Dinner with the Lion” experience that the zoo provides.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be concerned because Al Ain Zoo visitors are kept safe by separating the lions in a large enclosure that is enclosed by an electric fence. Lions won’t be served their own meals, so you don’t have to worry about them staring at you like a blood-starved animal. This facility is only available to adults and requires 48 hours’ notice for reservations. If your kids are older than 12, though, you may bring them along.



Have you ever wished to give penguins food? If so, the trip at the Al Ain Zoo is a dream come true for you. Watch these amusing little creatures fight over small fish and don’t forget to capture the fun moments with them!


Al Ain Zoo has a show dedicated to showcasing how birds of prey, such as falcons, eagles, owls and vultures, use their swift flight and hunting skills to catch their prey. You also get a chance to snap a picture with these hunters at the end of the show.


Take a peek into a zoo keeper’s life at Keeper Talks. This is where you will learn about their encounters, care stories and much more! This is also a chance to closely observe the wildlife and take some shots for your ‘gram.


Al Ain Zoo in the United Arab Emirates includes a giraffe feeding session along with other animal feeding events. At the Giraffe Feeding station, you will get the chance to feed the giraffes lettuce leaves and carrots, making it an experience all on its own. Skip breakfast before your zoo trip. A delicious early morning spread awaits you at the Al Ain Zoo with a beautiful giraffe family. They are trained to respond to bell rings.The giraffes have been taught how to react to the bell. The zoo employee will also be present to offer additional support.

Al Ain Zoo 1 1


You can take a long walk in the lemur exhibit. If you want to spend more time taking a closer look at attractive creatures. Moreover, apart from the lemur exhibit, you can also move towards the several expansion projects in the zoo. The projects include an open-air Chimpanzee Forest, a reptile park, Al Ain Natural Reserve and a sand cat breeding centre. Refer to the information below to know more about the venue, timing and price.


Budgie feeding is a popular experience with kids. Your little ones can feed an army of colourfull budgies right from their hands.


The cheetah run is a magnificent offering of the Al Ain Zoo. Cheetah is the fastest animal on the earth and we can’t outrun them. The Al Ain Zoo offers an experience like never before, you can watch the zoo’s champions and the fastest runners named Zaik, Cleo and Firas race to win the competition at the zoo named Cheetah Run. The race will be conducted in the zoo’s very own amphitheatre. We hope your reflexes are as fast as our champs to capture them in action on your cameras.


Take a quick tour around the lush green landscape of the zoo riding a horse, pony or camel!


If you want to observe the crocodiles up close, you should watch the crocodile feeding sessions at the zoo.


Here is a brief overview of some of the educational activities and events available in Al Ain Zoo:

  • Camps 
  • Environmental research
  • School visits
  • Outreach programs
  • Virtual programs
  • Heritage programs


The zoo also has a conservation center where wild creatures are raised and cared for until they are ready to be released into the wild.

The largest group of Arabian sand cats can be seen at the zoo. The animals are bred, maintained, and then released in their natural habitats as part of the conservation program. Dama Gazelles can be found at the Al Ain Zoo. More than 80 Dama Gazelles are housed at the conservation center, which has been attempting to increase its population.

Raising community understanding of environmental issues is one of Al Ain Conservation Center’s proudest accomplishments. To do this, the zoo has up to this point run a number of educational initiatives emphasizing the value of protecting endangered animals.


Al Ain Zoo boasts a wide array of facilities that cater to the needs of visitors, ensuring a comfortable and memorable experience.

Special Service by AHLAN

With a golf cart ride included, the Ahlan Special Service provides a guided tour of the zoo and Sheikh Zayed Learning Center. The tour includes tickets for the Wings of Sahar performance and five main stops.

Giraffe feedings, beverages during the tour, and discounts at the eateries are all available to visitors.


Then the Al Ain Zoo shuttle service is perfect for a quick tour. You can experience all the key attractions because it stops at all five of the major locations.


Afterward, take the opulent Al Maha Royal tour at the zoo. The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center and Al Ain Zoo Safari are also included in the itinerary. Additionally, you can experience feeding giraffes, a walk with lemurs, and a chance to see penguins.

