5 ways to save MONEY while buying Groceries?

We all do it. Sometime it’s the necessity and sometime not so necessary.
But did you ever know that you could save loads of cash on your groceries? By following some simple I have found ways in which I could save substantial amounts of cash while buying groceries at supermarkets.

Here is 5 ways  to save money while buying groceries :

1. Look for price differences:
Although all of us love the one stop shop, it makes sense checking out in different supermarkets the prices for the same item. Most of us would ask, how much is that going to save you anyway? Well, if you are used to shopping at Spinney’s then you usually pay a premium. Same is true with Waitrose for that matter. Why do I pay 2 Dirhams extra for the same item that is available for lesser price somewhere else? Compound that figure annually and you might end up with a considerable amount.

2. Try and avoid Brand Name buying:
Most of us do it. We go behind the brand name while actually the difference between the product with brand name and product without a brand name is….you guessed it…the Name. In UAE the concerned Municipality has regular checks on the prices and quality of the commodities. Hence, I make sure not to go with the brand names.

3. Look out for Discounts:
One of the first things I do when I enter into the supermarket or grocery is to enquire with the sales representative about the ongoing discounts or offers. I do this with 3-4 supermarkets and get the best discounts. This saves me good amount of money.

4. Keep a watch on that receipt:
The people behind the counters are humans and hence make mistakes. Have you ever checked your bill or invoice to see whether you have been overcharged? If no, start doing it right away. On more than 2 occasions I have found that the items were scanned incorrectly.

5. Reduce impulsive shopping:
Many of us have the habit of pursuing shopping as a time pass. I tell you stop doing it. Prior to going shopping, make a list of the necessary things that you need and stick to it. Do not make shopping a habit.

You may have better points. Do comment and let others know.


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