What is a Freezone?

There are several Free zones in the UAE. Click here for list of free zones.Opens in a new tab.

Each Free zone is an autonomous body and acts as an official labour sponsor. These Freezones operate outside the Federal Law or Laws of Ministry of Labour. One of the prominent objectives of Freezones is to cut the red tape that usually exists in a bureaucracy and reduction of taxes.

Bureaucracy is almost non-existent in UAE but Freezones with their absence of Government intervention, encourages Foreign companies to set up shops and hence contributing the overall development of an economy. As far as employment is concerned, I could bet that almost 40% plus of the total work force in the UAE serve in the Freezones.

Therefore, Freezones form an important part of UAE. Please note that Freezones can only sponsor your Labour sponsor. For residence sponsor would still be your company.

Prominent Freezones in UAE are JAFZA, DIC, DMC, Academic City, Khalifa City, and so on.

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