Restaurants and Stores:

Around the zoo, there are numerous cafes and eateries. Additionally, there are picnic areas surrounded by lush greenery where you can eat in peace with your loved ones. Don’t forget to purchase a memento from the gift shop as well!

Gift Shops:

The zoo features several gift shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs, plush toys, and educational materials related to wildlife conservation. These serve as great mementos to remember the visit and contribute to the zoo’s conservation efforts.

Children’s Playground:

A dedicated children’s playground is available, allowing younger visitors to have fun and expend their energy. The playground offers a safe and enjoyable space with age-appropriate equipment and facilities.

Best Restaurant in Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo is lauded with exclusive restaurants in and around the zoo premises. Refer to information to get more details of some restaurants that serves flavoursome dishes:

  • Yalanji Café-  You can feast on simple yet fresh Arabic food in an extremely refreshing environment.
  • Zarafa Cafe- It serves both veg and non-veg meals to the visitors such as burgers, pasta, sandwiches and so on.
  • Blue Kitchen-The fine coffee and flavoursome food in a soothing environment is an absolute treat.
  • Ravi Restaurants and Sweets- You can enjoy the indulgence of fascinating Indian spices in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

Al Ain Zoo Ticket Prices and Visiting Hours

To make your visit to Al Ain Zoo seamless, you have the option to purchase tickets online or directly at the zoo. Here is an overview of the fee structure for various attractions:

General Admission: ZOO Entertainer Adult AED 15.75 ZOO Entertainer Child AED 5.25

Annual Pass: Annual Pass for adult AED 236.25, Child Annual Pass AED 94.50 ,

For more detail : in a new tab.

Visiting Hours:

Al Ain Zoo is open every day from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM. Please note that the ticket counter closes one hour before the zoo’s closing time, at 07:00 PM. It’s important to check for any changes in visiting hours during Ramadan.

Contact Details: For further assistance, you can reach out to Al Ain Zoo via the following contact information:

Ensure you have all the necessary information before planning your visit to Al Ain Zoo for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

How To Reach Al Ain Zoo

There are multiple transportation options to reach Al Ain Zoo and embark on your unforgettable experience. Consider the following methods of transportation:

  1. Bus: Al Ain Zoo is well-connected to the major road network, and you can reach the zoo by taking a bus. The journey may take approximately three hours, but it provides an affordable option for visitors.
  2. Taxi: For a more convenient and comfortable journey, you can book a taxi to reach Al Ain Zoo. While taxis are relatively more expensive than buses, they offer a hassle-free mode of transportation.
  3. Private Vehicle: If you have access to a private vehicle, you can drive to Al Ain Zoo. The zoo provides parking facilities for private vehicles, ensuring a convenient experience for visitors.

Choose the transportation option that suits your preferences and enjoy the journey to Al Ain Zoo for an incredible adventure.

Map of Al Ain Zoo

Refer to the below-mentioned image to gate a better understanding of Al Ain Zoo map:

Al Ain Zoo, situated in the heart of Dubai, offers a captivating wildlife experience for visitors of all ages. With its diverse range of animal species, commitment to conservation, and engaging facilities, the zoo provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the importance of wildlife preservation. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, a visit to Al Ain Zoo promises an enchanting journey into the natural world, leaving you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for our planet’s remarkable biodiversity.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on Al Ain Zoo:

What are the Al Ain Zoo timing?

Al Ain Zoo is open every day from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM

What is special about Al Ain Zoo?

Al Ain Zoo is special for its diverse collection of animals, conservation efforts, interactive experiences, and thrilling Cheetah Run.

What is the best time to visit Al Ain Zoo?

The best season to go if you want to visit the zoo during the winter from October to March.

Can you take food to the Al Ain Zoo?

No, It is not allowed.

Do they have a shuttle service at the Al Ain Zoo?

Yes. they have a shuttle services.

What is the Ticket fees for Al Ain Zoo?

General Admission: ZOO Entertainer Adult AED 15.75 ZOO Entertainer Child AED 5.25 for more information visit the website.

Is the zoo friendly for elderly and people of determination?

Al Ain Zoo provides complimentary wheelchairs, along with a customized golf cart, for the convenience of elderly visitors and individuals with disabilities. Simply approach the guest relations agents at the main entrance of the zoo to request assistance in arranging a wheelchair during your visit.

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