How to save Petrol and Save Money?

How to save Petrol and Save Money?

With fuel prices soaring, it is imperative that we save on the fuel that we use in our cars, motorcycles and so on. Although I am in Dubai-UAE, where petrol is relatively cheaper than other parts of the world, it makes sense in looking at reducing fuel usage for the obvious reason………saving money and contributing towards lesser environmental harm.

Many of us do not bother about these things here in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, GCC or Middle East, but it is in collective good that these steps need to be taken. If you have noticed, the fuel prices have almost doubled since after 2005 and 2011. Hence, if you are able to save some money and in return contribute to a better nature, WHY NOT?

Well I have found few easy steps that help in saving fuel with some good improvements.

Here is my take on How to Save Petrol and Save Money:

1. Keep your wheels inflated to the optimum level: This ensures that there is no drag on the vehicle. By inflating your wheels to the optimum level you will ensure that the engine produces optimum level of energy required to move the vehicle. Further, make sure the tyres(tires) are thinner so that the friction with the road is lesser.

2. Keep RPM (round per minute) below 2000: Most of the vehicles these days are equipped with RPM which shows the number of rounds the valve in the engine rotates. More the rotations higher is the fuel consumption. So make sure that that this is kept below 2000 at all times. This might jump to above 2000 while initial acceleration of the vehicle.

3. Keep a steady pace: Excessive and abnormal acceleration and deceleration uses higher amounts of fuel. So keep a steady pace while you drive. Optimum speed is between 60-95 KM/HR.

4. Shift to a higher gear as early as possible: Shifting to a higher gear will mean that the RPM reduces and as a consequence the fuel consumption would be high.

5. Re-Fuel at cooler times of the day: Most of the fuels used in vehicles such as Petrol, Diesel vaporise very fast. By refuelling in the cooler times of the day like in the dawn or dusk ensures that the fuel is not vaporised and most of it reaches the fuel tank.

6. Do not overfill the fuel tank: While you may not know, the fuel hose has a reverse mechanism which sucks the excess fuel back. So make sure you watch the fuel dial on your dashboard to fill it to the optimum level.

7. Service your vehicle at regular intervals: Servicing your vehicle regularly ensures that the vehicle is in good condition and this in turn will ensure that the fuel consumption is kept low.

8. Use the air condition sparingly and intelligently: Air condition is a prerequisite for us in the Middle East being a hot and humid climate. But keeping the temperature at 24 degrees will ensure the fuel consumption is kept low.

9. Plan your route well in advance to avoid traffic: Travelling on Sheikh Zayed Road on a Thursday evening between 4PM to 6PM, would mean that you definitely get stuck in the traffic. Looking for alternatives is a good way to avoid excessive fuel use. The main cause for this is the regular stoppages and accelerations that the vehicle makes. So avoid routes that you know will definitely be crowded are to be avoided.

10. Do not let your engine running idle: Minimize fuel wasted in idling by stopping the engine whenever your car is stopped or held up for an extended period of time. Idling more than a minute consumes much more fuel than restarting the engine. By having the engine switched off, you will save more fuel than is lost from the burst of fuel involved in restarting the engine. The net increased wear and tear from this practice is negligible.

11. Avoid strong accelerations: Do not accelerate your vehicle at all. This should only happens in the races and not on roads.

These points have helped me save at least 20% of the fuel usage. They will work for you as well. Go ahead give it a try!

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