Steps to Financial Freedom!

Steps to Financial Freedom

Well,  here is first of my posts. Attaining Financial Freedom should be the primary mission of everyone.

Although I have not achieved it till now, I found a great amount of inspiration from the below points.
Hope these points help everyone:

  • Your freedom is inversely proportional to the debt you have. It’s fundamental: The more debt you have, the less freedom you have. People think otherwise usually.
  • Financial Freedom means being rich, not looking rich. Do not judge others and yourselves on outer appearance. What matters is your inner-self(and Bank Account ofcourse……!).
  • If you want to work less, make your money work more for you. If you make this work, you have almost attained 90% of the Financial Freedom.
  • Think like a hamster, live like a hamster. A hamster can only think in the present. You have the ability to visualize the future and sacrifice today for a rewarding tomorrow.
  • Think less about money and more about time. Stop thinking of physical possessions in terms of money and start thinking of them in terms of time. Mentally convert money into minutes and you’ll achieve financial freedom faster. ‘Time is Money’ as someone said is perfectly true. We will think about the missed time when we get old.(Definitely!)
  • Where you see yourself is where you’ll be.

Following these steps you might find Financial Freedom. I am not yet there. But I am trying very hard to attain Financial Freedom!

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