Simple Installment Calculators – Reducing Balance

Reducing balance installment calculator

Most of us have personal loans, Mortgages or Home Loans.

Here is a reducing balance installment calculator that I have prepared to make it easier to calculate the loan installments.

This calculator is capable of calculating installments up to 20 years in the reducing balance methodology.

This is a simple loan installment calculator which also has a ammortisation schedule:


Download reducing balance installment calculator Excel:

I have received many emails asking me to provide the Reducing Balance to Flat rate excel calculator. You can download the excel calculator below by entering you details. It contains Ammortisation, Flat to Reducing and Reducing to Flat calculator. Once you enter your details, you will receive an email with the download file of Excel Calculator:

This download is currently not available!

Access to HTML document: in a new tab.


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