‘Lessons of Life’, shared with me by the Rich !

‘Lessons of Life’, shared with me by the Rich !

I always wanted to be Rich and I am in the process of becoming one. I keep meeting Rich people during the course of my work. Few of them shared their secrets with me on not how to become Rich; but their Life Lessons.

Below are a few that I would like to share with you all:

1. Having money is better than not having money. My wife keeps repeating that money is not everything. But I say…Ya…but money can buy you things….like access to good healthcare, access to entertainment and so on which are enough for me to be happy. It buys you freedom. Ask any Rich person you know.

2. Being ‘Cash Rich’ and ‘Time Poor‘ is stupid. Set aside a lot of time for your family, your hobbies and things you love doing.

3. Don’t be carried away with the wave of being Rich. One Rich guy told me that ‘becoming a rich person is easy, but keeping that way is tough.’ I had few friends in the real estate business in the past. They made handsome money during the real estate boom in Dubai. Got swept off their feet. And today not even 10% of them are here in Dubai.

4. Have a vision in life. This I believe is very important.

5. Live in the present time.

6. Luck has its role in you becoming Rich. So, be lucky.

Ahm….these are few thoughts that were share with me by my ‘Rich’ friends. May be they are right. I believe they are helpful.



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