Update: How to save money and money saving tips.

I have written about how to save money and money saving tips earlier.

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One of my friends suggested few other ingenious ways to save money which he currently does. I think they are great ways and tips to save money.

Here they are:

TIP 1. Save 1 Dirham for every kilometer you drive:

I guess this point does not need any further explanation. Imagine, you save 1 Dirham each for every kilometer you drive! Wouldn’t it be great if we did this. I would be substantially richer. If not for every kilometer, save 1 Dirham for every 2 kilometers.

TIP 2. If you have a AED 100 note, while refueling, fill petrol for AED95 and put the 5 Dirham change directly into the piggy bank. Now, imagine the amount of money that you could save for every trip that is made to the petrol station.

TIP 3. Cut the urge of buying that Starbucks or a Costa coffee. While sipping a cup of Starbucks or Costa coffee seems like good fun, it drains your pocket by a substantial amount of money.

These are the ways my friend saves. Believe these are not as hard to follow.

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